New Lutheran Church of Our Saviour GOOD 2018. 10. 18.¢  1 Volume 17, No. 6-8 GOOD TIDINGS...

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Transcript of New Lutheran Church of Our Saviour GOOD 2018. 10. 18.¢  1 Volume 17, No. 6-8 GOOD TIDINGS...

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    Volume 17, No. 6-8


    Lutheran Church o f Our Saviour

    Pastor Katie’s Corner

    Summer 2017

    I’m reminded this week of the power of lists. To-do lists specifically. I’ve got plenty on my list(s) as I prepare our congregation for a summer of maternity leave and my home for welcoming a new family member. As I list things, I’m reminded of how Scripture contains lists. Instructive lists, like the one God gives Noah about which animals to take into the ark. Technical lists, like those in the later chapters of Exodus about what’s in and around the tabernacle. Paul likes to list people in his New Testament letters as a way to thank them. Lists are a way to order our world, to keep our thoughts and ideas in a line, and to help control a situation. That’s great, but we also need to recognize that there are limits to lists. For the only person who can truly order the world, keep us organized, and who is ultimately in control, is God. This insight caught me off guard just the other day as I was reading a preaching reflection written by one of my divinity school professors. He encouraged preach- ers, whom he knows to be list-makers by profession, to put “Seek the Kingdom of God” on the top of their list for the day, and to write “Look for Christ” somewhere in the middle. This small gesture transformed my outlook that day. No matter what else is on our list, “Seek the Kingdom of God” should be first. I’m going to write one final list for you all - of things I hope you’ll do over the summer to help our church continue to seek God and God’s Kingdom as Pastor Triplett serves with you temporarily.

    1. Seek the Kingdom of God (see above) 2. Don’t stop coming to worship. It’s going to be easy to think, that with a coverage pastor and the voice and bell choirs out-of-season, there’s more important/fun/restful things to do than to go to church on Sunday morning. But you ARE the church. The church needs you there to be the church. Keep worship attendance a priority. 3. Care for one another. If you hear that someone experienced the death of a loved one or a loss, send a card. Call them. Check in on those who live alone, especially the weeks after their families leave from visiting. If you don’t see someone in church for a few weeks, call them up and check on them. 4. Volunteer around the church. We’re going to need helping hands for our first summer of joint Vacation Bible School with St. Luke’s. We’re going to need teams to cut the grass and keep the property looking good. We’re going to need folks to unlock and lock the church on Sundays. Volunteer even if you’ve never done it before! 5. Look for Christ. I bet you’ll find that Jesus is still around here. 6. Notice visitors to our church. Welcome them. Ask their names, tell them about LCOS. 7. Pray. For our church. For its leaders. For our county, commonwealth, and country. For all you know who need it.

    As much as I’m loving lists these days, I’ll stop there. Remember #1. Your servant, Pastor Katie

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    Michelle Huang Piano Recital

    JULY 9 @ 4PM


    LCOS Summer ‘17 Singing Workshops

    Offered by Interim Choir Director, Fran Coleman

    June 25, 12-1pm Hymn Singing Made Easy: Does singing hymns make your voice tired? Can you not sing through a line without getting winded? I can help! In this workshop, we will work on efficient breathing techniques for singing, as well as how to approach high and low notes easier. Come join the fun! July 16, 12-1pm Reading Music: Are you interested in joining voice or bell choir, but cannot read music? I can help! In this workshop, we will work on rhythm and note reading skills. We will finish by applying our new skills by reading a new hymn. Come join the fun! August 20, 12-1pm Voice Strengthening: Do you enjoy singing, but feel you don’t have a wide range? I can help! In this workshop, we will work on building strength in our voices through vocal, breathing, and vowel exercises. Come join the fun!

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    VANCO Online Giving Program

    As some of you may know, LCOS has recently re-vamped its website, thanks to Pastor Katie and Emily, our Admin Assistant. With this new look, we're pleased to roll-out a new online giving program sponsored through a company called VANCO.

    VANCO works with more than 20,000 churches and is one of the largest providers of online giving for faith- based organizations.

    Some of us have been giving on an automated basis through the Simply Giving program, which is also spon- sored through VANCO. The difference is that Simply Giving has to be initiated through paperwork, so there is a lag in processing time for set-up as well as for making changes in offerings.

    That's not the case with this new online program. You simply go to the LCOS website and click on the Giving button to register. You can set-up your offerings to be deducted from your checking account or credit and debit cards. You choose the frequency - it can be a one time donation, or you can do it on a recurring basis - weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. You can even choose the date you want the deductions to be made. Any changes to your offerings may also be done right online.

    So what are the benefits?

    For donors:

    • It eliminates the need to write out 52 checks with your envelopes;

    • It eliminates the upcoming "summer slump months" - so when you're away from church on vacation, there's no need to mail in your envelope or try to play catch-up later;

    • And if you give through credit card deductions, just think about all those extra points and miles you'll earn!

    For the Church:

    • It gives much needed donation consistency when offerings are done on a recurring basis;

    • It guarantees uninterrupted support. After all, even when you're not at church to put your offering in the collection basket, the church's expenses continue;

    • Lastly, it makes budgeting much more reliable when offerings are done on an automated and recurring basis.

    There is also a slide show presentation under the Giving area on the Website that will acquaint you with the sign up process if needed. It's really very straight forward.

    In the coming months, we plan to roll-out the ability to use mobile devises for offerings through the VANCO app. There's even the ability to make donations via text messaging!

    10% to 13% of our offerings today are done on an automated basis. It would be great if we could double that number by the fall or even exceed that goal. We'll check back with you in the coming months.

    Contact Gail Kimpfler with any questions.

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    FINANCIAL UPDATE Monthly Results Month Giving Expenses Budget

    Jan 25,738 16,287 20,224

    Feb 14,968 17,907 20,223

    Mar 17,762 19,109 20,223

    Apr 20,390 17,097 20,224

    May 20,223

    Jun 20,223

    Jul 20,224

    Aug 20,223

    Sep 20,223

    Oct 20,224

    Nov 20,223

    Dec 20,223

    Year to Date and Projected to year end

    Month Giving Expenses Budget

    Jan 25,738 16,287 20,224

    Feb 40,706 34,194 40,447

    Mar 58,468 53,303 60,670

    Apr 78,858 70,400 80,894

    May 98,573 88,000 101,117

    Jun 118,287 105,600 121,340

    Jul 138,002 123,200 141,564

    Aug 157,716 140,800 161,787

    Sep 177,431 158,400 182,010

    Oct 197,145 176,000 202,234

    Nov 216,860 193,600 222,457

    Dec 236,574 211,200 242,680

    The Average Monthly Giving for 2017 = $19,715

    The difference between YTD giving and YTD expenses = $8,458

    The projected year's end difference between giving and the approved budget = -$6,106

    last month difference = -$8,808








    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

    Giving vs Expenses by Month














    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

    Giving vs Expenses, YTD and Projected





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    Another year is over at The Giving Tree. We have had a fantastic year. The children learned so much, especially about

    caring, sharing and taking turns. They are all ready for moving up to a new class and our Fours are ready for Kindergarten!

    We are now actively enrolling for the 2017-2018 school year.

    “Word of mouth” is our best advertising! Please spread the word about our wonderful school! Contact Mary Dumont at 276-8194 for information.

    Vacation Bible School July 16, 2017 — July 20, 2017

    6:30 pm — 8:30 pm

    Discover your strength in God! From July 16-20th, St Luke's UMC, in collaboration with the Lutheran Church of our Saviour, will host Bible School for aspiring super heroes. Come to hear Bible stories of heroes who championed faith and fought for good! Then learn how you can be one too. We'll have snack,

    games, drama and music too, so don't miss this SUPER time of discovering the STRENGTH in your own soul! A ten dollar dona-

    tion is welcome but NOT required. REGISTER ONLINE ASAP at