New Israel Fund Guardian of Democracy Invitation & envelopes 2006

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New Israel Fund Guardian of Democracy Invitation 2006

Transcript of New Israel Fund Guardian of Democracy Invitation & envelopes 2006

  • 1. 12th AnnualTHE NEW ISRAEL FUND The New Israel Fund (NIF) works to strengthen Israels democracy and to promote freedom, justice and equality for all Israels citizens. Inspired by Israels Declaration of Independence and sustained by Jewish tradition, Dinner at San Francisco City Hall NIF has led the development of Israels vibrant public interest sector, providing financial and technical support to hundreds of national and community-based organizations. A philanthropic partnership of Israelis, HONORING North Americans and Europeans, NIFs focus today is on fighting for civil and human rights, promoting religious tolerance and pluralism and George Krevsky closing economic and social gaps in Israeli society. Guardian of Democracy Award Seth Skolnick New Generations Leadership Award KEYNOTE SPEAKER Daniel Kurtzer Ambassador to Israel 2001-2005 Thursday May 18, 2006 6 p.m. Cocktails /7 p.m. Dinner 12th Annual San Francisco City Hall Dietary Laws Observed DINNER CHAIRS Nancy and Larry Goldberg, Hilary Kushins, Rafael Mandelman, Alex and Leslie Meyerovich, Raquel H. Newman Dinner at San Francisco City Hall 785 Market Street, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103 TO REGISTER ONLINE PLEASE VISIT: 415.543.5055 / 415.543.6066 fax / Dinner Committee Steve and Joanne Abel James Leventhal Dr. James Gracer Larry Garber Daniel Kurtzer Gerald Abrams Rabbi Camille Shira Angel Rabbi Moshe Levin Shira Levine Dr. and Mrs. James Shapiro Larissa Siegel Executive Director Ambassador Kurtzer was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador Eric Antebi and Marla Kolman Rabbi Michael Lezak and Mimi Silbert to Israel on July 16, 2001, after five years as Ambassador to Egypt. Mimi Arfin and Bob Rebitzer Rabbi Noa Kusher Rabbi Suzanne Singer Rabbi Melanie Aron Jerome Carl Lipkin Richard Sinkoff During his long service, Ambassador Kurtzer contributed Beryl and Joshua Bar-Lev Jeremy Lizt Emily Skolnick Eliezer Yaari significantly to the ongoing peace efforts between Israelis and Alvin Baum Martin Lowenstein and Inbar Telem Peter L. Stein Palestinians, and helped build strong relations between the U.S., Wendy Bear Steven Lurie Vera and Harold Stein, Jr. Director in Israel Jeanine Becker Rabbi Brian Lurie Michael Steinman and Israel and Egypt. In acknowledgement of his illustrious Rabbi Allen Bennett Rafael Mandelman Rabbi Dorothy Richman diplomatic efforts, he received several prestigious Ralph and Gail Bernstein Abigail Melamed Paul Sunshine awards,including the Presidents Distinguished Service Award Michael Bien and Jane Kahn Robin Mencher Roselyne Swig Peter Edelman and the Henrietta Szold Aw