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August 2019 Newsletter
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That is what the view is for.
We have recently enjoyed a holiday in Pembrokeshire – one of my favourite places. I walked several sections of the coastal path; some familiar and some new. Walking these cliff paths teaches you about ups and downs. If the path leads upward you may be sure it will descend again quite soon. You have to find a good attitude to those repeated moments when you come to yet another inlet and can see the path on the other side. If only you could fly across it would take but a few wing beats. However on land you know you are in for a careful descent, often down steep steps, and then the opposite on the other side. Not to be demoralised by this but to welcome it as part of the journey is an emotional challenge, especially the more tired you become as the walk progresses. It is vital to find a way to enjoy every part of the walk, to appreciate the view and to embrace the variety.
At one point I paused to let someone come up another section of steep steps. I empathised with her as she exerted herself as I had already done on several occasions that morning. I shared a friendly word of encouragement to assure her there was no need to rush as she was not delaying me as perhaps she felt. As we passed I found myself saying, by way of the unconsidered casual conversation that form such brief encounters, ‘now look at the view, that is what it is there for, to make you stop. With that I was on my way thinking about what I had said.
On the next day we went to Ffald-y-Brenin, a Christian retreat centre in North Pembrokeshire. There the view is indeed spectacular and makes you stop. It makes you stop and stare, observe and drink in the beauty and glory of God. There I watched the buzzard quartering the fields below, the restless swallows jostling for space on the electricity cables and luxuriated in the endless varieties of shades of green and blue. There we prayed and shared in the rhythm of daily prayer.
Whatever your view is today, whatever your path, whether arduous or easy, there is beauty and purpose to be found. The view is there to make you stop. Take time to rest, to be still in God, to know and to be known. For that way the journey on will be easier even though the path may indeed be rocky and steep.
Thank You
Jeanette, Martin, Sophie, Matt and the wider family would like to express their thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, cards and support received following the death of Jeanette’s Mum Liz. It has meant so much to us and has helped us through a very difficult time. Many thanks also to all who joined Alison, Sophie and I, at coffee morning on Saturday 20th July, we raised £35 for the Adelaide Ward at Royal Berkshire Hospital, who did a wonderful job of looking after Mum in the last few weeks of her life.
I have been completely overwhelmed by the cards, letters and flowers which people have so kindly sent to me following Gordon's death. I can't thank you enough, you have all been so generous in your words and deeds it makes me feel very humble.
I know we all loved Gordon and he certainly felt the same about you.
The week before he died Gordon was determined to attend church, it was such a struggle to get out of the house and into the car that eventually I said "I really don't think we going to be able to do this Gordon" he looked at me and said "they are such lovely people, I'm going". So we came and we were an hour late but fortunately the service was still taking place and it was perfect because Peter was taking the service and we were in time to take communion, and of course Gordon was able to see you all.
Thank you for your prayers and support over the past few years and particularly over the last months they meant a great deal to us.
God Bless
Barbara West
Congratulations Soph
We are delighted to let you know that Sophie Smith has achieved a 2.1 in her Bsc politics and International Relations Degree. She has also started an internship as part of the Civil Service graduate Programme. She isin the D.W.P analysing data from work capability assessments.
Well done Sophie and every blessing for your future career.
Young People
All our young men who have just finished their first year at Uni have settled very well into Uni Life. They are enjoying all aspects of University and are working hard with their studies.
It is good to catch up with them during the summer and hear all their news.
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On Thursday 29th August we have a coffee morning in St Nicolas’ Church Hall from 10am-12noon. If you can provide cakes or bric-a-brac for us to sell, please let me know. I am unable to be there myself, so would be very pleased if anyone can volunteer to help on the day. We shall need as many collectors as possible for the town centre flag day on Saturday 28th September. Please let me know if you can spare an hour to help.
Rosie Greenhalgh
Keep this Date
On Saturday 12th October from 4pm-6pm we will be having a time of worship, food and celebration for all our children and young people attending clubs on a Friday night. We hope many of their parents will join us as we welcome them into club membership.
We would be delighted if friends from our church family can come along to support them and us in this very special ministry.
Please continue to pray for our Friday Clubs.
Thank you
Plastic Milk Bottle Tops
We now have a box beside the Foodbank basket situated just inside the entrance area to Wesley hall. Please place any clean plastic Milk bottle tops (only) inside this box for recycling. Thank you
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Church Council The next meeting of the Church Council was
arranged for Wednesday 23rd October. As there is a hall booking that evening and the car park will be busy, Peter has decided to move the meeting
to Thursday 24th October, and I hope that everyone will be able to make the new date.
NMC August 2019 Newsletter Page 8
I really felt led to share with you what a blessing Open Door has been to so many, especially over the last couple of months.
Numbers coming in to Open Door have been consistently high with Tuesdays and Thursdays particularly busy ,12,15 and 18 last Tuesday. Wednesdays have also been busier recently.
We have had a number of visitors from around the World which has been lovely chatting about their faith, their churches and sharing about ours. we have people coming in to chat because they are lonely. Friends from church who come in for friendship and support.
People have come in to sit quietly in the church and pray, others have asked for prayer.
On two occasions last week, just as we were about to close, two very vulnerable ladies came in with a number of significant issues in their lives, needing a listening ear, a gentle word and in one case the opportunity to sign post her to organisations to help and support her.
I wanted to say a big thank you to all our volunteers. If you need encouragement and reassurance that we can and are making a difference and providing a service - We are.
Please continue to pray for this ministry.
NMC August 2019 Newsletter Page 9
Methodist Church recognises a climate emergency Faced with a climate emergency the Methodist Conference has called on the UK to achieve net zero emissions well before 2050.
This follows recent initiatives including participation in the #TheTime Is Now Climate Coalition lobby of MPs in London last month as well as engagement with investor bodies on reducing humanity’s global carbon footprint.
Single use plastics were singled out at the week-long Conference, being held at the NEC in Birmingham, with single use water bottles or cups unavailable for use by representatives.
The Conference encouraged its members and churches to reduce plastic pollution and for church cafés to consider signing up to a refill scheme, offering free refills for water bottles.
Earlier this year the Methodist Church launched Eco Circuits and Eco Districts in partnership with A Rocha, a Christian organisation engaging communities in nature conservation. The first Methodist Church to receive a Gold Eco Church Award was announced in June as Stratford-upon-Avon Methodist Church.
Barbara Glasson, President of the Conference, who walked 133 miles along canal towpaths to the Conference raising funds for communities across the world affected by climate change, said:
“As a Church we believe in the possibility of transformation. Our church has heard the voice of communities around the world that are already suffering severe consequences of climate change.
“Our response must be both individual and corporate to do all we can to tread more lightly on the earth.”
Steve Hucklesby, Policy Adviser for the Methodist Church said: “Next year the critical COP26 international climate summit may well be
hosted in London. Our nation has the opportunity to provide inspiration for others. The UK must back up targets with clear policies and urgent investment to bring about a zero carbon future.”
NMC August 2019 Newsletter Page 10
I am running a charity Teddy Bear's picnic for my clients and children over the summer holidays. This year I was being lazy and couldn't find the time or energy to run one BUT on hearing about Gordon's passing I've kicked myself out of laziness and
got one going! I've dedicated the event, in memory of Gordon West and because I totally respect Barbara, to Newbury Cancer Care.
All monies I take for the children's music sessions plus the donations for tea/coffee and cake will go to Newbury Cancer care.
I've already booked out 40+ children tickets which makes £200 before I've even started the day - so well worth the effort!!!!!
I know I'm being cheeky asking, as it is totally a Music with Mummy/ Newbury Cancer Care event, but I would be very grateful for any donations of cakes.
The Evergreen Fellowship
Sunday Roast for 2019 dates for Sunday Roast for rest of 2019
18th August at later time of 1pm as we are worshiping at Thatcham on this Sunday
22nd September 20th October 17th November 15th December - Christmas Meal.
Healing On The Streets Please meet at 10:45am in Pret's (middle of Northbrook St) for team
prayers. We will then minister in Northbrook Street from 11am to 1pm. Training provided on ,the day so all abilities, from all churches are
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Link to Hope Shoeboxes 2019
We are again supporting the Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal for 2019?
We are asked to fill a Shoebox for a family or an elderly person – not just a child. The list contains items for family members and includes items such a shower gel/shampoo, family games, stationary items, gift for mum and dad as well as sweets, soft toys, hats, scarves etc. and for elderly person the boxes are similar however the children’s games and education materials are replaced with a wind up torch, sensory items, candle and holder etc.
The Link for Hope Shoebox Appeal has been running since 1992 and has delivered smiles to thousands of people in Eastern Europe over the years. They have sent over 800,000 shoeboxes to hundreds of different locations! Boxes get sent to Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.
Details and our arrangements for this year’s appeal will be displayed in Wesley Hall during August and our detailed timetable for our shoebox appeal will be in September’s newsletter
All the dates on our current Saturday Morning rota have be taken. Thank you to all the volunteers who have offered to take one of the dates.
The next rota will be displayed later in August and it would be helpful if you have a date you would like to book for a Coffee morning you add your name to the list as soon as you are able.
Thank you,
October 22nd Speaker Evening December 17th Christmas Meal
NMC August 2019 Newsletter Page 15
Our Annual BBQ is on Tuesday 20th August at 7pm and will again be held at the wonderful home of the Favede Family
There will be no tickets or set charge but donations will be much appreciated.
I would also appreciate offers of desserts and salads please.
Will you please let me know if you would like to join us for catering purposes
Please ask me for address details and I will let you have a map and postcode. Also please ask if you require transport and I will do my best to organise
Do join us for a relaxing evening of good food and fellowship.
July update
We have a number of items included in our food parcels or in the store cupboard boxes that are in very short supply at the Warehouse - please can you help?
Urgently needed
Tinned Meat
Dried Onion Granules
The Foodbank continues to have an urgent need for additional volunteers to help in our Warehouse at Greenham Business Park.
If you have a few hours to spare or know anyone who has please do get in touch with me in the first instance. We are looking for a number of people particularly to join the Thursday team to assist with the receiving and distribution of donations.
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NMC August 2019 Newsletter Page 18 Link to Registration Page :
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Church leaders question a no-deal Brexit
Representatives of seven Christian denominations – including Quakers in Britain have written an open letter to the new Prime Minister expressing concern that failing to agree a deal on Brexit will “hit those held back by poverty very hard indeed". The Church leaders say they have been “compelled" to write to the new Prime Minister because of his position that leaving the European Union without a deal is acceptable.
The letter states that, “At a time when increasing numbers of families have difficulties putting enough food on the table, we believe it is irresponsible to consider a course of action that is expected to make that situation worse".
The Church leaders say that “It is notable that assurances about our ability to cope with a no-deal Brexit, while frequent, are yet to be supported by substantial evidence" and ask the Government to publish evidence of the impact a no-deal Brexit on disadvantaged communities.
The letter also invites the Prime Minister to visit one of the many social action projects run by churches to support millions of citizens who live in poverty.
The letter is signed by leaders from the Methodist Church of Great Britain, the United Reformed Church, the Baptist Unions of Great Britain, Scotland and Wales, the Church of Scotland, the Salvation Army, Quakers in Britain and the Scottish Episcopal Church, which together have approximately 700,000 members.
Specific concerns over food supply, pricing as well as availability of medical supplies and energy are raised in the letter.
The letter warns that, in the event that a deal is not reached, “In essence, the Government will be relying on the hope that our former EU partners are willing to co-operate even without an agreement – a huge gamble to take with the basic needs of our poorest citizens and communities."
NMC August 2019 Newsletter Page 20
The full text of the letter
Dear Prime Minister
As Churches, we have a particular care and concern for the people in our society who are locked in poverty. Around the country, local churches are helping families to cope with the rising tide of poverty. Projects range from simple coffee mornings run by a few volunteers, to large projects such as foodbanks, homeless support, employment advice and debt counselling.
With this in mind, we are compelled to write expressing our urgent concern about your position that leaving the European Union without a deal is acceptable. Advice and data from multiple reputable sources, including the UK Government, indicate that failing to agree a deal will hit those held back by poverty very hard indeed.
In essence, the Government will be relying on the hope that our former EU partners are willing to cooperate even without an agreement – a huge gamble to take with the basic needs of our poorest citizens and communities.
The UK imports 10,000 shipping containers of food from the EU each day. These containers are part of long and complex integrated supply chains. Even minor disruptions to this chain have in the past rapidly had serious consequences. A no-deal Brexit will cause a huge and potentially crippling disruption. Government and many other reputable sources highlight the immediate risk of shortages and price rises. Over the longer term they point to the costs of new and less fluid supply chains increasing food bills for families.
Last year our partner, Trussell Trust, which represents around half of the UK's foodbanks, gave out a record-breaking 1.6 million 3-day supplies of food. At a time when increasing numbers of families have difficulties putting enough food on the table, we believe it is irresponsible to consider a course of action that is expected to make that situation worse.
It is also unclear how a wide range of other vital products and services will continue to be delivered in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Government, industry and charity sources indicate potential problems with both energy and medical supplies.
NMC August 2019 Newsletter Page 21
The UK Government's no-deal planning documents highlight that many of the difficulties caused by a no-deal Brexit can only be tackled in collaboration with the EU. The Cabinet Office states that for many issues we must seek accommodations with the EU which are “not within the UK's gift to unilaterally control or mitigate". In essence, the Government will be relying on the hope that our former EU partners are willing to cooperate even without an agreement – a huge gamble to take with the basic needs of our poorest citizens and communities. The impacts of a no-deal Brexit are at best highly uncertain, and at worst deeply worrying. Our view that it would put at risk the welfare and safety of the poorest communities in the UK is formed on the basis of the best available evidence, including our presence in local communities in every part of the UK. It is notable that assurances about our ability to cope with a no-deal Brexit, while frequent, are yet to be supported by substantial evidence. Evidence-free dismissals of well-founded concerns are at this stage both dangerous and inappropriate. Your Government's willingness to embrace a no- deal Brexit places upon it a responsibility to demonstrate that the most vulnerable in our communities, those locked in poverty, will not be harmed. We ask that your Government urgently publishes its current evidence on the impact of a no-deal Brexit on disadvantaged communities. We would also be pleased to welcome you to one of our many projects to hear from those who a no-deal Brexit may most impact. Rather than being absent from the debate, this evidence and these communities should be at the heart of our debates around Brexit. We assure you of our prayers as you take up this challenging new role. The letter was signed by Revd Nigel Uden, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church, Mr Derek Estill, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church Professor Clive Marsh, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference Revd Dr Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Conference Revd Dr Richard Frazer, Convenor of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland Revd Lynn Green, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain Revd Alan Donaldson, General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland Parchedig/Reverend Judith Morris, Ysgrifennydd Cyffredinol/General Secretary, Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru/Baptist Union of Wales Most Revd Mark Strange, Bishop of Moray,Ross and Caithness, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church Commissioner Anthony Cotterill, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army Paul Parker, Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain
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