Nautical lessons for leadership

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Transcript of Nautical lessons for leadership

Nautical Lessons for Leadership keynote address by Mark T. Jones Director Centre for Innovative Leadership Navigation (CILN), London

Nautical Lessons for Leadershipkeynote address by Mark T. JonesDirector Centre for Innovative Leadership Navigation (CILN), London

International Academic Conference PARIS (IACP)10th-11th august 2015

The Raft of the Medusa (Le Radeau de la Mduse)Thodore Gricault

The Spirit of Adventure

Image courtesy the BBC

What is driving an enterprise forward?

How is this apparent and what is being done to anticipate risk?

Part of a nautical map for the Straits of Dover

Image courtesy of the British Admiralty

What we should look for in a ships captain EssentialDisciplinedDiscerning in their choice of fellow officers and crewResilientVigilantDecisive Diligent

Key requirementsIs able to think on their feetKeeps their head in a crisisIs prepared to take tough decisionsDoes not crave popularityBoundless energyHas a sense of humour (a bonus)Speaks with authority

Our body of knowledge is constantly changing

What are we doing to address the knowledge deficit?

Nautical challenges & dangersMaritime piracyDoldrumsRoaring FortiesMutinyEngine & Equipment failureOver reliance on navigation aidsPoor maintenance Staff sickness, absenteeism etc.

NavigationSecure anchoragesInsurance costsNatural and manmade hazardsOutdated or inaccurate maps and chartsUnchartered or unfamiliar watersComplacency

The cost of complacency

Even great vessels can meet an ignominious end

Some nautical expressions in common parlanceAll hands on deckbatten down the hatchesgive something (or someone) a wide berthleft high and drykeep an even keel Know the ropesrun a tight shiptouch and go

a shot across the bowall at seacut and runkeep a sharp look outa loose cannonrun agroundspoil the ship for a hap'orth of tartoe the line

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A true leader strives to serve those under his or her authority.

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