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  • 18/03/2011

    A N N U A L U P D A T E



    -movie express:

    A news involving some fun movie, anyone who loves comedy shall not

    miss it!

    -Sport express:

    Are you interested in tennis? Are you a fans of Federer? check this out!

    -food express:

    want a free trip to italy? have a look here!


    can you distinguish the difference between a restaurant and a

    supermarket by just a glimpse? you

    never know~


    play a role of a journalist!

    whats inside?




  • 2011

    A N N U A L U P D A T E


    The amiable couples Adam and Emma appear in a series of prologues-15 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago-there comes the beginning of their remarkable story. Emma is a doctor who has no time for any boyfriend girlfriend relationship, and even herself refuses to be constrained by some kind of tiresome emotion or any traditional gender role. Just like what she says in

    the movie these things freak me out! Adam, a guy who owns a occupation as a TV assistant in a High School Musical style teen show, is struck after realizing the unusual relationship between his childish TV-star father and his ex-girlfriend. Provoked by both anger and desperation, Adam find himself seeking a type of a meaningless physical relationship. It doesn't take long

    when he becomes acquainted with Emma-his perfect match. In this way, they keep their simple relationship remain purely physical without the fetter of emotion or tradition. However, as the two young people spend more and more time together, problems are revealed. Just like as Adam tells his neighbor she is my sex-friend, and the reply is impossible. Is it realistic to

    No Strings Attached




  • Is it possible?

    retain this intimate physical relationship without a romantic devotion? Is it possible for the situation to remain unchanged in this stage?

    The movie No Strings Attached is a romance comedy directed by Ivan Reitman. The story is mainly depicted from Adam's perspective. Describing how the two young people first meet each other, come into a agreement, and gradually fall into a relationship that contain something more than physical agreement, the movie contains a different kind of romance relationship between the two

    young people and points out the debates about the possibility of the existence of a long-term relationship without a romantic commitment.

    This is an excellent movie for relaxing purpose. Full with jokes and casual and informal dialogue, this is really a movie that just simply makes people happy and laughing while watching it. Different from the majority of romance story, there's no antagonist in the film; every character is funny, amiable and special. With the absence of an evil side or any kind of camouflage, the movie helps you relax and refresh, and allows you to spent your leisure in the nice world of this romance comedy teeming with joy and jokes. During your vacation, why not go and check out the movie, and just be carefree and forget all your stress for a while?







  • 05/April/2010

    On 4/April/2010 Thursday, during the semifinal of the Sony Ericsson Open held in Miami, tennis player Andy Roddick defeated world No.1Roger Federer in three sets, achieving a total score of 2 to 1. This is Roddick's second victories in his 17th attempts to challenge Federer.

    The Sony Ericsson Open took place in Miami, and Federer versus Roddick in the semifinal competition. The whole game lasted for around 117 minutes; after almost 2 hours' competition, Andy Roddick beat Roger Federer by 7-6, 4-6, 6-3, one big point ahead, leading Roddick to win for the second time since his first victory against Federer in 2003.

    At the beginning of the game, Roddick was initially

    behind Federer by several small points, but he gradually caught up throughout the play. Brilliant speed has become Roddick's great strategy. During the competition, Roddick fired each ball with full strength and was able to take advantage of his great speed, beating Federer many times with his speed.

    However, many have noticed that Federer was not in a very good condition for at the end of the game since several obvious mistakes were made, which led to the loss of points. Although Federer said that he has already overcome his illness, some people believed that the lack of fitness preparation before the competition, and the build up of pressure near the end of the game are factors that thwart Federer from releasing his best condition. Despite the loss, majority of tennis fans are still expecting to see Federer return to his good day.

    Federer, the world's No.1since 2004, remain optimistic after this game and still seeks his first title in this season.

    `I am sort of disappointed not to see my name playing in the finals,'' Federer said. `It's just disappointing seeing other guys battling it out where I think I have the game to obviously play there, be there as well.''

    `I've been working hard to get back in shape,'' added Federer.

    `I'm just glad to have a little hair left,'' Roddick, whose has just successfully beat against Federer for the second time

    Sony Ericsson Open, a world known tennis tournament, which includes 96 men players and 96 women players, is held from March 26 to April 16 in Miami for 2010's game. Attracting more than 200,000 spectators, the tournament includes many world's first rank. Other than Federer, famous players such as Nikolay Davydeko and Nadal will also participate in the game, which make the tournament a fascinating competition for many tennis fans.

    Federers fans who hold strong faith in him:

    SPORT EXPRESS: An Unexpected Result


    Let the aura of delicious food satisfy your world~

  • Red Tomato is a Italian food restaurant located in the Pondok Indah mall. The restaurant is specialized at its Italian style pizza and paste. One of the chef recommended pizzas is Fresh Mushroom chopped Beef Bacon and Mozzarella Cheese style, simple but delicious! Different from what we normally eat in Pizza Hut, this kind of pizza is made with a very thin crust covered with plenty of cheese, mushrooms and some bacon.

    When the pizza was served on the table, the rich smell of cheese and mushroom emitted by the pizza quickly flood around you; the next second you find yourself sitting in a open air cafe in Italy, around you are several artists playing some traditional Italian songs with their instruments, beside your table are other Italians chatting to each other about some daily topics, having their afternoon tea along

    with several birds chirp in the tree! In front of you, is the cheese mushroom pizza with the super thin crisp! After the first bite, the feeling of the mixture of cheese, mushrooms occupies your mouth, allowing you have a first impression of the tasty soft warm cheese and mushrooms with the thin crisp layer instead of the thick bread layer at the bottom. Enjoying the pizza, you suddenly understand the beauty of the world; delicious food is always the thing that can help overcome your stress in this busy world!

    And then, the mushroom

    cream soup is served in front of you as well. It is the magic taste of cream, cheese, mushrooms and a little bit of pepper altogether in one sip of the soup. Swallow the soup slowly, letting warm soup with wonderful taste of cream, cheese, and mushroom flow gradually down your throat; you are then in the magic world of this simple but delicious Italian mushroom soup! Now, enjoy the soup together with the pizza, what's left is really the fascinating world of food.

    Lasagna is a very traditional Italian food which can be found in almost every Italian restaurant.

    Still, it holds a high position in the recipe of Italian food. Now, it is time for the Lasagna with white sauce, Mozzarella cheese, and tomato. A beautiful golden layer of cheese and white sauce is cooked on the top of the layer paste; between each layer is the chopped beef mixed with tomato and cheese. Decorated with small green herbs, it is placed in the middle of a round plate filled with delicious sauce made of beef, tomato and cheese. Inside the lasagna, layer paste and sauce is divided into layers like the cross section of some mountain. Have a try, the salty taste of beef, sour taste of tomato, savoury taste of the sauce, and the magic taste of cheese, all mix with each other in your mouth. Again, you see the bystreet cafe in Italy, ting... the sound of the small bell along with the old songs sung by the artists. The golden sunlight paints on the street a golden hue, you are spending an afternoon relaxly in a cafe in Italy!

    So, want a free trip to Italy in where you can experience a different world of taste? Go to Red Tomato!

    A free trip to Italy~

  • It was on my way to the cinema in Sanaya city when I had my first glimpse of the market-like restaurant. Located in one of the corner beside the cinema, the restaurant was intended decorated into a market like appearance which developed my first impression of it: this is just a small supermarket.

    During a Saturday, my friends and I planned an outing to watch movie in Plaza Sanaya. It was 11 am when we finally met each other at the cinema. The movie we were watching is a romance comedy na