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The Neuroscience for Coaches Insights E-Book, by Synaptic Potential, gives a great taste of the power of Neuroscience for use in Coaching, Leadership, in fact in a great many areas of business. Well worth your time to find out what insights you could get.

Transcript of Neuroscience for Coaches Insights e-Book

  • Brought to you.... by Amy Brann 13 Insights Coaches Interested In NeuroscienceNeed To Know
  • WHAT IS ACOACH? Anexpert infacilitating self-directed neuroplasticity. -Amy Brann
  • Our neuroscience trained Coaches tell us that it gives them a sense of credibility when they canexplain the research that backs up what they are doing with their clients.
  • Peoples abilityto take ininformation, think and then act is precious. It is grossly undervalued by individuals and by organizations. Coaching hasthe potential not onlyto help the person you are working with improve in these skillsbut to have a positive ripple effect.
  • If you are going to be working with peoples minds and brains thenit is logical to know as much as you can about how these things actually work.
  • Since we are now so much more equipped to understand what is going on in the brain through the fieldof neuroscience it is only a matter of time before some people know more than others.
  • There is no shame in not knowing everything. However, there can be in pretending you do.
  • Organizations and individuals will continue to be discerning in how they choose their Coaches. They willwant the best, the most reliable and cutting edge.
  • There hasbeen suggestion that some people are turning in a superficial way to neuroscience simply because it is a hot or sexy topic at the moment. That has absolutely been the case.
  • Evaluatingthe source, going back to the research and getting a full understanding is the best option to buildreliable foundations and to be credible.
  • Good and experienced Coaches know that there isa lot more to Coaching than simply doing exercise after exercise with a client.
  • In the past, and sometimes still in the present, there has been competition between these two disciplines. Psychology has accused neuroscience of being too reductionist, neuroscience has said psychology can be inefficient and messy.
  • What part of the brain does that?A common and naturalquestion.
  • Our knowledge shapes our filters and our questions. As Coaches these are two of the mostvaluable things we have.
  • Brain chemicalsare the communication molecules thatCoaches will observe and hear about the effects of within their clients. Knowing how to increase and decrease the release of these can be very useful.
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  • Where To Go From Here We offer six trainings to organizations, along with tailor madeprogrammes. Some, such as Neuroscience for Coaches, we offer toindividuals: Want totake your Coaching tothe next level? Want todeepen yourunderstanding ofwhat is driving everything in those you work with? Want tobecome one ofthe select Coaches whocredibly use neuroscience in their work? What do Ineedto know? The next programme startsin November 2014 It is based in London Well worktogether fora couple ofdays a month forfour months There arelots ofways we support you andwe can tailorthe depth ofscience you areready for Where can I find out more? Checkout some videos of the previous training: Email us to arrangeto speak to one of the tutors #NS4C