New EXEC. COMM. MEETS Per $275,000 budget to be announced 2000. 8. 31.آ  J ACL En-San Dieqo...

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Transcript of New EXEC. COMM. MEETS Per $275,000 budget to be announced 2000. 8. 31.آ  J ACL En-San Dieqo...

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    lives By JERRY ENOMOTO

    National JACL Pre.ldent

    I was impressed recently by a statement, appearing in lhe Hokubei Mainichi of San Francisco. by 1970 San Fran- JACL Chapter P rcsident and attorney, Fred Abe. Fred 's optimism, and fTank assess~ ment 01 where JACL should be, were what s truck me. The statement first appeared in the chapter newslelter.

    He points oul the reality,

    Fred Abe's Optimism

    which tOI' forgivab le human reasons we Hnd it hard to ac- cepl fully, that Ihe "demise of lhe JACL as a Nisei organi- zation is chronologically and psychologicaUy inevi table". Fred goes on to say that , "The Sansei have arrived. Accord- ingly; unless our programs and activities reflect and rec- ognize this transition of the I&sei-Nisei-Sansei, the viabilily of this or any other group purportedly representing the Japanese community is \""holly Irrelevant."

    Fred's philosophy as a C hap t e r President comes across loud and clear in this p assage.

    UI see the role and function oC the J ACL as the organi.a- tion that represents the needs and aspirations oC all the Ja- panese community to the greater communlty-at-large, I believe our organization is sensitively committed to the proposition that people of aU races, creeds, and beliefs afe entitled to develop their con- structive lalents to their opti- mum, and lhat we will extend our time, talents. and re- sources in confronting anrl re- moving any and all social at- titudes and obstacles whicb IIl'bitrarily impede such pal'- t icination and development."

    He pOints out thaI the San- sei need to be involved in de- cisions affecting the Cuture qua lily of their living. They cannot be ignored.

    Also commented upon is the need to go beyond making the Issei the passive recipients o( our rttestimonials and acco- ladcs" (There is a place for thi s cerlainly) but to try to involve them as aclive par- ticipants in a way that might ~ive them added reason to live .

    liThe Nisei have the lead- Jng role in this Issei·Nisei- Sansei play. With all our hang-ups, we have the sad- dled opportunity to counsel and referee the quest now in vogue of emphasizing a little quality into our quantity of living".

    Fred ends his message with these words "Each of you (S.F. Chapter members) have m y support Uright or wrong" to play it "like it is", as well as what you think "it ought to be".

    "I only ask thaI each 01 you play."

    Beautiful! T think that we can project the above senti- ments across the board from chapter to district to nation- ;:at, and we would have a solid philosophical base for JACL. This is oarticularly true when we review the list of specific projects rcfened to by Fred, which I have not quoted.

    Piggybacking on Ihe above, I would like to add my own bit about the Nisei respon- s ibility, as well as opportu- nity. to ucounsel and referee". as it were, the transitions in life slyle, so orten traumatic. Also the Sansei responsibility 10 help us minimize the trau- ma. II must be tempting for activist and impatient Sansei to attack the monolithic and slow-moving J ACL establish- ment, 10 engage in the very flJ'hetorical exercises" against us that lhey accllse the estab- li shmenl of being limited to. and looking (or tho rejection and apathy that will juslify counter-rejection and renun- ciation,

    There will undoubtedly be disagreements and. since Ni- sei still control JACL, conser- vative stances may orten pre- vail.

    However. reasonable dia- logue will assure increasing rapport and more productive tuture joint cfTorts toward community actions and proj. cts that mean something. We Nisei must keep the JACL door open to lhe tuture, wilh the faitb that Sansei will not use the tactics of l'cjection and confronlation to break down a door that is already open.

    When this appeal's. the lasl Executive Committee meeting of this biennium and my term will have convened. Hopefully we have made some decisions. and help sct the scene tor truly eventful and productive


    $275,000 budget to be announced Mcmbcr!lhip Publico1l1on: Japancst' American C,liten\ Leii:OUC~.25. ellerSt., los Angeles, t.lif. 90012; (213) MA 6·6936

    Pubh~hed Weekly b:ccpt FUl t .lind La !tt Weeks 0' the Y~ R r - """f'Sccond CI.~$ PO)t'Oe. It Los Angeles, (,Iif.


    SAN FRANCISCO-The Japa- nese A mer i can Citizens League alms to engage in the fast-changing pace of Amer- ican life by expanding its prcr fessional stafT in lhe 1970s. This is most evident in the J ACL budgel being proposed for the coming 1971-72 bien- nium.

    The JACL national execu- tive committee, in its ti.nal session before the 1970 Na- tional Convention in July, met at the Hyatt House in Bur- lingame Ovcr the April 3-5 weekend and recommended programs \Ilhich will total $275,000.

    With JACL's civil l'igh ls policy zeroed into implemen - tation of programs to assist elimination of poverty and racism in America. and re- alizing it requires professional stafT. a lull-time coordinator at National Headquarters with area responsibility in North - crn California with field proj- ect directors in Southern Cali- fornia , P acific Nor t h w est. Midwes and Eastern regions have been recommended at $54.000.

    To step up its attention at the Nation's capital, a Wash- ington Office assislan I has been recommended also,

    $275,000 Blld/:'et

    A detailed description of Ihe proposed budget is now being prepared by National T"eas- Ul'er Yone Satoda and will be announced shortly.

    5-Clari1ylnl the procedure! (')t the JACL recoJl1ltion.s c:ommiUee \YUh re.terenc:e to selection of the: Nisei of the Biennium and JACL. er or the Biennium.

    6-PubHcaUon of JACL ('Dnven. t10n manual.

    7-ClarJiyinf!; the procedures on convention bids.

    8-E:cpandlnt the nomln.tlon~ committee so that Ib chairman Is reUevc.d of rc.llonal responsi - bilities.

    9--DeleUn, the destInation ot Pacific Cltlz.en subscrlotion utes h'Om the J ACL Constitution.

    100EstabUshfnjit" a student mern. bership rate In J ACL,


    National P resi dent Je.·,·y Enomoto announced the im~ mediate appOintment 01 Kay Nakagiri of San Fernando Valley JACL as chairman ot the PC Board, succeeding Kango Kunilsugu. Nakagiri is currently secretary to the Na- tional Board and past youlh commissioner.

    Enomoto also named Naka- I!iri as chairman of the cre- dentials committee to the Na- tional Convention.

    The National JACL is pre- paring statements or letters on racial discrimination in orga- nizations, on Sue Ishida alien land case, on Black Panther legal aid. on J ACL civil rights, and on federa lly insured stu- dent loan.

    National JACL su pporl was tendered the Japanese Amer- ican Curriculum Proj ect, Inc., of San Mateo and al the same time urged Northern Califor- nia-Western Nevada District Council to lend its assistance.

    Student Aid Funds

    The executive committee voted $4,000 be added to the

    VOL. 70 NO. 14

    DESCENDANTS-Helcn Starnes (\eCI) and Mr. and Mrs. George Elebeck Jr. are look- ing at the pOl' of Kuniosuke Masu- mizu, a member of th e Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Farm founded a 100 years ago. Mrs.

    JACL operating budget for WAKAMATSU COLONY 1971-72 and $800 to the cur-

    FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1970

    Starnes and Elebeck are grandchildren of the Pioneer l ssei immigrant, only living descendants in the U.S. ot Ihe historic Ja- panese colony,

    -Photo Courlesy: L.A. Time. For J ACL, a budget 01 $275.000 is a subslantia l in- crease and unprecedented as the curren I program budget lotaled SI77,OOO when it was approved by the National JACL Council when it last met in summer 1968 at San Jose.

    Satoda estimales an increase in national membership dues oC at least $1.50 can cover the costs. The final figure will be ascertained when the Nation· 31 Council meets this summer in Chicago.

    renl 1970 budget for student aid. A S5,OOO loan to the 1972 Convention Board lor opera- tional e:\-penses was approved,

    A contigency fund 01 $10,- 000 has becn recommended for lhe 1971·72 bud!!et.

    Descendants in U.S. Negro

    J ACL programs are basical- ly subsidized by voluntary contri bution s. membership dues and interest from special funds.

    Other Recommendations

    Present at the Executive By STANLEY WILLIFORD Committee session were Ener mOlo, Satoda. Nakagil'il and The on ly known desccnd- the three national vicc-presi- anls oC the original colony of dents, Henry Kancgae Of J apanese to come to America Orange County, Kaz Hor ita in 1869 are black. of Philadelphia and Dr. J ohn This came as a surprise to Kanda of Puyallup Valley ; many J apanese last year when Masao Satow, national direc- they celebrated the centennia l tor: Mike Masaoka, WaShing. of their existence in this coun- ton representative; Raymond II')'. H came as a surprise to Uno, civil rights coordinator; the black Camilies, also.

    Other recommendations to and Bill Mal'utani, legal coun~ An ensuing search of hls- be presented to the National scI. torical records show that not Board for consideration in- long after Kuninosuke Masu- elude: mizu arrived al Gold Hill in

    .- Utlli" "on or 'h. J ACL En- San Dieqo Supervisors E I DOl'ado County as a mem- d02~~~,:~~:u\tl~ ' So. CDIil, JACL bel' of the \VakilmalslI Te:J Office '0 'h. ,lCol',,,.d $3 millIon retain '42 resolution and Silk Colony, he married Japanese Cultura l Communlt)' Ihe daughter of a Black100t

    to build a refuge in the