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Transcript of Native vs mobile web apps html5 workshop vj v1

  • 1. Na#ve apps vs. Mobile web apps in the enterprise Myth, Reality and Trends 29 May 2012, MOSQUITO Workshop, Paris Vishal Jain Analyst, Mobile Service
  • 2. 451 Research New York City: HQ Sta of 200+ Founded in 2000 Oces in London, San Francisco & Boston 40+ Analysts Analyzing the business of enterprise IT innova#on
  • 3. Crack the conundrum App development and deployment landscape Beyond the na#ve vs mobile web debate Trends in app development Conclusion Thanks and Ques#ons
  • 4. Rise and rise of na#ve apps 500,000 1,000,000 400,000 800,000 300,000 600,000 Total apps 200,000 400,000 100,000 200,000 0 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 Apple App Store Nokia Ovi Store Samsung Apps Windows Marketplace Android Market RIM App World Amazon Android App Store Source: 451 Research Estimates and Company Data. November 2011
  • 5. App development and deployment is no longer a soXware project Picking industrial scale in the enterprise Simple to Complex apps Not just integrate but also manage Manage and nurture the development and deployment environment Control mul#ple variables NO SIZE FITS ALL
  • 6. Because mobility is transforma#onal!!! How do you view mobility within your organization? Dont see a need for mobility in our Not really organization - will necessary for not invest here our business Nice to have for our business, but we can do without it Has fundamentally changed the way we do business (transformational change) Has changed the way we do business for the better (i.e. faster response times) n:268, 451 Research Survey, May 2012
  • 7. Beyond na#ve vs. mobile web Na#ve Mobile Web Virtualisa#on OEM provided Lots of 3rd party None required Tooling development tools development Minimal cong tools Controlled Free for all Hypervisor Management ecosystem No lock-down gaining interest Cer#ca#on Evolving security Kill and wipe domain Evolving Same as for Dened technology desktops, no Ecosystem distribu#on and New business change. Allows mone#sa#on models but none one to replicate model has unfair across mul#ple advantage OS Hybrid Apps = Na#ve + Mobile Web PhoneGap Good Dynamics Or Combina#on of fat + thin-client compu#ng Framehawk Worklight Use of JavaScript to make na#ve calls where func#onality not supported
  • 8. What does the enterprise expect Please indicate the degree to which each of the statements below matches concerns your company may have with deploying mobile technologies? 250 200 Strongly disagree 150 Disagree 100 Neither agree nor disagree 50 Agree 0 Strongly agree I in f taff d ile dd ake t RO re o n mob low ty a ill a IT s ill m natu bou ly s s-w curi ent