New & Exciting SmartSimple Innovations (April 2014)

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Take a look at the new and exciting features from SmartSimple.

Transcript of New & Exciting SmartSimple Innovations (April 2014)

  • 1. Geocoding Functionality
  • 2. Concepts Geocoding Concepts KML Data Store latitude and longitude data (including polygon of areas) plus other related Metadata Data stored in XML format KML data can be created in Google earth and uploaded to XML field type Google API used to display this type of data on map Google Geocoding API Derive latitude and longitude for company and contact records Activated as soon as you click an address Display KML data on map Multiple datasets can be referenced on same map SmartSimple Field Changes for KML data Custom KML dataset stored in XML field Existing KML dataset can be referenced from Text type fields
  • 3. Concept: Geocoding Latitude and Longitude Polygon made up of Latitudes and Longitudes Stored in SmartSimple at the record level Stored Map combined with existing map
  • 4. Generating Latitude and Longitude Before clicking Address After clicking Address
  • 5. Creating Custom KML Dataset Custom Map 1. Created in Google Earth Saved as text file with KML Extension 2. KML Check Box Enabled 3. Uploaded to XML Field Type 4. Display Map 1 2 3 4
  • 6. Using Existing KML Datasets Existing KML Datasets can be referenced through System Variables referencing XML datasets on Websites (1) System Variables referencing files in SmartFolders Geo Variables managed by SmartSimple (@geo.*.*@) Requires normalization be Development Currently all KML datasets displayed on all maps (2) 1 2
  • 7. User Selected KML Datasets #1 SmartSimple Geo variables can be used to populate text type fields Sample Select Many field Field values in SmartSimple Standard format Stored Value=Display Value;*@=All Provinces and Territories;;
  • 8. User Selected KML Datasets #2 Field in Edit Field in View
  • 9. Summary Current Release Automated coding of Organization And contact Plus KML Property on Text Field Geo Variable Referencing Enhanced Street View and Map Views Integration of external KML datasets Future release Mapping multiple datasets from List Views Display Control for referenced KML datasets Printing, storing and emailing of maps *All work performed using Google Mapping API
  • 10. Secure and Easy Digital Signing
  • 11. Manage your documents online Create Once signees are identified, the system will automatically generate documents that is pre-populated with signee names Send The generated documents will trigger a workflow that automatically circulates the documents to all signees Sign Signees receives and reviews the document. It can be signed using touch gestures, a mouse or a stylus Complete The system sends a notification once all parties have signed the document. A detailed log is also generated
  • 12. Functional Summary Signature routing Auditing Real time status updates Deadline reminder Document annotation Document storage Full history log API interconnect with Other cloud systems Backend systems Device apps
  • 13. Security Summary Security Private cloud at Tier 3 data centre with SOCII compliance for enterprise customers 256 SSL/TLS2 PKI Multiple user authentication 2-factor email and SMS or 3rd party authentication scheme PKI unique personal token/private key authentication at registration Integrated Entrust ID Guard Document integrity Open standard RSA validation with key pairs Compliances RSA-RFC3447, SHA1, X.509-RFC5280 PKI cross-certificate ready for Government of Canada ISO27001 planned in process
  • 14. Conclusion Signority is leading new generation e-Signature solution Highest security and legal requirements Signority is available now Signority operates on Canadian-based servers