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High-brightness LCD Quick connection to diagnostic systems ATA Flash Standard memory card Silicon keyboard

Interchangeable module: Self-diagnostics, Measures and Engine Diagnostics, Connector (for updates) INTEL processor Compact and light

Printed in Italia by Grafiche Antiga

AXONE 2000 Motor Bike FEATURES

Electronic Technologies for Automotive

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSCENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT Processor type Video chip Power Internal battery Battery autonomy Display Keyboard Memory card Serial connection Parallel connection Operating temperature Storage temperature Size Weight INTEL 386 SVGA 10 16 Volt (battery) 200-240 Volt (recharge) NiMh 7.2 V 3.5Ah 2h LCD 320x240 grafhic Silicon ATA flash standard 2 (for diagnostic modules) + 1 (standar PC connection) for printer +5C / +40C -20C / +60C 320x140x82 mm 1,3 Kg

AXONE 2000 Motor Bike

SELF-DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTIONS Protocol types Blink codes, ISO 9141-2, ISO/DIS 14230-4, ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850)PWM, ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850)VPW, ISO/DIS 15765-4 (CAN) EOBD - CAN Compatible Update Subscription MEASURES Number of channels Voltage scale Pass band Low voltage tests High voltage tests Trigger AC/DC voltmeter Ammeter Pressure gauge

4 0 200 V 30 KHz Included Traditional, DIS, Integrated Manual and automatic 0 200 V 0 500 A (with ammeter clamp) -1 9 bar

FEATURES OF THE NEW 3.0.0 RELEASE - Blink code self-diagnostic functions. - Added new systems referred to diagnostic and injection and ignition system error deletion procedures for new models: Cagiva (Navigator, Raptor 1000, Raptor 600); Honda (CBR various models, VFR, VTR 1000 SP1 e SP2); Kawasaki (Ninja ZX6R/RR, Z1000, Vulcan1600, etc.); Mondial (Piega); Suzuki (DL1000, GSX-R various models SV1000/650, TL1000S/R); Yamaha (R1, R6, BT1100, TDM 900, XP500T-MAX, FZS100, etc.). These systems concern 42 models equipped with different control units. - Quick self-diagnostics. - Expanded to include five systems for injection and ABS diagnostics on new models: Aprilia (Atlantic 500, ETV Caponord, RSV 2004, etc.); Ducati (Multistrada); Cagiva (Grand Canyon); MV Agusta (F4, Brutale); Triumph (Speed Triple T 509). These systems concern 17 models equipped with different control units and systems.

Authorised distributor

TEXA S.p.A.Via I Maggio, 9 31050 Monastier di Treviso (TV) Tel. +39 0422 791311 Fax +39 0422 791300

Data, descriptions and illustrations may vary with respect to those shown in this brochure. TEXA reserves the right to make changes of any kind to products without prior notice.


Technical evolution and the demands of a market ever more focused on environmental protection issues have led to increase the presence of sophisticated electronic solutions aboard motorcycles. The need to integrate various systems (injection, ABS, immobilizer, CO exhaust control) has made even the manufacturers of small, widely popular scooters adopt CAN interconnection structures. Each motorcycle manufacturer has developed specific diagnostic tools and supplied them to their service networks while the independent market is seeking universal solutions and

demands of the independent market. One tool for all electronic systems made by various manufacturers.

products. TEXA, leader in automotive electronic diagnostics, is reconfirming and consolidating its multimake solution for motorcycle applications. AXONE 2000 Motor Bike is the real technical solution for the increasing


Each manufacturer has developed and implemented a range of systems governed by electronic control units to solve problems of safety, performance and pollution. Each control unit is complex and equipped with self-diagnostic functions. Failures and routine maintenance deadlines are indicated by warning lights on the instrument panel. Electronic control units are capable of verifying the operation of all sensors and actuators connected to them and detecting faults also when the motorcycle is on the road. The various electronic control unit fitted aboard a

implemented by various manufacturers. There is no standard today. Without such as tool, workshops would need to buy a specific tool for each make because each manufacturer has developed specific selfdiagnostic systems, communication protocols, adjustment strategies and operation methods. Axone 2000 Motor Bike is the universal interface for service technicians to deal with the various solutions adopted by different manufacturers. Motorcycle electronics is evolving rapidly following the steps of the automotive

cost-effective solutions. Axone 2000 Motor Bike is the answer to all arising electronic repair needs. Your workshop can rely on a user-friendly tool capable of rapidly pinpointing the cause of faults which would otherwise be difficult if not even impossible - to solve.


DESCRIPTION ABS Data bus Immobilizer Injection Instruments



motorcycle can interface with external tools to provide information to service technicians for identifying the cause of a problem and solving it very rapidly. TEXA took up the challenge and designed Axone 2000 Motor Bike to "standardise" the different communication methods

industry. Over the past years, we have observed the evolution from a few rare engine control systems to the adoption of sophisticated ABS and brake proportioning safety systems, for example. This has followed and respected market rules constantly seeking more efficient and


The idea that diagnostic tools are only used to solve breakdowns and that they are seldom necessary is no longer true. Electronic systems fitted in motorcycles today govern many functions and operations that were once only mechanical. Today, for example, the use of a diagnostic tool is required to send controls to the electronic control unit that governs engine carburetion, controls for CO exhaust regulation and for throttle position learning. This means that what were once mechanical settings have now become electronic procedures which can only be carried out using specific diagnostic tools.

systems, electronic instrument panels, alarm systems and immobilizer, etc. Each system requires checks, programming and adjustments that service technicians must be able to perform simply and safely without needing to purchase or learn how to use the different instruments offered by the various manufacturers. AXONE 2000 Motor Bike diagnostic tool is the answer to all these needs and is the global solution also for the world of twowheel vehicles.

This trend follows the growth of electronic systems applied to two-wheel vehicles. Over the past years, we have seen the development from single ignition electronic control systems to the implementation of engine injection control systems rapidly followed by the addition of ABS brake control

The need for routine maintenance, service deadlines and diagnostic alarms of the new systems equipping modern motorcycles are indicated by special service warning lights on the dashboard. There are two types of indications: - routine maintenance deadline warning light - system failure alarm warning light In both cases, service technicians need to switch the warning lights off before starting the necessary service operations. Switching off the warning lights means that the

Today even an apparently simple operation like replacing a key requires the adoption of special procedures and the use of a working tool like AXONE 2000 Motor Bike. Operations like replacing a faulty key and adding a new safety key can be carried out simply using the AXONE 2000 Motor Bike step-by-step programs.


normal running conditions are being restored. The need for a universal tool which is capable of programming future deadlines and above all reading the alarm which caused the failure warning light to come on is obvious.

There are at least three physical quantities which come into play when dealing with electricity in the field of motoring: - voltage - current - resistance. These electrical quantities can be easily measured with the AXONE 2000 Motor Bike Measures kit. This kit provides a number of manual and automatic diagnostic options for quick, accurate troubleshooting on motorcycles of all makes. The software

The Measures kit comprises a module called ACQ and a set of specific wires for use with program. Functions include: - Multimeter kit (analogue-digital-graphic) - Oscilloscope kit (low voltage)





offers tools for traditional diagnostic tests to repairers. The kits can be purchased separately according to the needs of the workshop.


TEXA AXONE 2000 Motor Bike implements a very powerful automatic troubleshooting resource for some models. This new function solves also the motorcycle electrical and electronic system problems which cannot be handled by self-diagnostic functions. The automatic program runs direct checks on peripheral components in all electronic systems (injection, recharging, cranking, ignition) and offers simple solutions to the most complex motorcycle electronic problems. The user-friendly software is complete with automatic tests for measuring and checking

(device test function). For example, the program can automatically and accurately check the signal from the throttle position sensor terminals. Signal anomalies are detected automatically and an error warning is reported by the program. The test can also be carried out on the roa