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Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA John R. Fugazzie Founder and President Jobs Situation - July 16, 2014 presented to AARP Staff

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  • Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA John R. Fugazzie Founder and President Jobs Situation - July 16, 2014 presented to AARP Staff
  • Largest fastest growing job search group in America Founded Jan 2011 1st location (River Edge New Jersey) was only one for 6 months 415 success stories for those engaged in program its incredible success 54 of success stories were volunteer leaders of meetings 85% of weekly attendees landed jobs 1600 members 1200 in NJ and growing nationally and internationally 3000 members in LinkedIn Group Web site voted top 100 career site by readers National media attention Asked for advice and participating in key policy meetings in DC, NJ CT Assisting with Ready To Work grant proposal in NJ All accomplished with full volunteerism and zero funding.
  • What We do Weekly meetings of small groups of 10-20 max for personal focus & attention, sharing environment, continuous motivation and intensity and maximum peer feedback and networking value. All volunteer and Peer led, peer feedback, motivation, and support Candidates Pay it Forward |Stay Positive | Own their search You are not alone It is not your fault Search requires more effort than last time you looked. Networking education and help Accountability Leadership development, cross generational mentoring Pay it Forward culture Zero Funded
  • Expanding Nationally and our first international in Madrid Creating more educational formats Creating a social franchising model Smart Job Hunting America program Using technology to immerse members in it University Programs Rutgers Monclair State Univ. The College of New Jersey Offer weekly meetings at community colleges Partnering with Ready To Work Fed Grants Proposals Partnering with other organizations and states who want to work with us. and Other helping , meeting models Business, Veterans, Baby Boomers and Gen Y-Millennials Entrepreneurial Evolving & Developing
  • Neighbors-helping-Neighbors 1 Kilo De Ayuda at Universidad Francisco De Vitoria Madrid, Spain
  • Jobs Situation There are not enough jobs for those who want and need them. The job you had before is most likely gone forever, think differently Industry consolidation over past 15-20 years reduced many jobs Growth ares like Tech are lower labor intensive also with less jobs Supply and demand depressing salaries 70 % on average Total Jobs numbers coming below ones lost Full time jobs are moving to contractor positions There is wide differences in recovery by region LTU issue is a crisis Political climate is hindering solutions and jobs creation
  • Jobs Search Skills & Tools Be Positive, Own your search Network, Network, Network Learn and be active on LI Build your personal brand Re position yourself where your experience is welcome Know and get comfortable with basic tech and social media Accept market is different than before and changed forever Assess your skills, improve your skills, showcase your skills Consider Relocation Accept contracts, short term and the fact jobs do not last as long
  • 50+ Jobs Situation There is prejudice discrimination cant be proved ATS settings eliminating recent GenY grads and 50+ candidates Learn that how you looked in past market has changed Address the white elephant in interviews and cover letters if needed Address your personal goals and that you are in a different point of life Break the unfair stereotype Demonstrate your tech skills Be up to date in your field Show your energy level, passion and depth of experience Keep in shape and healthy Show your desire to mentor young team members Show you are a team player Call out the value you bring to an employer Find resources beyond DOL, groups, programs and target smart employers
  • Help America Work - Solutions to put LTU on Road to Jobs Recovery Problem: There is a severe Long Term Unemployment Crisis in America Our unemployment situation is a national crisis and it is undermining our countrys societal equality, economy and future strength. We need bipartisan cooperation, transparency in realistic statistics and practices, win-win solutions, with effective and respectable Congressional leadership paving the way. Public Service Campaign Solution There is a large misconception regarding who the people are who are out of work Middle and senior management, highly qualified people forced out of jobs due, in part, to extensive business consolidations over the past 15 years, 50+ boomer generation - largest in existence, historically passionate about all interests and displaced, tremendous value that could be utilized is untapped and, hence, wasted.
  • Thank You AARP