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  • 1. By Fatema, Maria and Tina

2. 3. Tracing back to the 1990s a young girl named Charlotte was horrendously murdered and right after thrown into a canal by a gang of two 19 year old boys. During the vicious attack Charlottes symbolic necklace of a cross was torn off her neck without notice. The necklace was valued and cherished by Charlotte throughout her years as she led a clandestine and remote life and was often clutching it. Growing up Charlotte was different from those around her. Upon growing and attending a local high school, Charlotte was described by others as weird and abnormal. She ate differently, learnt differently, and mostly acted differently and was often accused of doing anomalous things, but little did they know about the devil that controlled, possessed and lived inside Charlotte.Years later, 19 year old Louise came across the necklace whilst walking through the canal the same night of Charlottes death. At a glimpse, the necklace caught her eye and looking around Louise picked it up unaware that this moment would change her life.With the touch of her fingertip, Charlottes soul lingered in the air and went to her back to her grave to claim her body and get revenge on this cold world. Throughout her hunt of her possession, Charlotte is disguised in a mask as her face was in form of a devil. 4. Charlotte. Dead. Extensive torture and separation from her all powerful cross has put her in a grave. But the coincidental find of her crucifix has wakened her spirit and set it to reclaim her rightful possession. 5.

  • Both male and female
  • Age of 15-30 older teenagers and adults that love the horror/thriller genre
  • People who are up for a thrill and into horror films
  • The genre suits this age group as young adults and older teenagers are into gore, blood, violence etc.
  • The young adults love to watch their films in cinema with friends

6. Why is the person in disguise after this girl? What does this necklace have to do with anything? What happens at the end? Does the girl know why she is being chased? What does religion have to do with it? Is the person in disguise a human or something else? Why is the person disguised? 7. These shots are of Sylviaplayed as Louise all in order when she finds this symbolic necklace by the canal 8. These are the shots of Charlotte in disguise looking down at the camera from the stair case and also shots in the park 9. 10. These shots are of Charlotte and Louise where Louise is getting intruded by Charlotte 11. 12.

  • One of the main character
  • Unusualteenager living a detached life
  • Not sociable at all
  • Dresses different to other teenagers
  • Very quiet
  • Comes across as abnormal no
  • one dares to talk to her
  • Possessed


  • One of the main character
  • Casual teenage girl who loves having fun and chilling with friends
  • Stereotypical teenager at the age of 19
  • Dresses like a casual teenagers girl such as hoodyand jeans
  • Comes from a middle class background , financially stable
  • Outdoor girl with a loud personality
  • Her life changes after the chasing of this possession she has which she is clueless about

14. Regents park Regents park canal Regent park estate- staircase, garage etc The rest will be shot indoors 15. Charlotte in disguise costumeWe picked a long black coat as we thought this will look sinister and this simple yet original mask is a perfect accessory for any quirky costume. The gloves are also there to show she is in disguise and creepy. The knife is needed to make it scary and also goes with our genre convention. The cross necklace is the main prop in the film 16. What Louise would wear on a day to day basisLouise likes to wear skinny jeans with hoodies, t-shirt, cardigans etc and mostly trainers. So these are the costumes needed for our character.