Newsletter - BNA ... [Red River] (1869-1870) ... - The Nile Expedition (1884-1885) - Yukon Field...

download Newsletter - BNA ... [Red River] (1869-1870) ... - The Nile Expedition (1884-1885) - Yukon Field Force (1898) South African War (1899-1902) Canadian Militia - Canada Militia - Early

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Transcript of Newsletter - BNA ... [Red River] (1869-1870) ... - The Nile Expedition (1884-1885) - Yukon Field...

  • Index

    to the

    Canadian Military Mail Study GroupNewsletter

    of the

    British North America Philatelic Society

    Issues 101 to 150

    October 1991 - May 2001

  • The Canadian Military Mail Study Group Newsletter is published by the Canadian Military MailStudy Group of the British North America Philatelic Society.Chair/Treasurer : W.J. BaileyEditor : D. Mario

    This index compiled by Hendrik Burgers

    Printed in Canada.

    Copyright 2001

    Hendrik Burgers & British North American Philatelic Society, Ltd.All Rights Reserved

  • Index to the CMMSG Newsletter 101-150

    CMMSG Newsletter Index - Issues 101 to 150


    This index consists of 3 parts:

    Part 1 - Subject HeadingsPart 2 - Subject IndexPart 3 - Chronological Listing of Newsletter Contents

    Part 1 is set out historically, that is, following history's timeline. An exception is the listing forgeneric articles not tied to a specific point in time (e.g. CMMSG matters). This is a full listing of thesubjects covered in the CMMSG Newsletter that have been indexed.

    Explanation : World War One (1914-1919)- British FPOs used by Canada- Canadian Bases in England- Canadian Forces Abroad in WW I- Censor Markings- COEF - Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force WW I

    The bold indicates a major subject heading, the indented lines are minor subject headings.To save space, the minor headings for generic listings have not been included here. The sameheadings are used in the main index in Part 2.

    Part 2 is the main index. It lists the same subjects alphabetically, giving the issue number and pagenumber for each article indexed. This list also contains cross-references.

    Example: AFAL, see Military Postal StationeryAllied Forces in Canada

    Free Czech Forces: n. 135: p. 346Alaska Highway

    Alaska Highway: n. 103: p. 26

    The main headings are again shown in bold, the secondary ones indented and regular. Thefont used for these is Arial 10 points. The minor headings (the actual indexed subjects) are shown inTimes Roman 10 pt font, regular, followed by the issue number and page number.

    Part 3 is a listing of all newsletter issues (101 to 150) in chronological order, showing the indexedarticles by page number.

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  • Index to the CMMSG Newsletter 101-150

    Example: #101 (91-10)Hubba, Hubba: 1Siberian Geishas: 3

    The first number is the issue, followed by the date of issue in YY-MM format (i.e. 91-10 isOctober 1991). The indented lines that follow list the indexed articles contained in that issue of theCMMSG newsletter.

    In compiling this index, I have tried to retain the broad approach of the Newsletter Index preparedby Ritch Toop in 1991, as well as follow the excellent example set by the BNA Topics CumulativeIndex by Charles Livermore. The suggestions from Dean Mario and others, who reviewed the draftversion, were very much appreciated.

    This index, however, is not complete. Ideally, it ought to be combined with Ritch Toops' work of1991. This, then, should be regarded as an interim effort towards a full cumulative index to bepublished in the (near) future. Meanwhile, comments and suggestions will be welcomed.

    Hendrik BurgersGloucesterJuly 2001

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  • Index to the CMMSG Newsletter 101-150

    CMMSG Newsletter Index - Issues 101 to 150

    1. Subject Headings


    Early Military History to 1898- Early Markings (to 1812)- War of 1812 (1812-1815)- Rebellions (1837-1838)- Fenian Raids (1866-1871)- First Riel Rebellion [Red River](1869-1870)- Second Riel Rebellion[Saskatchewan] (1885)- The Nile Expedition (1884-1885)- Yukon Field Force (1898)

    South African War (1899-1902)Canadian Militia

    - Canada Militia- Early Markings

    World War One (1914-1919)- British FPOs used by Canada- Canadian Bases in England- Canadian Forces Abroad- Censor Markings- COEF - Canadian OverseasExpeditionary Force- Overseas Post Offices/British FPOsused by the CEF 1914-1919- Post Offices in Canada 1914-1919- Prisoner of War and InternmentCamps- RFC and RNAS in Canada

    Siberian Expedition (1918-1919)- CEF(S) - Canadian ExpeditionaryForce Siberia- North Russia- Vladivostok

    Between the Wars (1919-1939)World War Two (1939-1945)

    - Alaska Highway- Blackout Markings- Canadian Forces Abroad- CAPO - Canadian Army Post- CAPOs outside Canada


    - Censor Markings- Commonwealth Air Training Plan- Early Interim Markings- FMO - Fleet Mail Office- MPO - Military Post Offices- NPO - Naval Post Offices- Overseas Field Post Offices- Prisoner of War and InternmentCamps- Security MPOs- Special Forces- US APOs in Canada- Veteran's Guard of Canada

    Korean War (1950-1954)Cold War (1946-1990)

    - CAPO's/CFPO's from 1950- CFPO - Canadian Forces Post Office- Exercises- MPO - Military Post Offices post-1946

    United Nations Peacekeeping / ObserverMissions (1949 -present)Peacekeeping and Observer Missions, non-UN (1949-present)NATO Service (1951 -present)Persian Gulf War (1990)Post-Cold War (1990 -present)

    Allied Forces in CanadaBook ReviewsCanadian ArmyCanadian Forces AbroadCanadian Special ForcesCancellationsCensor MarkingsChristmas CardsCMMSG MattersHospitalsMilitary Postal StationeryMuseumsPostal RatesPrisoner of War, CanadianRoyal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

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  • Index to the CMMSG Newsletter 101-150

    2. Subject Index

    Issues 101 - 150(alphabetical + cross-referenced)

    1837 Rebellion, see Early Military History to 1898AFAL, see Military Postal StationeryAllied Forces in Canada

    Free Czech Forces: n. 135: p. 346Alaska Highway

    Alaska Highway: n. 103: p. 26Alcan Highway: n. 103: p. 25

    RFC/RNASCamp Mohawk First Report: n. 136: p. 365Royal Flying Corps - Canada 1918: n. 119: p.190

    Royal NavyThe Military Presence in Comox, BC: n. 147:p. 518

    US APOsFirst Special Service Force: n. 109: p. 84RCAF in Alaska - APO 948: n. 125: p. 249RCAF in Tunis: n. 139: p. 399RCAF Liberia - APO 605: n. 128: p. 275US Forces in Newfoundland: n. 106: p. 55

    Armed Forces Air Letter, see Military PostalStationeryArmy Post Offices, see Allied Forces in Canada,also see World War TwoBattle of Britain, see World War TwoBetween the Wars ( 1919-1939)

    1937 Canadian Coronation Contingent: n.139: p. 391; n. 140: p. 412Royal Visit 1939: n. 133: p. 327; n. 136: p.359;n. 141: p. 417Royal Visit, Vancouver 1939: n. 128: p. 276

    Boer War, see South African WarBook Reviews

    Book Review, The Sea at Your Gates: n.104:36

    "C" Force, see Canadian Special ForcesCachets, see CancellationsCanadian Army

    King George VI's Wartime Message to I CdnDiv: n. 147: p. 520

    Miscellaneous Camps and BasesCamp Shilo: n. 102: p. 18Rocky Mountain Rangers - Victoria ArmyBarracks: n. 138: p. 387

    Regiments/Units15` Oakville Rifle Company (ORC): n. 109: p.86

    Canadian Reserve Cyclist Company: n. 109:p. 82CWAC: n. 116-17: p. 152Jungle Warfare School, 1944: n. 148: p. 536

    Canadian Army in the Bahamas , see CanadianForces Abroad, also see World War OneCanadian Army in Labrador, see CanadianSpecial ForcesCanadian Army in Alaska, see Canadian ForcesAbroadCanadian Army in Bermuda and St. Lucia, seeCanadian Forces AbroadCanadian Military Mail Ceylon, see CanadianForces AbroadCanadian Bases in England, see World War OneCanadian Expeditionary Force (Siberia)

    CAMC Nursing Sister in Russia: n. 143: p.441The Siberian Campaign 1918-1919: n. 120: p.198

    North RussiaSiberia - FPO 201: n. 135: p. 355

    VladivostokBase Depot Siberia: n. 123: p. 228CEFS Christmas Card (20`x' MG Coy): n. 121:p. 205Siberian Geishas: n. 101: p. 3

    Canadian Forces AbroadCAMC Nursing Sister in Russia: n. 143: p.441Canadian Forces in Bermuda: n. 120: p. 193Canadian Military Mail from South East Asia1939-1945: n. 119: p. 184Canadians in Mesopotamia, WW I: n. 139: p.393Canadians in various countries during WW I:n. 113: p. 125RCAF in Tunis: n. 139: p. 399RCAF in West Africa: n. 140: p. 405; n. 141:p. 420RCAF Liberia, APO 605: n. 128: p. 275RCAF Sardinia/El Arish: n. 130: p. 299RCAF South Africa 1942: n. 130: p. 298RCAF/RAF India Command: n. 141: p. 417RCAF/RAF India Command Update: n. 148:p. 532Shepheard's Hotel Cairo: n. 133: p. 325

    AlaskaRCAF in Alaska - APO 948: n. 125: p. 249

    BahamasRCAF in the Bahamas WW II: n. 122: p. 218

    Bermuda and St. LuciaWW I Canadian Forces in Bermuda : n. 120: p.193

    British GuianaCanadian Military Mail Ceylon

    Page 6

  • Index to the CMMSG Newsletter 101-150

    Canadians in Russia and Siberia 1918-1920, seeCanadian Expeditionary Force (Siberia)Canadian MilitiaEarly Markings

    Camp Militaire St. Jean d'Iberville: n. 133: p.321Central Camp Petawawa: n. 131: p. 302Early Military Cancels - E.R. ToopCollection: n. 124: p. 233Farnham Camp Mystery Handstamp: n. 133:p. 324Quebec (Parc Savard): n. 124: p. 233

    Canada MilitiaBarriefield Military Camp: n. 135: p. 354Beamsville FPO: n. 108: p. 77Camp Shilo, FPO: n. 105: p. 42Canada Militia Revisited: n. 119: p. 182FPO Niagara No. 1: n. 109: p. 81, 90Goderich Militia Camp: n. 125: p. 244

    Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, seeWorld War OneCanadian Special ForcesAleutian Campaign"C" Force, Hong Kong

    Force "C" Censor 120: n. 118: p. 173First Special Service Force (1 SSF)

    First Special Service Force: n. 109: p. 84"G" Force, LabradorKiska Operation, see Aleutian Campaign"N" Force, BahamasNo. 1 Canadian Special Wireless Group

    No. 1 Special Wireless Group RCCS: n. 123:p. 224No. 1 Special Wireless Group: n. 128: p. 274

    "Q" Force, St. Pierre & Miquelon"W" Force, Newfoundland"X" Force, Greenland"Y" Force, Jamaica

    "Y" Force - Local Usage: n. 124: p. 232"Z" Force, Iceland

    Canadian Army in Iceland - Survey: n. 126: p.251"Z" Force,