New PeUGeOT 2008 SUV ACCeSSORIeS€¦ · New PeUGeOT 2008 SUV ACCeSSORIeS. experience sharp design,...

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Transcript of New PeUGeOT 2008 SUV ACCeSSORIeS€¦ · New PeUGeOT 2008 SUV ACCeSSORIeS. experience sharp design,...

  • New PeUGeOT 2008 SUV ACCeSSORIeS

  • experience sharp design, uncompromising quality and instinctive driving in the New PeugeoT 2008 SuV.

    An SuV built with strength and character, the striking new exterior design is complemented with vibrant new paint finishes: emerald and ultimate Red.

    Innovative lifestyle technology has been introduced to ensure maximum convenience and safety. Plus, the modern and efficient range of PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines combine impressive performance with exceptional fuel economy.

    New PeugeoT 2008 SuV features the PeugeoT i-Cockpit®, an intuitive interior layout that reinvents the driving experience, and grip Control® which optimises traction in low-grip conditions, adapting to all terrains and weather conditions.

    In this brochure you will discover genuine PeugeoT NeW 2008 SuV accessories to further customise your vehicle.

    The accessories marked with this symbol are certified "Peugeot genuine Accessories".

    grip Control® function is model/engine specific.

    CHooSePeugeoT QuALITY

    Contact your local Peugeot Dealer for more information on our accessories range or visit


    Chrome door mirrors

    New PeugeoT 2008 SuV makes no compromises on style and invites you to express your own. PeugeoT wheel trims bring you a host of personalisation options and are submitted to the most stringent quality tests. Matching wheel centre caps and chrome door mirrors underscore the vitality of your SuV.

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  • Black



    Virtual blue

    Draco 15"

    Cetus 16"

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    ALLoY WHeeLS


  • Store Rear window sunshade1

    Blinds side sun visor2

    Cool box3

    Safety belt for animal4



    Seat covers5

    Coat hanger This chrome effect coat hanger attaches to the rear of a front seat head restraint. It provides a convenient hanging space for jackets and coats low down where they can’t restrict your rear view vision.

    Air freshener diffuser Create an atmosphere with this portable diffuser that can be used with a range of delightful fragrance refills.

  • ReINVeNTSPACeDetails make all the difference when it comes to interior comfort. Combining top-quality materials and impeccable finish, our equipment was designed specially for your New PeugeoT 2008 SuV. From headrest hangers to sun blinds that perfectly match the shape of the windows, reinventing your interior space is entirely up to you.




  • TAKe AN ADVeNTuReequip your New PeugeoT 2008 SuV for your next adventure and enhance its looks. PeugeoT brings you covers and strips to ensure maximum protection of your vehicle body to increase its longevity. Add an extra touch of personalisation with our door sill protection range.

    Backlit door sill protectors Dark chrome door sill protectors

    Stainless door sill protectors Aluminium effect door sill protectors

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  • STYLISHADVeNTuReRProtect your New PeugeoT 2008 SuV from dirt with bespoke mud flaps and enliven its go-anywhere nature with elegant door and boot protection features. Whether adventuring on steep trails or taking on the urban jungle, you can always count on the robustness and power of your New PeugeoT 2008 SuV.

    Boot sill protector in stainless steel1 Styled mudflaps2 Body side moldings3

  • More than just a car, your New PeugeoT 2008 SuV is a real space for living combining comfort and modular design. Protect your interior with elegant seat covers. opt for customised protective mats with exclusive styling that cater to all styles, from 3D design to velour or needle-punched carpet mats.




  • Rubber carpet mat set

    Velour carpet mat set Standard carpet mat set

    Aluminium gear knob1

    Seat covers2

    Boot mat

    Flexible boot tray Extended Boot Mat

  • Luggage bag A convenient alternative to the traditional rigid luggage box, the luggage bag folds flat for easy storage when not in use.

    Luggage boxes — shortA practical yet stylish way to increase your 2008 SuV's luggage capacity.

    Roof barsA set of transverse roof bars provide an excellent foundation for carrying large items. All roof bars feature a locking mechanism for added security.

    Tow bar mounted 'hang on style' cycle carrierThis tow bar mounted cycle carrier attaches securely to any tow ball. It is available in 2, 3 & 4 cycle capacity configurations. This product must be used on conjunction with a rear lighting board (sold separately).

    Ski-carrierA choice of ski carriers allowing the carriage of up to six pairs of skis. Can also be used to secure snow boards (depending on model).

    Roof mounted cycle carrierThis single cycle carrier affixes securely to all PeugeoT roof bars. It attaches to the bike on each wheel and the frame, and is available in a choice of steel or lightweight aluminium construction.

    Fixed tow bar*Designed specifically for the 2008 SuV model range, all our tow bars are engineered and tested to the highest standards. *European model shown. local variant may differ.

  • ToTAL FReeDoMequip your New PeugeoT 2008 SuV for your next adventure and give it an urban look in just a few minutes with accessories which fit in a jiffy with no need for tools. From a bike rack platform to a removable ball joint and pre-assembled roof bars compliant with City Crash Test standards, the equipment on offer increases the volume you can carry and ensures that you set out on your adventure in complete safety.

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    Please note that current print and photographic techniques do not allow us to faithfully reproduce the full depth and tone of the colours in this brochure.

    The vehicles illustrated in this brochure are presented with added options and accessories.

    This brochure is designed to provide general product information and is not a contractual document or offer of sale. For current information please contact your local PeugeoT Dealer.


    The information and images in this brochure are based on the most current data available when going to print. As part of a policy of continuous specification improvement Peugeot Automobiles Australia reserves the right to modify the specification of our goods and to discontinue any item, without notice, at any time.

    The details in this brochure cannot be reproduced without the express authorisation of Peugeot Automobiles Australia.

    Sept 2016