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Transcript of Nike air jordan - brand management presentation

  • 1. History of the Air JordanThe beginning of the Air Jordan 1985: Adidas or Nike? Michael Jordan signs with Nike Jordan ned for wearing shoes during NBA games 1988: Jordans inuence on brand grows with the Air Jordan III 1989: Air Jordan IV distributed worldwide (1st in the line) Michael Jordans success = Air Jordans success 1992: MJ & Olympic Dream Team win gold in Barcelona 1993: Bugs Bunny in Air Jordan commercials 1998: Derek Jeter signs with Air Jordan Keeping the brand relevant 2003: Michael Jordans nal reWrement from the NBA Nike conWnues to market Air Jordan with acWve NBA players 2008: Large campaign around Air Jordan XX3 Today: Many athletes in many sports part of Jordan team

2. Stock Price History (87 10) 2000% Growth 1987 2010 Source: 3. Brand Management: Air Jordan 1. BRAND FOOTPRINT 2. PRODUCT POSITIONING 3. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE 4. Brand Management: Air Jordan 1. BRAND FOOTPRINT 2. PRODUCT POSITIONING 3. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE 5. 1985 1987 87-92 92-96 97-98 99-00 2001 2005 2008 TIMELINE Become Legendary Let Your Game Speak Will you be the one? Who Says Much Respect to the Believers Man is Not Meant to Fly Its all in the ImaginaWon 6. Brand Footprint Footprint Core Values: Work Ethic Transcendence AspiraWonal Posi5oning Personality: Exclusivity Stylish & Ahtude Boldly Courageous Compe55on Brand essence: Wearing Air Jordans makes me feel like a 60 Michael Jordan Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets 7. Drivers of Healthand Value The 48 Image Apributes 17.Dierent 33.Healthy 1. Trustworthy Footprint 2. Friendly 18.Stylish 34.Charming 3. Dynamic 19.Straighjorward 35.Visionary 4. Unapproachable 5. DisWncWve 20.Up to Date 36.Kind 6. High Quality 21.TradiWonal 37.EnergeWc 7. AuthenWc 22.Helpful 38.Leader 8. InnovaWve 23.Progressive 39.Rugged 9. Good Value Posi5oning 10.Cares for 24.Best Brand 40.Carefree Customers 25.Down to Earth 41.Community Minded 11.Original 26.Daring 42.Gaining in Popularity 12.Arrogant 13.Fun 27.Intelligent 43.High Performance 14.Reliable 28.Upper Class 44.Worth More 15.PresWgious 29.Eco-friendly 45.Socially Responsible 16.Unique Compe55on 30.Simple 46.Social 31.Trendy 47.Sensuous 32.Glamorous 48.Independent Total: 28/48 Fit Jordan Brand 8 8. CBBE Pyramid PYRAMID Footprint RESONANCE It lets me play beper I feel like a 6s tall Michael Jordan -Chris Paul JUDGMENTS FEELINGS Posi5oning Zealous about Unseen Style, Color FuncWonality & Originality PERFORMANCE IMAGERY Highest Elite, Exclusive, Performing Compe55on Rare Basketball Shoe SALIENCE 9. Score Board Footprint 10.8 % share of the overall US shoe market. Second biggest brand in the country More than twice the size of Adidas share! 75% of basketball shoes sold in UN Posi5oning 86.5 % of all basketball shoes sold > $100. The breadth and reach of this line will never be duplicated. the next Michael Jordan isnt Harold Miner, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. There is no next Michael Jordan. Compe55on -MaI Powell, SportsOneSource. 10. Brand Management: Air Jordan 1. BRAND FOOTPRINT 2. PRODUCT POSITIONING 3. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE 11. TARGET MARKET Basketball players, from NBA Footprint to young kids Expansion from shoes to Posi5oning apparel line SWll targeWng basketball players, but also the fashion-oriented Compe55on 12. COMPETITIVE POSITION (1985) Footprint Posi5oning Price Compe55on Perceived Benet (style, performance) 13. COMPETITIVE POSITION (2010) Footprint Posi5oning Price Compe55on Perceived Benet (style, performance) 14. Points of Parity One of many Footprint basketball shoes on the market Capsule/ Elements No longer the only signature shoe Posi5oning Sold by Nike, which sells many lines of basketball shoes and apparel 15. Points of Dierence Footprint First Signature Shoe Finger print inside tongue of shoe Capsule/ Elements Not just a basketball shoe but a fashion statement Posi5oning Exclusivity from owning a pair 16. Managing Brand Over Time Footprint Sneakers Bags Line Extension Boxing Shoes Posi5oning Football Cleats Apparel Baseball Hats Shoes Jerseys Compe55on Basketball Shoes Category Extension 17. Young and Rubikin The 4 Pillars of Brand Health Footprint Posi5oning DierenWaWon Relevance Esteem Knowledge Compe55on *Healthy brands have greater DierenWaWon than Relevance 1 8 18. Brand Management: Air Jordan 1. BRAND FOOTPRINT 2. PRODUCT POSITIONING 3. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE 19. Current Market Market Share 3 out of 4 for basketball shoes sold are Air Jordans Footprint Adidas & Others 5% Nike The Jordan brand has 20% established itself as the premium designer brand Capsule/ in athle5c footwear Elements Jumpman 75% Posi5oning Source: hpp:// : SportsOneSource 20. COMPETITION Brands Footprint Capsule/ Elements Players Posi5oning 21. A Few Members of the Jordan Team Footprint Capsule/ Elements Posi5oning 22. GROWING THE BRAND Deep EmoWonal Bond Footprint RESONANCE Exceeds ExpectaWons IMAGERY Posi5oning Bare Bones FuncWonality PERFORMANCE JUDGMENTS Compe55on Indierent, No EmoWonal Bond 23. We have neither given, uWlized, received nor witnessed unauthorized aid on this deliverable and have completed this work honestly and in accordance to the professors guidelines. 24. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS