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This is the presentation for BBC News Storyline data model part of the BBC Connected Studio briefing event for the BBC News Archive Connected Studio. The presentation is aimed at providing context for the participants, so that they have a view of how content will be tagged, and how it will surface in BBC News.

Transcript of News Archive - BBC News Labs presentation on Storylines, Topics & Tags

  • Storylines, Topics & Tags An explanation of the BBC News Data Model for the News Archive Powered by BBC Connected Studio (January 2014 : Belfast & London)
  • Jeremy Tarling: Senior Data Architect, BBC News. @JeremyTarling Matt Shearer: Innovation Manager, BBC News Labs. @Completedespair @BBC_News_Labs
  • linked data tagging the audience can find and follow content relevant to them. topic tag: a person, organisation, place or theme. storyline tag: a storyline, or its component events.
  • why do it this way? it powers serendipity. we organise by the things people want. and connect with meaningful links.
  • context Storyline is an open model. BBC are now tagging new content. the archive is not tagged yet.
  • topics - people Bashar al-Assad Thamsanqa Jantjie Lara Clarke Nick Robinson a Person can have properties like birth-place, birth-date, and roles like President of Syria or interpreter
  • topics - organisations an Organisation can have properties like address, website, and can be notably associated with a person, place or theme
  • topics - places Places can have a latitudes/longitudes and parent features (an administrative district or country for example)
  • topics - themes smoking health unemployment Themes are the intangible things that we might want to classify our content by: smoking, unemployment, health
  • storylines storylines are a way to link up and present content to the audience as a narrative storylines are a special sort of linked data tag for annotating and aggregating content storylines can be tagged with topics
  • an example storyline
  • linking up storylines
  • linking up events
  • tag content with topics
  • tag content with storylines
  • tag storylines with topics
  • so topics can connect storylines
  • before we finish we cant tag everything manually. we can autotag topics, and fingerprint into Storylines.
  • over to you organise news content by storylines link storylines together with topics relate archive storylines to current news surface unexpected connected stories: Death of Mandela Mandelas life sentence Thatchers foreign policy Falklands War
  • Thanks Powered by BBC Connected Studio @BBC_News_Labs