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  • 1. Newspaper AdvertisementAnalysis

2. I found this newspaper advertisement on the internet but later discovered that it wasscanned in, therefore meaning that originally the colours were not black and white.The name of the show isconnoted in the largesttypography to signify itsimportance and to make itstand out.Ant & Dec have brandingfamiliarity with ITV,therefore the channel usesthem regularly to promoteshows as they are popularicons.Ant is highlighted to bea button essentially,with the imagesemantically relating tothe name of the show totherefore emphasise thepoint of the game show.The image also looksexciting, which drawsthe audience towards it.The information about theshow is clearly depicted,with this being vitalinformation to allow theaudience to know when itis being screened.The ITV logo is denotedhere as black and white,but it is infact the typicalcolour of yellow and white(though this has changednow), but brandingconsistency is connotedwith the advert.There is a small websitelink next to the logo, thisimplies the importance ofweb 2.0 and uses crossmedia convergence tohighlight the range ofproducts that ITV has. 3. More AnalysisAnt and Dec are represented as both wearing suits which therefore gives thema sense of credibility and also makes them appear to look extremely smart.Their representation highlights ITV to be a professional channel as they looksmart, as well as the way that the famous duo are synonymous with the ITVbrand with other flagship shows.Dec is represented with a huge grin on his face whilst having his tongue outtherefore signifying his personality to be exuberant which the audience willenjoy, with the purpose of this advert to be entertaining because this is whatAnt & Dec are known for. The positioning itself is used for humorous effectbecause both celebrities constantly play on their small heights for comedy,with Dec purposely looking directly at the reader in order to allow theaudience to interpret this in a funny manner so that they will watch the show.Ant stares back up at Dec to give the impression that he is annoyed at beingused as a button, with his facial expression connoting him to look up at Dec indisgust, but yet again this is to make the audience engage with them to makethem laugh. 4. Further AnalysisThe typography is curved and slanted around both Ant & Dec on thepage, with instantly demonstrates that the show is dynamic and wackyalong with the persona of the presenters. This gives the audienceinformation about what the show is like before they see it, which is apositive because it signifies the comedy genre of ITV.This show was sponsored by Maltesers, with the actual background ofthe advert being a red colour to relate to them through the samebranding colours. This is used with two different shades of red tohighlight sound waves from using Ant as a button (or a buzzer), thisnot only is intended to make the audience laugh but the coloursmake sure that the Maltesers brand is shown thoroughly. The ITV logois still able to stand out against the red colour due to it being yellow,with the purpose being for the audience to know that the show is onITV so making the logo entirely visible is a fundamental aspect of theadvertisement. 5. SummaryThe advert intends on using two presenters that aresynonymous with the ITV brand and ethos, so by using thesetwo as a representation for a flagship view, the audience willinstantly be drawn to the advert and this is a very effectivetechnique. Furthermore, the advert looks humorous and usesthe two in a wacky way due to the image of Ant being used asa button, but also the curved typography highlights the funside of the show and it is intended to make the viewer laugh.Information is clearly highlighted on the page, so that theaudience can easily see the name of the show, the time andthe channel as well as giving them opportunities to findmore information through the use of web 2.0, allowing anactive audience to become thoroughly engaged with the showbefore it is even aired. 6. This is a double page spread advertisement from a newspaper.ITV represent their logoand brand identity in thehouse style to conveyconsistency as people willsee this logo andinstantly recognise it.The name of the show isclearly represented inlarge typography thatopposes the dark colourof the background.The information aboutthe show is clearlydepicted, with this beingvital information to allowthe audience to knowwhen it is beingscreened. The image is dominated by a fullframe being smashed, conveyingthe drama genre from ITV whichconveys that they follow theirethos of a range of genres intheir programming.Colour is not typicalwithin a period drama sothis subverts from thetraditional convention,therefore creatingexcitement for theaudience.Downton Abbey is knownas a flagship show, hencethe reason why thereisnt a huge amount ofinformation on theadvert, as audiences aretypically expected toknow aspects about theshow.Within the image the characters aredenoted to emphasise the perioddrama genre intrinsically, allowing theaudience to interpret what type ofshow is being advertised easily. 7. More AnalysisThe tagline A House Divided instantly creates suspense to theaudience with the intention of drawing them in towards the show, asthis creates tension. Furthermore, the tagline relates to the image dueto the way in which the photo frame has smashed, hence emphasisingthe period drama genre and it creates further excitement for theaudience. Todorovs narrative theory is suggested through thecombination of image and tagline, as it creates an instantdisequilibrium before the show has even been aired.All of the characters within the frame (apart from the character on thefar left) are looking directly at the audience with the purpose being toattract them towards the advert as this signifies their importancewithin the show. The direct contact from the advert will appeal toaudiences as it will make them want to see why the disequilibirum hasoccurred, with this being enhanced further due to the fact that onlyone character in the frame isnt looking directly at the audience which then creates a sense of tension and Todorovs theory again also. 8. The Channel 4 logo is used as more of an iconin comparison with ITV, these are just twoexamples that we sourced from the internetin order to gain a better interpretation intothe conventions of newspaperadvertisements. ITV is placed upon theadverts in order to allow the audience tosimply be able to see what channel thespecific programme is on, however thechannel 4 logo appears as more of a standout and iconic logo which we as a groupperceive to be effective. This is a positive byChannel 4 because it gives the channel asense of identity, there is more creativitywithin the logo and diversity is conveyedbetween the two examples however thisstill relates to Channel 4s ethos of diverseprogramming. The image is always the focalpoint of the advert, with the text playing littlepart on the page but still containing all of thevital information. A coloured text box isplaced in the corner so that the centre of theadvert is always in place to highlight theimportance of the image. Colour schemes areconsistent throughout adverts which iseffective as it makes them look moreprofessional and these colours stand outcompared to the image. 9. The Channel 4 logo iskept on the right sideof the advertisement,this is kept consistentwhich is effective as itcreates brand identity.There is a simplicitywithin Channel 4 andtheir adverts, theconventions ofadverts are stillconcurrent.The information ofthe programme isstated, along withdetails about theshow itself and thetime and date that itstarts to inform theaudience and allowthem to see whenthe show is on.The advert focuses on this key scene between all of the main characters withinthe show, the image also appears as natural rather than ITVs characters lookingdirectly at the audience. This alternation conveys the positive relationshipbetween the characters. However, this hints at a sense of disequilibrium withinthe future, with the fact that all the characters being shown representing Proppscharacter types which therefore highlights that each character in the frame has adifferent role that the audience will learn, this entices them towards the show.The colour of the logo is in place tomake sure that it stands out againstthe dominant image on the page.The typography of the informationfollows this consistency also.The image takes upthe entire frame,with all the maincharacters depictedduring a scene ofthe show, thisinstantly allows theaudience to seekout the characters.The emphasis upon the brandidentity allows the audience toremember the logo and thereforethe programme being advertised,which means it is entirely successful. 10. ITV Newspaper Advert ConventionsITV logo is prevalent onthe page so theaudience can see it.ITV logo is coloured tomatch the genre of show,blue and yellow emphasisethe police crime dramagenre. Two main charactersare in the focal point tohighlight that they are thecentral characters.Name of show contrasts with thebackground, allows the audienceto see the name of show.Advert states that a newseries is starting, hencetrying to create interestfor the audience.Information about the showis highlighted also, allows theaudience to know the simpleinfo, date and time is vital onthe advert.Sponsorship is shownin the top corner ofadvert. 11. Channel 4 Newspaper AdvertConventionsAdvertising of show isconnoted in the top cornerso that the audience cansee it, but it is not thefocal point.The name of show is clearon the page withShameless highlightedalong with the programmeinformation in a red boxwith contrastingtypography. The title islarger than the info somake it the focus.Fonts are the same style buta different size, forconsistency.The image takes up thescreen, comedy genrehighlighted as famouscharacter Frank Gallagher issignified to steal theChannel 4 logo.Ethos is shown