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  • 1. National Cheng Kung University No.1 University Road, Tainan, Taiwan / Tel:06-2757575 / ISBN: 978-986-01-5608-9

2. NCKU Advancing 3. NCKU is a top-choice university.NCKU is a First-class University An international top-tier university selected by MOESince the inception of Taiwans Ministry of Educations (MOE) project Promoting Academic Excellence and Developing World Class Research Centers in 2005, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and National Taiwan University (NTU) have been chosen as the top two main No.1 schools for promoting top-NCKU tier universities. In 2008, the Ministr y of Education hasIndustry Favorites Nobel Prize Laureate Teaching in once again recognized NCKU and NTU as one of the best According to annual surveys conductedNCKU universities in southern and by prestigious Taiwanese magazines:In 2007, NCKU invited Dr. Aaron northern Taiwan respectively.Common Wealth, Global Views, and Ciechanover the 2004 Nobel Prize Ranking of funding from MOE'sCheers - NCKU graduates have beenLaureate in Chemistry to teach as quot;Promoting top-tier universities Projectquot;ranked as industry favorites each year a Visiting Distinguished Professor of30 - 30 Units:billionsince 1993.NCKU. This made NCKU the only school25 - in Taiwan to have a Nobel Laureate as a20 - 17International Dual-degree Programfaculty member.15 -108In 2004, NCKU became the first10 -66 5university in Taiwan to establish an Cradle of University Presidents 5- 433 3 3International dual-degree program, withIn addition to the reputation of industry 0-several renowned foreign universities. s favorites, graduates from NCKU have NTUNCKU NTHUNCTU NCU NSYSU NYMUNCHU NCCUNTUSTCGUYGUNCKU agreed to a dual-degree program also performed superiorly in academia.with the Case Western Reserve University There are over 60 NCKU alumni who 2005 Ranking of funding from MOE's(CWRU) in Ohio, USA in 2004. Under currently are incumbent or retired quot;Promoting top-tier universities Projectquot;this program, NCKU has been sendingpresidents of universities in Taiwan.30 - 30 Units:billionstudents to CWRU since 1997. ThanksNCKU, as such, seems to be a cradle for25 -to the program, it has become easier for future university presidents.20 - 17 qualified students in NCKU to acquire15 -12dual degrees. Furthermore, NCKU has10 -976established academic ties with nearly 100 5- 5 4.5 22 2world-renowned universities to engage 0- in advancement and co-operation inintellectual, cultural, economic, research NTUNCKU NTHUNCTU NCU NSYSU NYMUNCHU NCCUNTUSTCGUand technical capabilities. 2008 The main schools for promoting top-tier universities 4. No. 1 in Academia-Industrial NCKU Alumnus as a NobelThe Only University with School Cooperation Nationwide Laureate Flag In the Space With the According to the November 2007 reportDr. Samuel Chao Chung Ting, an out-Formosat-2 Satellite on the Outcomes of the Tertiary Institutes standing NCKU alumnus from the NCKUs satellite research group is one - Industry Cooperation complied by Depart-ment of Mechanical Engineering, of the few research groups at institutes the Higher Education Evaluation &received the Nobel Prize in Physics in in Taiwan that was engaged in the Accreditation Council, NCKU topped 1976.implementation of Formosat-2 Satellite NTU and became No. 1 in academia and is the only university whose school industrial cooperation nationwide. NCKU flag was brought with Formosat-2 into ranked best in two of three categories Scientific Researchthe space. evaluated: Efficiency and BudgetsCompetitiveness Endeav or, Extent of Coop er atio n, NCKU was ranked No.295 in worldResearch-oriented com-prehensive Outcomes and Realization of Intellectual universities in 2007, only one place university with integrated academic Property Rights. behind NTU, according to the reportfields in major campusesfrom Research Center for China ScienceEvaluation in Wuhan University. In NCKU is a comprehensive university Students Top Pickwith 9 colleges: Liberal Arts, Sciences,particular, NCKU was ranked 49th and The number of students who registered89 th, respectively, globally in the field Engineering, Electrical Engineering and for the Entrance Exams for MS/ of engineering and materials science.Computer Science, Planning & Design, MA graduate programs of NCKU In addition, NCKU leads TaiwaneseManagement, Social Sciences, Medicine outnumbered those of NTU and other Universities in the fields of mechanical and Bioscience & Biotechnology. All the universities for four consecutive years engineering, chemical engineering andcolleges are within a walking distance from 2005. NCKU is not only the favorite civil engineering. on the main campus, allowing students of enterprises but also the top pick amongto take interdisciplinary courses easily. university graduates who wish to pursue At NCKU, students who major in further graduate studies in Taiwan. science have a literary taste and students who major in liberal arts have science knowledge. 5. Advancing NCKU, Unprecedented NCKUBuilding an innovative borderless learning environment NCKU offers a borderless learning environment for students in its campuses which are characterized by classical Western and modern eastern scenery. NCKU has attracted numerous distinguished visitors around the world to explore the world of knowledge in its luxuriant campuses, which symbolize grand tolerance.2003 World University Ranking (Taiwan's Universities)100 -In addition to two off-university campuses, An-Nan and Gueiren, the main campus of NCKU200 - 190 th consists of 7 satellite campuses adjacent to one another. NCKU occupies a total of more than 180 hectares of land, which tops many other universities in Taiwan. NCKU started out300 -as having only one campus, Cheng Kung, but continued to expand to its current scale. Each 365 th campus in the major part of NCKU is closely interlinked and tightly developed as a city within 400 - 434 th the university.500 - 488 th500 th NTUNCKUNTHU NCTUNSYSUNCKUs school spirit of pristine practicality has been cultivated under the influence of (No.1)(No.2)(No.3) (No.4)(No.5) Tainan Citys classical culture and NCKUs school motto of intellectual development through Source: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, 2003/07 relentless exploration in knowledge. While members of NCKU are well-integrated with one 2007 Science Research Competitiveness World Ranking (Taiwan's universities only) another, they also work independently. Patrons at NCKU can enjoy the boundlessly abundant100 - 135 th learning resources.200 - Through continuous evolution and progression, NCKU has become an active participant300 - 295 th in global academia and has earned an excellent reputation for performance in research and387 th 393 th teaching. For example, NCKU ranks among the first 300 out of over 10,000 universities400 -worldwide in the survey of 2007 Science Research Competitiveness World Ranking 470 th conducted by Wuhan University in China and 2003 World Ranking of Universities by 500 - NTUNCKUNTHU NCTUNCU Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. Among the universities in Taiwan listed in the (No.1)(No.2)(No.3) (No.4) (No.5)surveys, NCKUs ranking was second only to NTU.Source: Research Center for China Science Evaluation at WuhanUniversity in China 2007/11/09 6. NCKU President: Dr. Michael M.C. Lai Dr. Michael M.C. Lai earned his Bachelor of Medicine (MB) from the National Taiwan University and Ph.D. degree in molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is an Academician of Academia Sinica and the former Vice President of Academia Sinica as well as a Distinguished Professor in the University of Southern California. He now also serves as a member of the ScienceTechnology Advisory Group of the Executive Yuan. He has achieved grand academic performance with more than 300 published papers. He was honored with many awards and memberships including Researcher of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Academician of Academia Sinica, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, Lifetime Achievement Award of University of Southern California, and Science and Engineering Achievement Award of Taiwan-American Foundation.Dr. Lai is a globally well-known and respected virologist. He is interested in understanding the virus-induced demyelination, coronavirus, hepatitis C virus and hepatitis delta virus (HDV). He is the one in the world to find first oncogene (src) with his advisor at UC Berkley from his research work on the relationship between tumor virus and cancer cells, which opened a new way to oncology research. Afterwards, he discovered more oncogenes, which drew global attention and earned the reputation as the Father of Coronavirus. During the outbreak of SARS in 2003, he voluntarily returned to Taiwan as the leader of SARS research team. He has been a leader in the research of hepatitis viruses and has served as editors of internationally well-known scientific journals.His global vision will lead NCKU into a top-notch university with the aim to emphasize teaching, research, science, humanity, as well as professional and cross-disciplinary education. 7. AcademicsResearch-oriented comprehensive university withintegrated academic fields in major campusesTzu-Chiang Campus ( from right: Dept. Bldg. of Chemical Eng., Dept. Bldg. of Electrical Eng., Chi-Mei Building) 8. Since NCKUs establishment in 1931, it has developed into a research intensive and comprehensive university with integrated academic fields in nine colleges: Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Electrical EngineeringComputer Science, PlanningDesign, Management, Social Sciences, Medicine, and BioscienceBiotechnology. NCKU currently offers 40 undergraduate programs (excluding Program of Bachelors Degree), 78 masters degree programs, 54 doctoral programs and 20 masters degree programs for working professionals. There are more than 1,000 faculty members and more than 20,000 students at NCKU.