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Looking for ways to display your necklaces? Whether you’re buying a display stand for your newly opened jewelry business, or wanting to give your store an upgrade, you can definitely find unique and creative ways to display your jewelry. Here are the most popular types of necklace display stands and their uses. Check out each item and see what will work best for you and your handmade jewelry.

Transcript of NECKLACE DISPLAY: Types and Uses

  • NECKLACE DISPLAY Different Types and Uses JEWELRY
  • T-BAR DISPLAY Can be used to display small to medium length necklaces such as collar necklaces, chokers, and princess necklace. JEWELRY Ideal for beaded jewelry, pearls and pendant necklaces.
  • NECKLACE STAND Costume necklaces and silver jewelry will definitely stand out on this necklace display stand. JEWELRY Can be used to display jewelry at trade shows, retail stores or even at home.
  • POLYSTYRENE DISPLAY Capture the heart of your customers with this creative necklace display. JEWELRY Made from high quality polystyrene plastic that is shaped and molded to give a unique way to showcase your jewelry.
  • EASEL DISPLAY Easy to install and practical to use, easel display is a must have during trade shows and jewelry parties. JEWELRY Choose from a variety of designs to suite the theme of your jewelry.
  • Quick Tips Ensure the safety of your inventory by installing your display properly. JEWELRY Consider the space, budget, the kind of jewelry youre selling before purchasing any necklace display. During trade shows and exhibits, go for easy to install display for faster and more efficient setup.
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