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  • 1.chitwani2 ChitwaniFrom Here to There! (Virat Charchni)Dear soul! The true purpose of the Divine Wisdom of Lord Prannath is to allow you to experience Nijanand or thestate of supreme eternal bliss. In its true original nature, your soul is eternally blissful. What has happened is that thesouls have forgotten their true identity, eternal Home and their Lord Raj Shyamaji due to ignorance imposed by Maya,the illusory power of Kshar Purusha Lord Adi Narayana.Sincere study of the Divine Wisdom (Wani Manthan), living by its teachings (Reheni) and meditating upon the DivineSports of Paramdham (Chitwani) are the essential components of a true sundersath devotees day-to-day life.Chitwani is essentially a process in which a soul rises from this phenomenal world into eternity and in her OriginalAbode.The principle difference between Chitwani and meditation is that Chitwani is specifically focused on the Swaroop,Leela and Dham described in the holy Kuljam Swaroop. Unlike meditation, in which an individual is left undecidedabout the ultimate goal, Chitwani emphasizes remembrance and contemplation of the Kuljamic divine architect, divineform, glory, beauty and blissful sports. Again, where individuals meditate with Omkar Jyoti Swaroop (Pranava), GyanShakti Gayatri, Niranjana, Nirakaar, Sunyas, Anhad Naad (The Seven Swara-tunes) Seven Raagas, or Seven colors,as their ultimate goal, their realization falls under the category of meditation. In brief, meditation enables an individualto rise only up to the domain of Kshar Purusha (Kaalmaya), which in itself is the Dream of Akshar Brahmn.First, lets understand the facts about the three worlds based on the scriptures, and as they are referenced in the HolyKuljam Swaroop and Bitak Saheb. The three Worlds are:1. Kaalmaya,2. Eternal Yogmaya, and3. ParamdhamThis impermanent physical world--Kaalmaya, the higher eternal world--Yogmaya, and the supreme eternal heaven--Paramdham. This Supreme Heaven is the abode of the Supreme Brahmn, who is called Sachidananda in HinduVedas, Allah in Koran, and Lord of Lords and King of Kings in Bible. This Paramdham is the souls focus in Chitwani.1 of 13 12/28/2011 12:13 PM

2. chitwani2 (Kshar):As we begin Chitwani, our soul first rises beyond the domain of this physical world, becomes free from the worldlythoughts of addition (+) and subtraction (-) and worldly attachments. The soul rises above the thoughts of birth anddeath, growth and decay.Kaalmaya is the domain of the Kshar Purusha, which is subject to four categories of Pralayas or dissolution. Thisworld is called Mrityu Loka, sandwiched between the seven Patal Loka below and the six lokas above.Counting from the Mrityu Loka, the seven Patal Lokas are: Atal, Vital, Sutal, Talatal, Mahatal, Rasatal and Patal. BelowPatal Loka is the Kshir Sagar (Garbhodak Samudra) where Sheshshayi Narayana is present.Again, counting upward from the Mrityu Loka, are these six lokas: Bhuvar, Swarag, Mahar, Jan, Tup and Sat Loka.The Sat Loka (Vaikuntha) includes the abodes of the three god -heads Brahmaji, Vishnuji and Shankarji. The SwargaLoka is the abode of Lord Indra, Varuna and the 330 million gods and goddesses. It dissolves along with all the lower2 of 1312/28/2011 12:13 PM 3. chitwani2 during Neimittik Pralaya.The Eight Cosmic Envelopes (earth, water, fire, gas, sky, mind, intellect and ego) surrounds these fourteen Lokas. Inorder, each one surrounds the other (i.e., earth surrounded by water, water by fire and so on). In order, each one isten times larger than the one they surround (i.e., the envelop of water is ten times that of earth, fire ten times water,and so on.) A Jiva do attain four Muktis (Saloka, Samipya, Saroop, and Sayuja) through Navdha Bhakti, however, cannot cross these eight envelopes.Beyond the Eight Envelopes, are the domains of Omkar Jyoti Swaroop (Pranava), Gyan Shakti Gayatri, Niranjana,Nirakaar and Mah tatwa (Vyasti). During Prakrit Pralaya, all these domains seize to exist.Beyond that is the domain of the seven Sunyas, seven Swara (tunes) Seven Raagas, and Seven colors. Above that isthe Unmuni Itchha Shakti, the four aspects (vyuha) of Maha Vishnu, and lord Maha Vishnu Adi Narayana himself. Allentities upto this point are surrounded by Maha Sunya, Moh Tatwa (samasti) or Maha Maya. It is called KsharBrahmand of Kshar Purusha, which is also subject to Final Dissolution. This is the domain of Apara Prakriti orKaalmaya.Eternal YogmayaBeyond Kaalmaya is the bright and glorious eternal realm of Yogmaya of Akshar Brahmn. For easy understanding,this realm can be divided in four aspects or padas:Avyakrit Brahmn (Akshars mind),Sablik Brahmn (Akshars Chitta),Keval Brahmn (Akshars Buddhi), andSat Swaroop Brahmn (Akshars Ahankaar).The domain of Avyakrit Brahmn begins with Prakriti Purusha (Rodhini Shakti, Upper Pranava Brahmn) and the originof Mool Gayatri (the source of the Five Vedas).Above that is Kaal Niranjan swaroop and the principle origin of the seven Maha Sunyas, Seven Swara (tunes), SevenRaagas, and Seven colors. (The seven Sunyas, Swaras, Raagas, and Rangas within the domain of Kshar Purushaare mere reflections of these originals!). Above that is Mool Prakriti (Original Nature--the original architect) or theSumangla Shakti, who has a significant role in universal creation.Above Avyakrit, in the realm of Sablik Brahmn, is present Chidanand Leheri who is the Origin of Maha Jiva AdiNarayana consciousness. This is the domain of Panch Shiva (Naad Shiva, Brahmn Shiva, Sada Shiva, Para Shiva,and Shiva). Once Mool Prakriti makes creation, Chidanand Leheri sends life (Maha Jiva Adi Narayana) to expand it.Above Chidanand Leheri is the domain of Akhand Brij and Akhand Rass lila.Above Sablik Brahmn is the realm of Keval Brahmn, where the Brahmn Srishti souls once played Maha Rass Lila(Ghar thi teet, brahmand thi algo..).Above Keval Brahmn is the realm of Sat Swaroop Brahmn. This is the abode of Akshar Brahmns two archangelsGabriel and Asrafeil.The Supreme Abode Paramdham:As the eternal Yogmayic domain ends, the Ultimate domain of eternal bliss begins. Prannathji calls this top-mostspiritual world as Paramdham. Every particle of this Paramdham is the real embodiment of Truth, Consciousness,and Bliss. Awakening in this Supreme Abode is the ultimate goal of the Souls practicing the Path of NijanandSampradaya. It is the Heaven of Supreme Truth God as the Christians call it. It is Paramdham as the Hindu scripturescall it. And, it is the Arsh-E-Azim, as the Muslims call it. In essence, the only difference is in language!Key Facts about Paramdham:3 of 13 12/28/2011 12:13 PM 4. chitwani2 the Supreme Lord Himself, His Supreme Abode or Paramdham is also an embodiment of Truth,Consciousness, and Bliss. It is Infinite (Anantha) and Unity (Advaita) in all respect.The whole Paramdham represents only one fundamentally original and supreme element called Noor Tatwa.(Note that our universe of Kaalmaya represents the 24 elements, including the five gross elements.)This Noor Tatwa is the most complete and can only be expressed with our limited languages as eternal, divinelycomforting, soft, ever conscious, glorifying, and filled with pleasing light and all kinds of pleasant scents.All that exists in His highest domain of Paramdham is Brahmn and Brahmn alone.Whatever actions are performed, the means and material of those actions, and the Doer Himself are allBrahmn.True oneness (non-duality or Advaita), exists only in Paramdham, no where else.Like the Lord, His Paramdham is also Whole, which emerges from Whole.The blissful sports of the Lord are referred to as Swa-Lila-Advaita, which means that the same Lord performsall sports simply by His assuming the forms of Shyamaji and Souls. Explaining Swa-Lila-Advaita, the Lord says:Aur toh koi hai nahin, bina eak hakk jaat | Jaat mahen hakk vahedat, hakk hadi giroh kehlaat ||(Kuljam Swaroop, Si: 23)Everything described separately in worldly terms regarding Paramdham is, in fact, one integral part of the SupremeLord.Paramdham is ever dynamic. It is the most complete and the most fulfilling. When we say that nothing can beadded or removed, it is to show the eternal nature of the Paramdham. Its ever-dynamic nature can beexperienced by learning more about the divine sports explained the Holy Kuljam Swaroop. It is so self-sufficientthat everything constantly modifies to accommodate the sports inspired by the Supreme Lord! The sense oflacking is unknown in this Land of Bliss.No carpenter has carved, no painter has painted --the walls, the gates and windows of the temples of theParamdham. Its all divinely charged or chetan with the noor tatwa.In a deeper sense, the Lords Lotus Feet are the Brahmn Srishti Souls Paramdham. Conversely, BrahmnSrishti Soulss heart is the Dham of our Lord Shri Raj Shyamaji.Dear soul! No world scripture has ever described the divine beauty of such a Supreme Heaven. But, through ShriPrannathjis Grace, you are about to begin your spiritual journey to Paramdham.Paramdham: Brief OverviewThese worldly words are insufficient to describe the divinity and the beauty of the Supreme Heaven. However, throughour Lords Divine Grace, we have been able to realize it. To awaken our soul, He has made this impossible decent.He described some of the beauty of our Supreme Abode so we can recall our originality. Through these verses, theLord describes the 25 Divine Places, or paksha, of Paramdham.Dham talaav kunj ban johein, manek naheren ban ki sohei |Paschim chogan badovan kahiye, yon pukhraj jamunaji lahiye ||Athon sagar aatha jimeekei, eah pachis paksha hai dham dhani kei |(Kuljam Swaroop:In other words, the 25 pakshas are:The central Palace called Rang Mohol1 is in the center. The Hauj Kosar Lake2, Kunj and Nikunj Gardens3,Manek Mohol4, and Canals for the Forests5 (Ban) are