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1. `` Sanders Meubelstad We teamed up with Scheepens to create multiple visuals for Sanders Meubelstad. One part of the visuals is for used for instore communication, the other part to celebrate 50 years of Sanders Meubelstad. 2. `` Ranja - Nederlands Merkgoed Dutch heritage hits the shelves with the re-introduction of Ranja.We were very pleased to create the new visuals and pack shots. 3. `` Abbvie PsA Together with agency Zipper Interactive we created visuals for Abbvies PsA medicine. These visuals will be used to show that people with PsA can still have a normal life.(PsA is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects both your skin and your joints.) 4. `` Mora Chick Ins We photographed the new Mora Chick Ins for their packaging which is designed by Proud. Mmmmmassively delicious from Mora. 5. New customers Nederlands Merkgoed (Ranja) Indie-Amsterdam Continental Bakeries Fama Volat Buro Benk Leo Burnett (F) Fresh Mushroom Europe 6. `` Mona Agency Tag created a new design for Monas Dessert of the Month with12 unique flavors.We can show you the first four months as the other ones are still top secret! 7. `` Hoya Vision Care - Wintersports Our second year in the snow for Hoya. This year we went to Kaprun, Austria. Perfect conditions, lots of snow and sunny skies! 8. `` Non Commissioned work - CGI Our CGI artists did some awesome work with this Ford GT 500 in two different liveries. CGI IMAGE 9. CGI IMAGE 10. `` Non Commissioned work - CGI A more abstract visual with a fairytale like scenery in a lighting bulb. CGI IMAGE 11. `` Non Commissioned work - Photography Our colleagues Nick and Esmee created these abstract visuals to extract normal scenes from their context. 12. `` Non Commissioned work Another project from our colleagues Nick and Esmee. This iscalled Lucid Lucy. You can create your own dreams, like flying, if you want to. 13. `` John West Buro Benk asked us to create various visuals for John West.All images were made on the open sea. 14. `` Amstel Radler For the Amstel Radler campaign (Favorite Radler of The Netherlands) agency Indie asked us to create a key visual and do the lighting and beer styling of the tag on. This campaign was shown on billboard and TV. Proud work!