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A Niagara Falls tour is surely a must whilst on a Canada sightseeing tour.

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  • 1. For those who are unaware the Niagara Falls is a city on the banks of the Niagara River in Canada that has its name from its most popular attraction which is the real falls itself.

2. This brings us to the actual Niagara Falls which is the worlds highest waterfall and one of the prime attractions whilst on a Canada sightseeing tour. Located in Ontario Canada, a Niagara Falls tour is about so much more than watching the falls themselves. 3. Whilst watching the falls is the primary motive when in the area on a Canada sightseeing tour, one can enjoy the beauty of this spectacular sight from the vantage point of a cable car, a helicopter or even a tunnel on the rock face behind the falls. 4. Canada holiday tours that involve a visit to the Niagara Falls have other special surprises for visitor. It is only natural that one can only spend a limited amount of time watching the falls before looking for something new 5. The beautiful butterfly conservatory at the Niagara parks is one such special surprise that is sure to captivate children and adults alike 6. Old Fort Erie and the Golf Courses at Niagara Parks are other popular attraction whilst on a Canada sightseeing tour in Ontario