Netiquette Ned

By: Kyle Blindauer Internet Safety



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By: Kyle Blindauer

Internet Safety

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Netiquette Ned

You should always be respectful and

mannered when talking on line

You should never talk type in all capital

letters because it is rude and like shouting

If you feel uncomfortable tell your

parents or the police

When you are posting something in public it means everyone can see it and in private it

means only select people can see it

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Netiquette Ned

Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings on line Always talk to friends ,don’t talk in an

open chat room Don’t send anyone pictures that are

inappropriate or misleading

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R U A CHATTERER?Staying safe on the internet.

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List five items you think should be included on your Top 10 list of Internet Safety.

Never say your name.

Do not send a picture.

Do not tell them were you live unless you are

absolutely positive you know them.

If someone asks you to meet them somewhere do not

go with out a parent or guardian.

Never talk to someone who

makes you feel uncomfortable.

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By Kris Littel

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Define Internet

•A connection between the world and your computer.

What is the internet used for?

The internet is used for many things it can be used for information, questions and answers whenever you need it.

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What Does WWW Mean, How is it different than the internet

It stands for world wide web and it is different because of its visual quality.

What do you use a search engine for.

To find info on anything such as homework or and questions.

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Use a separate

e-mail when

you are working

with business


•Be careful using “unsubscribe” links.

•Be careful with what you share and who with.

2 Things to do

When Sending an


• Make sure you have the right address.

• Make sure to press send.