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Transcript of Newsletter - · PDF file Stanley -Renee and Simon Kosciusko -Matt and Luke offee and NDIS hat...

  • Newsletter

    Wangaratta District Specialist School

    Date 25/08/’17 Ph. 5721 7424

    [email protected] Fax. 5721 8601

    Dates to Remember

    O.T. - Paula - Monday to Thursday Speech - Shannon - Monday to Friday

    School Council Meeting - Tuesday 12th September



    Chris Harvison


    ES Week

    Last week was “National Support Staff Week” which we call ES week – basically it is an opportunity for us to

    acknowledge the tireless efforts of the support staff at our school. For us, these come in the form of:

     Education Support – otherwise known as our Teacher’s Aides who work in class each day to support stu-

    dents with learning programs.

     Allied Health – our Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist who support teachers to set and sup-

    port functional goal development for students.

     Administration – The office staff who ensure our bills are paid, student information is up to date and an-

    swer all the calls that come our way.

    These people fulfil a vital role for your student’s each day here at our school. Without them our school simply

    would not operate. On behalf of all students and teachers at WDSS, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU

    to all of our wonderful support staff.

    Parent Opinion Survey

    Many of you would have received an email containing a link to completing this year’s Parent Opinion Survey – a

    total of 40 families are selected at random each year to complete this survey. So please, check your emails and if

    you are one of these 40 families, I would urge you to take the time and complete the survey. Your feedback pro-

    vides us valuable insight on how to improve our school practice.

    NDIS information session

    On Monday 11th of September the Department of Education and Training will be holding one of a series of infor-

    mation session for all parents and carers in the Ovens Murray Area. The session will commence at 6.30pm and

    be held in the multi-purpose room here at school facilitated by Siska Frederick - Manager Inclusion, Access and

    Participation DET. We will be sending a flyer home soon with more information but please save the date just in

    case you are interested.

    Week 5

    Kingston Seefus for being respectful by cleaning up the yard whenever he is


    James Paull being a learner and getting his Learner Driver’s Licence

    Mia Rhodes-Orton for being safe and encouraging her friends to be safe.

  • Together We Will: Be Learners. Be Safe. Be Respectful.

    Stirling - Jacinta and Emily

    We have had a very busy two weeks in Stirling. We had a visit to the police station with Buffalo, we have been riding bikes, enjoying swimming, and we have started our Buddy program with Morgan. We enjoy spending time with the older students.

    Stanley - Renee and Simon



  • Together We Will: Be Learners. Be Safe. Be Respectful.

    Buller - Kellie, Mab and Sheydin

    2017 Wangaratta

    Community Raffle

    We appreciate the support we receive from our school families and the wider community with our Fund-

    raising endeavours.

    This term the Woolworths “Earn and Learn” sticker campaign as well as the Rotary Community Raffle

    are two great ways the community can support us.

    There is more information about the “Earn and Learn” program in the Warby class news item and there is

    detailed information about the Community Raffle on page 13.

    This week in the Buller room we visited the library to learn about newspaper


    We looked at some really old newspapers from the 1800’s. The newspapers had

    started to change colour and become very fragile and can tear easily.

    We learnt that newspapers are now being transferred onto something called mi-

    crofilm. Eventually they will all be put onto computers.

    We also checked out a dress that had been made entirely of paper. Very cool!

    Thank you to the Wangaratta Library for having us!

    Emily and Chloe enjoying their morning chats.

  • Together We Will: Be Learners. Be Safe. Be Respectful.

    Cobbler - Sarah, Alicia and Hayley

    Bogong - Leanne and Tyler

    We have been working with Hayley while Alicia has been away learning.

    On Wednesday August 16th we went to the STEM Expo at Galen.

    There was a microscope. I looked at little bugs. (Brandon)

    I liked building a

    boat. (Aidain)

    I liked how I was controlling the robot.


    I liked the ball robots. (Jayden)

    There was a robot. (Logan)

    We have had a good couple of weeks in Bogong, we have been continuing our buddy program with Buffalo and it has been lots of fun. The kids have been doing lots of team building activ- ities to get to know each other.

    Our cooking program has also been going well. The last couple of weeks the kids have cooked curried sausages and mini quiches, they were delicious.

  • Together We Will: Be Learners. Be Safe. Be Respectful.

    Hotham - David, Lea, Chris and Jody

    Buffalo - Phillipa, Lori, Lisa C and Andrea

    Such a busy fortnight; lots of learning, fun and even a special excursion. So lucky to join with Stirling and visit the Wangaratta Police Station. This continues on with learning about our community helpers. Highlights were getting a chance to sit in the police car and seeing inside the station also. We learnt of the emergency 000 num- ber too and how this is used. We are also loving our music sessions playing the instruments and our favourite riding of the horses to ‘She will be coming round the mountain’. The time is flying as we head into the second half of term 3.

    Last week we had the pleasure of

    the Warby girls spending the day

    in Hotham.

    We worked well together and

    enjoyed each other’s’ company

    on our weekly town bus trip.

    It was a novel experience for the boys to have female company and I am pleased to say that eve- ryone treated each other with respect and courtesy.

  • Together We Will: Be Learners. Be Safe. Be Respectful.

    Mt. Beauty - Kate M, Tina and Sarah

    Mt. Emu - Frazer and Jack

    Mt. Emu

    The boys in Mt.Emu took part in a bike ride from Bee- chworth all the way down to Everton along the Rail Trail on Monday. Their bike handling skills were tested down the steep slopes, including a BMX track along the way! Their hard work was rewarded at the end with a small BBQ.


    We have all made a pledge to unfollow bullying. Some of the pledges we made included not to react to an incident or keep calm and move on.

    Mt. Beauty students have been doing a fantastic job in cooking lessons this year. Each week we go shopping for ingredients, go through the checkout and self-checkout paying for our food. Then back at school we all con- tribute to cooking the food through cutting, grating, mixing and setting the table. We love to sit down and eat together as a class and are proud of ourselves when we try new foods.

  • Together We Will: Be Learners. Be Safe. Be Respectful.

    Feathertop - Kate E and Fiona

    Morgan - Ryan, Stella and Chloe

    We practice letter sounds with the Spelfabet program in the classroom.

    Kobe likes the t-shirt stencil that he made in Art.

    We practice counting money with coins in the Feathertop room.

    We are practicing making and measuring the temperature of the milk in Hot Chocolate. We are also practising opening cans in Feathertop.

    Morgan has been having a wonderful 3rd term! We have continued to practice our drumming skills with Robyn in music and have shown great rhythm and cooperation when working as a team to make music. Sound- ing awesome Guys!

    We have also been for-

    tunate enough to join

    the Stirling class for

    our buddy program.

    The group has done a

    fantastic job setting

    examples for the

    younger students and

    being exceptional role

    models. Keep up the

    great work team!

  • This week is all about screen printing and designing our own t-shirts and hats. The students are creating fantastic designs and have im- pressed with their newly learned printing skills.

    ART with Jodi

  • Together We Will: Be Learners. Be Safe. Be Respectful.

    Warby - Judd and Lizz

    Mt Typo - Brittany, Ranni and Shannon

    The Mt Typo boys have enjoyed completing a mould experiment as part of their critical and crea- tive thinking. The boys used gloves and bags to wipe bread on places around school that they thought would have mould growing germs. After 3 weeks the control, untouched by anyone, looks like normal bread. However apart from Harvo’s office, which is only beginning to show a little bit of mould, all of the other testing spots have shown massive mould growth. Some were very surprising including bread touched by clean hands! The boys will now