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Negara Brunei Darussalam 1 (The Country of Brunei: Abode of Peace)


Negara Brunei Darussalam. (The Country of Brunei: Abode of Peace). Brunei 101 for AEC Marketers. Total population 422,700 (as of 2011 ). World’s 6 th Purchasing Power Parity (PPP ) . Targeted 10% Niche + High End. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Negara Brunei Darussalam(The Country of Brunei: Abode of Peace)

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Brunei 101 for AEC Marketers

Total population 422,700 (as of 2011)




22.6 15

Population by Age Group (thousand) in 2011

Age 0-4 Age 5-19 Age 20-54Age 55-64 Age 65+

Source: “Brunei Darussalam Key Indicators” Department of Statistics, Economic Planning and Development, Prime Ministers Office, Brunei Darussalam

Targeted 10%Niche + High End

World’s 6th Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

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One of the oldest kingdoms of the region (600+) Islam has a great influence on the country's culture, customs and tradition Take pride in their religion Business Closed: Friday – Sunday No public gathering after 11pm Family Oriented Islanders - living with the sea Hofestade’s implication Sultan

Customize Product to the Culture

Malay; 277.8

Chinese; 24.1

Others; 98.8

Population by Racial Group (thousand) in 2011

Source: “Brunei Darussalam Key Indicators” Department of Statistics, Economic Planning and Development, Prime Ministers Office, Brunei Darussalam

High power of distanceHigh collectivistHigh uncertainty avoidance

What should we sell ???

Samui Thailand

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Marketing Mix: The Darussalam Chateau

High-end Islamic family villa in Samui Thailand targeting:• High-end Bruneian family/individuals• Business people who travel to Thailand

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Marketing Communications Create awareness of new Islamic villa in Samui Thailand to Bruneians Spreading consistency message to all comm. touch points

Comm. Tools to Use Justifications (Fact)

• Newspaper, Lifestyle Magazines

77%* of the population choose reading to be one of their hobbies

• Theater 54% said they like to go to cinema

• TV, Radio 77% said they like music and they stay home watching TV at night because public gathering and alcohol are banned

• Event Organizer & PR Spokesperson – promote testimonials to upper class people and celebrities/ Set social figure

High-end society is small and people within that cycle have influences on each other (collectivist)

• Social Media Brunei has highest Facebook penetration rate in Asia - 60%

Source: *,, Brunei Times on Islamic Tourism Exopo,

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Marketing CommunicationsApproach Islamic social figure (Spokesperson) Have event organizer to spread the words to high-class Bruneians Acquire customers and to be “Testimonials” to confirm that the villa

is Islamic oriented

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Market Entry (Penetration)AEC & Foreign Ownership of Property A foreign property owner residing outside Thailand – 15% tax on rent AEC benefit: Foreigner can purchased the property in his

own name

For a foreigner to pay less than 15% tax on rental income, the first step will be to file personal income tax returns with the Thai Revenue Department to declare the rental income. The withholding tax deducted from rents can then be used as a tax credit to offset the tax payable on the return.

Taxpayer can earn net income up to Baht 150,000 (approx. USD 4,500) in a tax year and not pay income tax in Thailand. Tax scales for residents and non-residents are the same in Thailand.

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Market Entry (Penetration)


Alliance/Partnership in Brunei – Thailand

◦ Thai Airways to have direct Brunei-Samui Flight

◦ TAT to promote new Islamic villa in Brunei

◦ Cruise trip from Brunei to Samui◦ Golf court/Beauty Clinics – Bruneians

seek and enjoy such activities◦ Halal food

manufacturers/restaurants – recent cooperation between Thailand and Sultan of Brunei

◦ Thai food products such as durian and other agricultural product – Bruneians are attracted by Thai agriculture products. They even value it more after experiencing shortage during our flood last year *

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What make the Darussalam Chateau different?

PositioningPOD: Islamic culture atmosphere

Villa: Bruneians are collectivists

Samui + Atmosphere: Uncertainty Avoidance of sea life

and culture

Thai Halal food: Bruneians are favor for Thai agricultural product

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