National Planning Framework ... Planning Framework as both a vision and a credible development...

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Transcript of National Planning Framework ... Planning Framework as both a vision and a credible development...

  • Department of Housing,

    Planning and Local Government

    Project Ireland 2040

    National Planning Framework

  • Project Ireland 2040

    National Planning Framework

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    1 The Vision 10

    1.1 Setting out the Vision 10

    1.2 Making the Vision a Reality 11

    1.3 Shared Goals – Our National Strategic Outcomes 14

    1.4 What Happens If We Do Nothing? 16

    1.5 UN Sustainable Development Goals 19

    2 A New Way Forward 20

    2.1 Realising Ambition and Potential 20

    2.2 Overview of the NPF Strategy 22

    2.3 Strategy Development 24

    2.4 Growing Our Regions 26

    2.5 Building Stronger Regions: Accessible Centres of Scale 27

    2.6 Securing Compact and Sustainable Growth 28

    3 Effective Regional Development 30

    3.1 Strategic Development of Ireland’s Regions 30

    3.2 Eastern and Midland Region 32

    3.3 Northern and Western Region 38

    3.4 Southern Region 44

    4 Making Stronger Urban Places 54

    4.1 Why Urban Places Matter 54

    4.2 Ireland’s Urban Structure 58

    4.3 Planning for Ireland’s Urban Growth 60

    4.4 Planning for Urban Employment Growth 64

    4.5 Achieving Urban Infill/ Brownfield Development 65

    5 Planning for Diverse Rural Places 68

    5.1 Why Rural Places Matter 68

    5.2 Strengthening Ireland’s Rural Fabric and Supporting Rural Communities 69

    5.3 Planning for the Future Growth and Development of Rural Areas 71

    5.4 Planning and Investment to Support Rural Job Creation 75

    5.5 Rural Investment Coordination 79

    6 People, Homes and Communities 80

    6.1 Quality of Life and Place 80

    6.2 Healthy Communities 82

    6.3 Diverse and Inclusive Ireland 84

    6.4 Age Friendly Communities 86

    6.5 Childcare, Education and Life Long Learning 89

    6.6 Housing 91


    Project Ireland 2040 | Building Ireland’s Future | National Planning Framework

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    7 Realising our Island and Marine Potential 98

    7.1 Integrated Land and Maritime Planning 98

    7.2 Maritime Economy 101

    7.3 Ports 102

    7.4 Coastal Environment and Planning For Climate Change 103

    7.5 Offshore Renewable Energy 104

    8 Working with Our Neighbours 106

    8.1 Ireland and the European Union 106

    8.2 Ireland and Northern Ireland 108

    8.3 Working Together for Economic Advantage 110

    8.4 Co-ordination of Investment in Infrastructure 112

    8.5 Managing our Shared Environment Responsibly 114

    8.6 Ireland and England, Scotland and Wales 115

    9 Realising Our Sustainable Future 116

    9.1 Environmental and Sustainability Goals 116

    9.2 Resource Efficiency and Transition to a Low Carbon Economy 118

    9.3 Protecting Conserving and Enhancing our Natural Capital 123

    9.4 Creating a Clean Environment for a Healthy Society 128

    10 Implementing the National Planning Framework 130

    10.1 Governance and Oversight 130

    10.2 The Planning System 134

    10.3 Public Capital Investment – The National Development Plan and National Strategic Outcomes 138

    11 Assessing Environmental Impact 152

    11.1 Environmental Assessment 152

    11.2 Integrating Environmental Considerations into the Planning System 156

    11.3 Alternatives to Business as Usual - A New Way Forward 157

    11.4 Summary of Key Findings 158

    Appendix 1 - National Policy Objectives 159

    Appendix 2 - Population and Jobs in Urban Settlements in Ireland, Census of Population, 2016 170

    Appendix 3 - A Methodology for a Tiered Approach to Land Zoning 175

    Appendix 4 - References 176


    Project Ireland 2040 | Building Ireland’s Future | National Planning Framework

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    Project Ireland 2040 | Building Ireland’s Future | National Planning Framework

  • Eoghan Murphy TD, Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government

    Leo Varadkar TD, Taoiseach


    Ireland stands on the cusp of great change. In the next twenty years we will grow by an extra one million people.

    This raises a series of important questions for our consideration, the most basic being where will all these people live and work, what kind of quality of life will we each enjoy, and how will a country of almost six million people impact on our communities and on our built and natural environment?

    We have a responsibility to answer these questions; we have a responsibility to plan for the changes that we face – to manage our future growth in a planned, productive and sustainable way. This is a challenge certainly, but it is also a great opportunity for a new generation to imagine, and implement, a shared vision for each community on this island.

    We have made mistakes in the past and we have allowed the country to sprawl and develop without a coherent plan, and to the detriment of many of our places and our people. After nearly a decade since the financial crisis took hold, some parts of our country are now thriving once again, while others continue to face difficulties. Indeed, many communities faced difficulties long before the recent crisis, precisely because there was no shared vision, there was no plan.

    Project Ireland 2040 represents an important shift from previous approaches to long-term planning and investment by Government. It is an approach that joins up ambition for improvement across the different areas of our lives, bringing the various government departments, agencies, State owned enterprises and local authorities together behind a shared set of strategic objectives for rural, regional and urban development.

    This document, the National Planning Framework, is a planning framework to guide development and investment over the coming years. It does not provide every detail for every part of the country; rather it empowers each region to lead in the planning and development of their communities, containing a set of national objectives and key principles from which more detailed and refined plans will follow.

    The companion to this document is the National Development Plan, a ten year strategy for public capital investment of almost €116 Billion. Their joint publication as Project Ireland 2040 is perhaps the most radical break with the past: aligning our investment strategy with our strategic planning documents to, for the first time in the history of our State, create a unified and coherent plan for the country.

    We began this journey more than three years ago, and through thousands of submissions from members of the public, and dozens of events and consultation exercises right across the country, we have shaped a shared set of strategic objectives to secure the future prosperity of our country, our regions and our people.

    We are therefore delighted to publish the National Planning Framework as both a vision and a credible development strategy to shape our national, regional and local spatial development in economic, environmental and social terms to 2040.

    Project Ireland 2040 is one vision for one country.


    Project Ireland 2040 | Building Ireland’s Future | National Planning Framework

  • Journey to The National Planning Framework

    Governance Roadmap

    MAR 2016

    Cross Departmental Steering Group

    Inception Meeting

    DEC 2015

    Publication of NPF Roadmap

    APR 2016

    Econometric and Demographic

    Steering Group Meeting

    SEP 2017

    National Advisory Group Meeting

    FEB 2018

    National Advisory Group Meeting

    Cabinet Meeting

    Infrastructure, Environment and Climate

    Action Sub Committee


    SEA/AA/SFRA Steering Group

    Infrastructure, Environment and

    Climate Action Cabinet Sub

    Committee Meeting

    JUL 2016

    Oireachtas Briefing

    OCT 2016

    Infrastructure, Environment and Climate

    Action Cabinet Sub Committee


    SEA/AA/SFRA Steering Group and workshop

    DEC 2016

    National Advisory Group


    SEP 2016

    Public engagement

    at the National Ploughing


    FEB 2017

    Oireachtas Briefing

    MAY 2017

    SEA/AA/SFRA Steering Group and workshop

    JUL 2017

    Infrastructure, Environment and Climate

    Action Cabinet Sub Committee


    Government decision to align NPF and ten-year

    National Investment Plan

    SEP - NOV 2017


    Review of submissions and further amendments

    SEA/AA/SFRA screening of amendments

    FEB 2nd - MAR 31st 2017


    Issues and Choices Paper

    National Launch and Regional Launches as well as consultation with third level students (14 events)

    Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report

    Nationwide Green Schools Poster Competition in partnership with An Taisce (EEU)


    Executive Summary Issues and Choices

    February 2017

    Ireland 2040 Our Plan

    email: [email protected]

    Draft Position Paper Strategic Issues and Policy Choices

    September 2016