Nike basketball shoe history

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Transcript of Nike basketball shoe history

  • 1. Nike Basketball Shoes BY: Michael Zylstra

2. Nike BlazerCame out in the 1970s First basketball Shoe made by nike 3. Nike Bruin Made by NIke Came out in the 1970s ALso the first basketball shoe made by Nike 4. Nike LegendCame out in the 1980s 5. Nike Air Force 1Also came out in the 1980s One of the most popular shoes from NIke 6. Nike Sky ForceAlso came out in the 1980s 7. Nike Air PressureCame out in 1990 8. Nike Ultra ForceCame out in 1990 9. Nike Air hyper flightcame out in the 2000s 10. Nike Shox SupremacyCame out in the 2000s