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  • 1.
  • 2. NaukriGulf - Introduction
    • The perfect online platform to hire the best talent in Gulf
    • The fastest growing job site in the Gulf
    • Backed by strong technology, it makes recruitment process easy and efficient
    • Provides various need-based recruitment solutions
    • With 3500 clients already on board, we have aggressive expansion plans
  • 3. Why
    • Hire for any job across any experience level from a database of more than 10,00,000 CVs
    • Increased options with the database growing at over 3500 new CVs a Day
    • Get increased response with more than 9 000 applications to jobs everyday
    • Get added visibility with more than 450000 unique visitors per month.
    • * Data as of Jul 2009
  • 4. Why
    • Showcase Jobs to exclusive traffic from GCC Countries UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait & more
    • Hire top-quality talent from diverse database of CVs from varied industries such as Construction, Banking, Oil & Gas, IT, Healthcare, Education, Telecom, Petrochemicals, Logistics and more
    • Quality service for clients with local presence in Dubai, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia
  • 5.
    • The fastest growing job site
    Why 75% increase 165% increase CV Modifications New CV registrations New CVs on the site have increased by more than 75% YOY. And CV updates have shot up by 165% Showing that more and more jobseekers trust to find their dream job
  • 6. Why
    • Country wise Growth in Resumes Year on Year* 2007-2008
    *Current Location Across countries in the Gulf and even outside, jobseekers are placing their trust on us.
  • 7. Why
    • Nationality wise Growth in Resumes Year on Year* 2007-2008
    *Current Location Jobseekers from diverse nationalities are increasingly preferring
  • 8. Jobseeker Demographics - A detailed segmentation report
  • 9.
    • By Nationality
    • - A Database growing at nearly 3500 new CVs a Day
    Jobseeker Demographics
  • 10.
    • By Location
    Jobseeker Demographics
  • 11.
    • By Industry
    Jobseeker Demographics
  • 12.
    • By Years of Experience
    • - Nearly 92% of the Database is experienced
    Jobseeker Demographics
  • 13. Product Gallery Choose from a wide array of effective Products & Services
  • 14. Resdex Resume Database Access
    • Resdex is the smart & fast way to hire the best talent.
    • Key Features:
    • 24 X 7 access allows you to recruit comfortably anytime, from anywhere
    • Search candidates on various criteria - Skills, Age, Visa status, Experience, Education, Gender etc
    • Hire quickly for key profiles with direct access to our active Jobseekers database
    • Save time by emailing multiple candidates simultaneously
    • Hire in a safe & secure manner as your requirements are kept confidential
  • 15. (1) Resdex Resume Database Access Annual Subscription @ $3500
  • 16. (2) Job Postings With Free Response Manager
    • Advertise jobs using our Efficient & Smart Response Manager.
    • Key Features:
    • A simple one page form, that ensures your job ads are live in minutes
    • Give your job ads the reach they deserve and have a wider pool of candidates to choose from.
    • With our Smart & Efficient Response Filters get only relevant CVs in your inbox
    • Seamless and hassle-free hiring with the most appropriate responses listed at the top
    Annual Subscription @ $2500 for 1000 jobs
  • 17. (3) Branding - Top Employers
    • Brand your company right on the Home Page of Naukri Gulf site.
    • Key Features:
    • Get noticed easily by featuring your company logo at the most prominent section of the home page
    • Get high visibility on advertising in the recruitment space
    • Get a customized micro-site especially designed for your corporate branding activities
    • Get good returns on investment with increased response and visibility among your target audience
  • 18. Top Employers (Company Logo)
  • 19. (4) Branding -Featured Employers
    • Place your brand on the homepage ensuring top of the mind recall among jobseekers.
    • Key Features:
    • More Visibility Get a customized microsite created by us and you can get the jobseekers redirected to this microsite from banners, job postings etc. Be visible in the most cost effective manner.
    • Greater Reach With nearly 4,50,000 unique visitors a month , reach millions & be present in places with maximum brand exposure everyday
    • Larger Traffic - Greater number & better quality of responses as just one click leads the jobseeker straight to the job postings from your company.
  • 20. Featured Employers (Company Text link)