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Newsletter - August 2015

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  • P A S A D E N A C O V E N A N T C H U R C H August 2015

    Jump Start Back-to-School Daycamp for Neighborhood Kids

    Mon-Fri. Aug. 10-14 9 am -12:30 pm Jump Start is our annual one-week back-to-school daycamp for neighborhood kids. We join

    with our ministry partners CAN-DO Kids, Northwest Neighbors, and Door of Hope to reach

    at-risk kids and focus on building literacy, math, and other academic skills. This year's camp

    will be held M-F mornings, August 10th-14th here at PasCov. There are lots of ways you can

    be involved for a few hours one or more days a week, or behind the scenes making phone calls

    or sandwiches or baking cookies. For more info, contact Vikki Randall at

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    Adult Bible Class: 9am Sundays

    Beginning on Sunday, Aug.2nd, come to the Couriers Bible Class, in the Fireside Room, at 9am to

    hear from our friend Rabbi Stuart Dauermann and John Wipf as they team teach from Romans for

    5 weeks. This will be a lively and fun interactive teaching/discussion focusing on the transforming

    work of God as He continues to reconcile all things to Himself borne out even as we at times will

    have different viewpoints on how we understand what God is doing.

    We will address these five topics and their significance for our church, A) to the Jew first and also

    the Greek in Romans 1:16-17. B) Dont you realize Gods kindness is supposed to lead you to

    change your heart & life? 2:4 & Rom 8. C) Gods faithfulness to Israel and the nations in Rom

    11. D) Our participation in Gods plan in Rom 12-14. E) So welcome each other in the same way

    that Christ welcomed you, for Gods glory in Rom 15. Coffee and pastries will be provided.

    All are welcome!

    ONE CHURCH, ONE BOOK is here! Two meeting times

    Sunday Mornings:

    Beginning at 9am Sunday morning in the Corner House, we invite you to

    join us as we read and reflect on Mark Labbertons The Dangerous Act of

    Loving Your Neighbor: Seeing Others Through the Eyes of Jesus. Labbertons

    writing is thoughtful, provocative and penetrating. Prepare to be challenged

    to become a person of justice, reoriented to the heart of Jesus, reaching out

    to your neighbors. As we focus this year at Pasadena Covenant on Going

    Wider, our adult formation elective on Sunday morning will continue for

    several months into the summer. If you would like to be a part of this, we

    will pick up half of the cost of the book for you. Please contact Anita

    Sorenson to be included in the group and to order a book

    Wednesday Evenings:

    For those of you able to attend a small group reading of the book AFTER WORK DURING THE

    WEEK, Wayne and Susan Aoki will also be hosting a second group at their home in Altadena on

    Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm. A light meal will be offered, so come after 6pm.

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    The Men's Book Club will take its traditional

    summer break. Our next meting will be on

    Thursday, September 10th, at 7pm at the

    Corner House. Then we will discuss THE

    SOCIAL ANIMAL, by NY Times columnist

    David Brooks, which explores the sociology

    of character. As always, first-timers,

    occasional participants, and those who may

    not have completed the title are very welcome

    for fellowship and discussion. For more

    information, please contact Rich Doyle at

    Congregational Care We could use a few more people to visit or

    call on folks from within our congregation

    who are in times of need, aging or in poor

    health. Our congregation responds

    wonderfully in providing meals, in

    benevolent support, and in prayers; but

    often times having someone to come and visit

    or check-in on them is the best thing we can

    offer. We do have great visitors now, but

    the numbers are inadequate. Love to have

    you join us in this.

    Jim Tyberg, Executive Pastor, and Caryl

    Tyberg, Congregational Care Ministry,

    eScrip Update Some of the rules of eScrip have changed. We

    would very much still like to encourage you to

    become a member or renew your membership,

    and renewal is mandatory every year between

    August and November. This benefit for

    Pasadena Covenant applies to those of us who

    shop at Vons. After you register, and when you

    use your Vons card in your purchase, Vons will

    automatically send a percentage to Pasadena

    Covenant. One of the requirements is that you

    do not pay for your groceries with a credit

    card. To register with eScrip, please go to and find the sign up

    link. You can also find a link to renew. We will

    be glad to assist you in this process and we

    thank you for going to this extra effort.

    Contact Pastor Jim Tyberg for assistance at

    Community DinnerCommunity DinnerCommunity Dinner

    Our Community Dinner will be Tuesday,

    August 11th. Everyone is welcome! Its a

    potluck format, so bring something to share.

    We will gather in our beautiful Courtyard

    from 6-8pm, with a come and go style we

    have always had.

    Trustee Meeting Monday, August 10th

    7pm in the Corner House

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    Budget Update for July 29, 2015 We want to give you a month-end status for our income versus budget ytd. As we are able to keep up during the summer, we can minimize the year-end push. Thank you for your support of our ministries.

    Offerings Rents Giving/Rents ytd = 300,644.21 130,575.20 Year-End Target = 625,000.00 209,600.00 Anticipated ytd = 361.223.10 114,204.33 Surplus/(Shortfall) ytd = (60,578.89) 16,370.87

    If youd like the convenience of giving through online banking, youll find assistance at

    Ushers and Greeters Needed for Sunday Mornings This is an easy way to get started in serving. Its also an easy way to get to know people who

    attend Pasadena Covenant Church.

    We need folks to greet other folks on Sunday morning and sometimes give directions or

    information, if needed (that info will be provided).

    We also need ushers to hand out Sunday morning bulletins, take attendance and pass the

    offering plates. If you can help, please contact Joe Thomas at

    2015 Pictorial Directory2015 Pictorial Directory2015 Pictorial Directory Its that time again.Pictorial Directory! Each person or family who is a member or a regular

    attendee is invited to participate in our 2015 Pictorial Directory! We will be sending home

    directory forms in September, for each family to fill out and return to the main office or put it

    into the offering plate on a Sunday morning. More information about directory photos will be

    available in September.

    If you dont receive a form or are not on our mailing list and wish to be included in the

    directory, please contact Doreen in the main office at or 626-

    795-9381, if you have any questions.

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    New Summer Schedule for Communion Sundays

    Since July 5th weve be experimenting with a new schedule for communion Sundays (first

    Sunday of each month). We moved communion earlier in the service and invite preschoolers

    to stay with us a bit longer to be a part of that. After communion, we invite all the kids

    (including gradeschoolers) to our special summer Sunday School program during the

    sermon. This experiment is part of our larger goal of both welcoming children into the life of

    the church and respecting their age-appropriate learning styles and attention spans. It's one

    way we can support and encourage our families with flexibility to respond to the unique

    needs of each child.

    Galactic Journey The Big World of our Big Big God

    Summer Sunday School

    All year long PCC Kids have been on a Journey to the Promised Land. This summer weve

    taken the journey to all-new heights with a Galactic Journey to the edges of the universe! As

    we learn about the Big Universe we live in, we will celebrate the Big Big God who created it

    by singing and praying the psalms. If you're not already a part of our Kids' Ministry team and

    would like to join us one or more Sundays this summer for this galactic journey, please

    contact Vikki at

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    School Supplies Needed

    The Urban Ministries team is collecting school supplies to support our ministry

    partners who serve our neighborhood kids. Shop the sales and bring your finds to

    the bin in the narthex! Heres what is needed:

    Jump Start (need by Sun. Aug. 9th!)

    *new or gently used childrens books

    *bags of chips

    *felt pens or crayons

    *fresh fruit or veggies (Aug. 9th only)

    CAN-DO Kids:

    *erasers (large pink or white ones are most helpful)

    *elementary workbooks

    Northwest Neighbors:

    *mechanical pencils

    *1.5 inch binders

    *college ruled paper

    This photo shows some of the dozens upon dozens of notebooks, crayons, markers, erasers, assorted school