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    Unless otherwise noted, all items acquired during fiscal year 2005 were purchased with funds from the Elmer Adler Memorial Endow-ment.

    contemporary artists andfine press books

    archer, caroline, and robert harling. The St. Bride Note-book. [Oldham, England] : Incline Press, 2003. Book designed and printed by Graham Moss and Kathy Whalen. Wood engravings by Eric Ravilious.

    b idwell, john. Mattiolis Herbal : A Short Account of Its Illustrations, with a Print from an Original Woodblock. New York : Pierpont Morgan Library, 2003. Printed by John Randle at the Whittington Press, and John Grice at the Evergreen Press, Gloucestershire. Accompa-nied by a re-strike from the woodblock used in the Mattiolis Herbal of 1562, hand-colored by Louisa Hara. Copy XIV of L.

    chen, julie . The Veil. Berkeley, Calif. : Flying Fish Press, 2002. Let-terpress printed using a combination of photopolymer plates and collagraphic blocks. Binding by Julie Chen and Anna Sacramento. Copy 47 of 100.

    cummins , maureen. Stocks and Bonds. Riverdale, Md. : M. Cummins, 2000. Printed with Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. Copy 27 of 30.

    deniz , gerardo. Semifusas. Mexico City : Taller Ditoria, 2004. Copy 82 of 300.

    dupont, inge, and hope mayo, editors. Morgan Library Ghost Sto-ries. Engravings by John De Pol. Roslyn, N.Y. : Stone House Press, 1990. Copy 48 of 200.

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  • hawthorne, nathaniel (18041864). The Birthmark. [Oakland, Calif.] : Em Press, 1994. Letterpress printed at the Eucalyptus Press, Mills College, by Cynthia Imperatore. Copy 15 of 25.

    herbert, george (15931633). Sundrie Pieces : A New Selection of George Herberts Poetry, with Samples of His Prose. Edited, with an intro-duction and notes, by the Earl of Powis. Newtown, Powys : Gwasg Gregynog, 2003. Wood engravings by Sarah van Niekerk. Copy 116 of 200.

    lewis , ann p . If Only I Werent at Work. [Massachusetts : Ann P. Lewis], 1997. This artists book includes various plant matter pressed into a dozen slides that are wrapped in pieces of maps, sealed with beeswax, and tightly housed in a box wrapped in the map index for Principal Cities of California.

    milton, john (16081674). Paradise Lost : A Poem in Twelve Books. Ed-ited by John T. Shawcross, with an introduction by Helen Vendler. San Francisco : Printed by Andrew Hoyem at the Arion Press, 2002. Copy 132 of 400. Supplemented with a portfolio of prints : William Blake (17571827), Thirteen Watercolor Drawings by William Blake Il-lustrating Paradise Lost by John Milton : The First Facsimiles Printed at Full Scale in Full Color from the Original Works . . . (San Francisco : Arion Press, 2004). The works of John Milton hold an important place at Princeton. Along with first editions (1667) of Paradise Lost in the Scheide and Taylor Libraries, the Library has Henry Austin Whit-neys collection of Milton, which includes 254 volumes of first edi-tions and other rare examples of Miltons pamphlets and poetry, along with works of criticism, biography, and translation. We now add to these riches a significant new edition of Paradise Lost from the Arion Press, along with a facsimile portfolio of William Blakes drawings after Miltons text. Typographically, Arions Paradise pays tribute to two earlier printings : the second edition in 1674, which divided the text into 12 books rather than 10, and John Baskervilles second edition of 1759. Hoyem arranged for special 14-point type to be cast from cuttings of the Monotype Corporations 1923 ver-sion of Baskerville, which in turn had been modeled after the letter forms of Baskervilles own Paradise. In keeping with the 1674 edi-tion, the 2002 edition employs running heads printed in a black- letter type, Goudy Text. Then Hoyem chose an inkjet printer spe-


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  • cially developed for large-scale, high-resolution work to create a facsimile edition of Blakes Paradise watercolors. Commissioned in 1806 by Joseph Thomas, the original 12 watercolors were dispersed after 1885. Between 1911 and 1914, the American collector Henry E. Huntington found, purchased, and reunited them, along with a thirteenth on the same theme. They are now in the collections of the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. Together with John T. Shawcrosss modernized version of Miltons 1652 text, the Arion Press edition combines the best of each generations invention and creativity to produce a contemporary classic.

    oconnor, john. The English Scene. Risbury, Herefordshire : Whit-tington Press, 2004. Colored engravings and linocuts printed by Patrick Lawson-Thomas. Copy 44 of 55.

    rgo, jos l ins do (19011957). Pureza : Romance. Illustrations by Flvio Tavares. [Brasilia] : Confraria dos Biblifilos do Brasil, 2001. Copy 24 of 251.

    ryan, kay. Believe It or Not ! Fairfax, Calif. : Jungle Garden Press, 2002. Poems by Kay Ryan ; drawings by Carl Dern, transferred and printed from photopolymer plates by Alan Hillesheim, Digger Pine Press. Designed by Marie C. Dern and bound by John Demerritt. Copy 49 of 125.

    trevisan, dalton. A Polaquinha. Illustrated by Darel Valena Lins. Brasilia : Confraria dos Biblifilos do Brasil, 2002.

    tzudiker, robert. Animal Natures. Illustrated by Claribel Cone. Oakland, Calif. : Littoral Press, 2004. Written in Corrupto no-point ; composed entirely underwater. Designed and printed by Lisa Rap-poport. Copy 13 of 74.

    weston, heather. Defeating the Object. London : Bookery, 2004. Copy 10 of 100.

    wilde-menozzi , wallis . The Heron Songs. Menlo Park, Calif. : Occasional Works, 2004. Copy E from 26 lettered copies.


    caxton printing co. Sample Book. [Walingford, Conn.], ca. 1880 ca. 1890.


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  • eagle card works. Agents Sample Book. [Cadiz, Ohio], ca. 1880 ca. 1890.

    h. t. johnsons printing establishment. Sample Cards. N.p., ca. 1885.

    photography and optical devices

    alabaster peep show egg. [London, ca. 1850]. A peep show (or peepshow) is an exhibition of pictures or objects viewed in a box through a small hole or magnifying lens. References to such a de-vice, also known as a viewing box or raree show, can be found as far back as the 15th century. A description of a camera obscura, one of the earliest examples of a viewing box, appears in Giambattista della Portas Magiae naturalis libri viginti (1664 ; available in the Rare Books Division). By the 17th century, the interiors of many viewing boxes were decorated to resemble a theater, and their prints were drawn in elaborate, three-dimensional perspective. Peep shows be-came complex affairs with multiple viewing holes and strings that, when pulled, could change the views from day to nighttime scenes. In France, the boite doptique was designed with more height than depth and a mirror angled at 45 degrees, which allowed standing viewers to see a series of decorative prints. During the 19th century, the wooden box and paper print were replaced with a multitude of viewing options, including the moving image in a phenakistiscope, the photographic image in the megalethoscope, and the projected image in the magic lantern (examples of each are in the Graphic Arts Collection). A particular favorite of the Victorian age was the alabaster peep show egg, slightly larger than a real egg and elegantly fitted with a lens at the top and handles on either side to turn a se-ries of miniature prints. The alabaster allowed light to illuminate the prints without a second opening. Princetons egg reveals a hand- colored engraving of Greenwich Hospital, a second engraving of the Thames River, and a panel of crystals and dried foliage.

    Mmoire sur la construction et la thorie du symtrisateur, lunette connue sous les dnominations de metamorphosiscope. Paris : n.p., 1818.

    Photographs of the Crystal Palace. [London], ca. 1855. Bound with Dollys Guide to the Fine Arts Dept. of the South Staffordshire Exhibition ([Staf-fordshire], ca. 1869). The first book is a rare souvenir album of 12


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  • mounted albumen prints attributed to Philip Henry Delamotte (18201889) depicting the Crystal Palace as re-erected at Sydenham in the early 1850s. The second book is illustrated with two albumen photographs by E. Hasleur of Wolverhampton.

    scott, s ir walter (17711832). The Lord of the Isles. London : Pro-vost & Company, 1871. Illustrated with original albumen photo-graphs by Russell Sedgfield and Stephen Thompson.

    Story of Peter Pan : Lantern Lecture. [London : W. Butcher & Sons], ca. 1910. Twenty-four hand-colored, glass lantern slides, along with a script, probably William Butchers Lantern lecture readings VII.

    Sun Pictures. New York : Hans Kraus Jr. Fine Photographs, 1984 ?2005. A complete set of catalogs, nos. 114, on 19th-century photog-raphy, many with essays by Larry J. Schaaf. Gift of H. P. Kraus Jr.

    book history

    barlow, marjorie dana. Notes on Woman Printers in Colonial America and the United States, 16391975. New York : Hroswitha Club, 1976. Compilers presentation copy, with inscription to Mrs. Clifton Rather.

    courtney, cathy. Speaking of Book Art : Interviews with British and American Book Artists. Los Altos Hills, Calif. : Anderson-Lovelace Publishers, 1999. As director of the research project The Art of the Book 1960 to the Present, based at Camberwell College of Arts, London, Courtney recorded conversations with artists involved in the new field of contemporary book arts. Comparing activ