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Transcript of Nick and Kassia Men's File 10

  1. 1. Escape Pod: 1956 Rod And Reel TrailerCamping and Surfing in Ventura, California with Kassia Meador, Nick Fouquet and Iruka the Dog.Photography and Text: Gabe SullivanEver since Kassia Meador acquired her vintage Rod and Reel trailer, weve been talking about shooting a surfing/camping adventure photo-story for this magazine. Every time Id see Kassia at an opening for one of her photography shows, or whenever Id stop in to visit her boyfriend Nick Fouquet at his hat shop in Venice, the topic would come up. A couple years went by before the stars finally aligned and we all meet up in Ventura, California for a couple days of surfing and good vibes camping out along the coast. Iruka, Kassias regal palace dog also joined us for the adventure, adding another layer of awesomeness to our cosmic little scene. All items in this photo-story belong to Nick and Kassia, and all I did was show up and document the magic as it unfolded.How did you two meet and what has drawn you closer together over time?Kassia and I met at La Isla Bonita taco truck in Venice Ca, and we have been on the beautiful island ever since. What has brought us close over time is traveling, adventuring and getting to know one another.How often do you get away in the trailer? Whats the best part about adventuring around together up north of Los Angeles?We dont get away as often as we would like in the trailer. The best part is being together and escaping all the busy day-to-day in Los Angeles. Just being able to enjoy the space and silence.Iruka is a palace dog, right? What breed is she and how does she like trailer life?Iruka is a palace dog, they used to guard the palaces in Japan, and now she guards our palace on wheels. She is a shiba inu. She also loves the trailer because she knows it means adventure time.Kassia, I noticed Nick likes to share waves with you. Have you ever had to reprimand him for dropping in on you?Theres no such thing as dropping in when we slide together, riding waves is the most magical experience, and sharing it with the person you love the most is extra magical.In todays era of hyper connectivity via social media and smart phones, do you ever feel the need to just unplug from the matrix and spend time out in nature?Yes, we unplug all the time and both sleep with our phones on airplane mode. Nature rules, its where we both get our inspiration and solace. Our most memorable and profound experiences have happened in the absence of technology.Kassia, what photography projects have you been working on lately that youre excited about? Do you have a favorite photo youve shot of Nick?I just set up a dark room in my studio and its been really awesome getting to rework moments captured before, Yeah, its in the Peru zine we created, its a photo where Nick is sitting on a stool with his right foot over his left. Its the best, so connected in that moment.Nick, I noticed you attached a piece of abalone on the hat you made for Kassia. What can you share about the process of making her hat?I know Kassia loves abalone so I incorporated it into the hat I made for her. The process of creating Kassias hat was very special to me. I know her so well and it was a fairly free flowing process. It all started coming to me naturally as I was making it, with the just the right amount of beauty, punk, salt and love.Kassia, what is the plan for your new studio space in downtown LA?Its gonna be a showroom, photo studio, the ultimate creation station that has been dubbed the Dream Fort.Nick, how are things coming along with the expansion of your hat shop space on Abbot Kinney in Venice?Im looking to Open June 1st, and am in the construction process right now. Im super excited and nervous all bundled into one. We have so many awesome brands, art pieces, found items, its a lot of work. Its gonna be such an amazing place to showcase peoples work I identify with and just a rad place to hang.Whats the next trip you two will be embarking on for your travel zine Aperture Times?We just finished one on Japan and the next one weve been talking about is Ceylon.
  2. 2. Cosmic sliders. Kassia rides the nose, while Nick sets up for the bottom turn.
  3. 3. Kassia wears jeans by A Gold E jeans, coat by Kapital,sunglasses by Raen and hat by Nick Fouquet.Nick wears his own Nick Fouquet hat and sunglasses by RayBan.
  4. 4. Nick wears jeans by Guess and Lakers basketball T-shirt converted into a singlet.Kassia wears Jeans by A Gold E and sunglasses by Raen.
  5. 5. Nick wears jeans by Guess with his own custom patchwork alterations,boots by Blundstone, a 1950s French Army jacket, Rolex Submariner watch,sunglasses by RayBan and his own Nick Fouquet hat.Kassia wears hat by Nick Fouquet,sunglasses by Raen and jacket by