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  • 1.News R eview GREENBELTAn In d e p e ndent N ew spaperVOL. 74, No. 315 Crescent Rd., Suite 100, Greenbelt, MD 20770-1887 DECEMBER 9, 2010 American Education Week November 14 to 20, 2010In celebration of American education, these columns tell the stories of selected teachers from schools that serve the Greenbelt community.This week readers will get a glimpse inside Greenbelt Middle School. It follows last weeks feature on Turning Point Academy teachers and prior profiles on teachers at Eleanor Roosevelt HighPHOTO BY HELEN SYDAVAR School, Magnolia and Greenbelt Elementary Schools.Next week we will focus on Springhill Lake Elementary School, the last school to be covered in this years series. The month-long project has been coordinated by David Lange.The official ribbon cutting at the Greenbelt Library last Saturday brings a host of smiling faces, from Math Teacher Challengesleft, Michael Gannon, associate director, Administrative Services, Prince Georges County Library;Greenbelt Councilmember Rodney Roberts; Daryl Pennington, Congressman Steny Hoyers office; Middle Schools StudentsHoward Burnett, deputy chief administrative officer, Prince Georges County Health and Humanby Jim LinkServices; Ellen Utley, branch manager, Greenbelt Library; Kathleen Teaze, director, Prince GeorgesCounty Library; Mark Polk, vice president, Board of Library Trustees; Marsha Voigt, treasurer, Friendsof the Greenbelt Library; and Joyce Griffin, president, Friends of the Greenbelt Library. The assignment fiscal woes disap- for Ramon Brazas pear. The process advanced 7th andfor Brazas studentsPatrons Rave Reviews Abound 8th grade algebra I students at Green- belt Middle School involves graph- ing y-intercepts, x-intercepts, us-At Library Grand Re-openingwas a tad intimidat- ing, to say the least. Posted on the class- ing reasoning and proof and creating counterexamples. by Jim Link room bulletin boardMath-challenged was the challenge interviewer: Can or was it a drill they really do this I have always thought of Par-months of darkness the new glowback wall with electric socketssergeants direct or-Ramon Brazastuff?adise as a kind of library, Jorge bathing the newly made over digs underneath so patrons can plug der? Students willBraza: Eventu-Luis Borges said, and the 100comes from totally new energy in their laptops. The whole cost determine the equation of the ally, sure. This is actually a highor more patrons who celebrated efficient lighting, explained Mi- was $640,000 but $320,000 in line of best fit in order to make school course. If they pass, theythe reopening of our Greenbelt chael Gannon, assistant director matching grants came from thepredictions. Best fit? How can take the high school assess-Library on Saturday, December 4for Administrative Services. We state. Greenbelters have gotten aaesthetic . . . . To make predic- ment test required for graduationwere festive and delighted if notalso have a state-of-the-art firelot out of that $640,000. I thinktions? How useful . . . . (from high school); if they passquite emparadised. The lightalarm system, a central customer it was worth the wait, GannonIt seemed to me Braza was that, they skip taking algebra Iis amazing! said Deb Tinsley, service counter, five more com-added. like Timothy Geithner, Larry and get their high school credit.checking out books from be-puters placed in the childrens Summers or maybe MaynardThe Calendar Equations Proj-hind the new counter. After sixarea, cushioned seating on the See LIBRARY, page 9Keynes or Milton Friedman di- ect and the Be a Math Author recting their brainiac economic Project are two other challengesExtensive Bus Route Restructuring advisers to concoct sophisticated explanatory arcana to make our See BRAZA, page 6Debuts Locally on December 20 Glenn Is Now Lab Teacherby John StithAt Greenbelt Middle School by Jim LinkG is for Greenbelt, accordingGreenbelt. particularly inform themselvesto Metro. On Monday, December Metrobus routes C2 and R12when the new timetables are Antoinette Glennmore to the depart-20 Greenbelt will say goodbye to will also see extensive changespublished, as previous timetable is a forward-look- ment as a wholeits T16 and T17 Metrobus routesbeginning December 20. As of drafts showed the first bus run- ing teacher with old now.and hello to the G12, G13, G14 December 6 Metro had not yet re- ning later or the last leaving fashioned values. Another lessand G16. New route names haveleased full descriptions and time- earlier at a number of bus stops She believes in in-radical change isalready been posted on manytables for its route changes. Thearound Greenbelt.novation, embraces the re-naming andMetrobus signs and, accordingNews Review will provide furtherIn other locations, evening change but cherishes restructuring of theto Larry Glick, a Metrobus plan- coverage of Metrobus changes service will be later than it is conservative virtues Science Fair, whichner at the Washington Metro- when they become available currently. At this point, no new like mutual respect, is now the STEMpolitan Area Transit AuthorityRiders who rely on early-morn-Sunday bus service is being im-personal effort andFair: *S*cience,(WMATA), they are named foring and late-evening buses shouldplemented, so the only public busaffectionate concern.* T * e c h n o l o g y,routes on Sundays will continue One recent pro- *E*ngineering,to be the Metrobus 81 alongWhat Goes OnCherrywood Lane and the B30 fessional change atAntoinette Glenn*M*athematics is aSaturday, December 11Greenbelt Middle more comprehensiveservice to BWI Marshall airport. School which Glenn is thrilled description of the actual range of9 a.m. to noon, Donation Drop-off, Municipal Building Park-Bus services provided by theabout is her lateral promotion exhibits, Glenn Lot Prince Georges County De- from full-time classroom science She is also happy that theMonday, December 13 partment of Public Works and teacher to lab teacher. This PTA here is much more effec-8 p.m., Council Meeting, Live on Verizon 21, Comcast 71 and Transportation routes called means I can see if students un- tive than in the past; it is highlystreaming TheBus will also change on derstand the concepts they are effective even though only 10Wednesday, December 15December 20. With both major taught in class she 15 sets of parents participate.7:30 p.m., Advisory Planning Board Meeting, Greenbelt Com-transit providers adding and cut- Prior to Mrs. Porters arrival But that number may increase.ting various routes, the majority(the new principal) I was the GMS has 800 students.munity Center, Room 114of current bus riders will need to Science Department Chair but Glenn is anticipating a big8 p.m., Council Worksession with TGIFridays, Greenbelt plan their trips differently as ofCommunity Center didnt observe the classrooms, change in September 2012 whenDecember 20. Glenn adds. Now I can visit the new school building opens.Thursday, December 16These widespread bus changesthe teachers in their classrooms, I cant wait. This is the 21st7:30 p.m., GHI Board Meeting, GHI Board Room model lessons and team-teachSee BUS CHANGES, page 6with them. I think I contribute See GLENN, page 6

2. Page 2 GREENBELT NEWS REVIEW Thursday, December 9, 2010A Review Grin BeltNew World Utopias in Places Magazine by Renauta York A stroll through the Com-velopment, Langston Terrace. have been working on a portraitmunity Center halls highlightsWe might ask: Who defines uto- portion of the project that willhow the new towns of the 1930spia? Who has the opportunity toemphasize the important humanpromised residents a lifestyleexperience it?element that I plan on includingcompletely different from the ur-Thought-provoking goals, left in a book project.ban centers they were living in.unanswered. The current photos Thus, Rolondos decision didPhotos showed buildings, greenRolondo took of the Green- nothing to engage the readerspaces and the interiors of the belt towns are almost devoid with his stated goal but defers itbuildings with people engaged of people. The Greenbelt land- to a later book. In doing so, hein different activities shopping, scape pictures show a housemissed a great opportunity tomingling in the center, resting with a clothesline, two children tell residents stories and link thein their homes, teaching andplaying in McDonald field andpast stories of those in the Cen-learning in schools, riding bikes a sidewalk flanked with treester photos with the realities ofthrough the underpass and play- and shrubs. Other photos showGreenbelt today. By failing toing on the playground. People two people sitting under a treedo so he lost for now a neededthen engaged in activities that at the Eleanor Roosevelt Highevaluation and discussion forhighlighted how a change in School track, a tree propped upfuture urban planning projects.their physical place allowed forby beams, a shroud on the fenceThe article and photo slide- "Why werent we invitedchanges in lifestyle changesat the community garden and theshow, can be reviewed at http:// to the Tree Lighting ceremony?"that generated community. The swimming pool fountain. beg numerous questions photos hint that people may ac-html?entry=21199. what were the stories of thetually live here.people in these photos? HowThe interior photos are even or were their lives differ- starker beautiful and striking Visit With Santa, Dems Holiday Partyent since coming to Greenbelt?at times but with no one work- Shop-along Now Kid, Elves WorkshopTo Be at GreenbriarHas Greenbelt lived up to its ing or interacting in the spaces.Police and Fire Dept. On Saturday, December11Greenbelts Eleanor and Frank-promise?The photos of a picture of FDR This year the annual Holi- from 10 a.m. to noon Santa willlin Roosevelt Democrats ClubAuthor Responds next to a microfiche machine,day Shop-along for less fortu- visit the Greenbelt Youth Center,will h