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In this Google Hangout I share everything you ever wanted to know about the NASGO....and more. Wenyard & NAGO Terminology Relationship between virtual companies and the NASGO How members receive shares in the virtual companies Relationship between We-coins, WFOs and We-shares Time frame for WFOs to convert to shares and cash profits What drives share prices up and down? Who do share prices plummet after the escrow period When are the next new companies being released? How to start trading as a new and current member? How to place a sell order and buy order Wenyard Account, Mandatory Account and NASGO Account explained Common questions about the NASGO answered Best strategy for making money with Wenyard & the NASGO How to build a passive income with the OneLiner Bonus More than 2000 people a day are joining the 150,000 people who have joined Wenyard since October 2013 creating record breaking growth never seen before. Watch the short video below to discover why Wenyard is taking the world by storm taking the fun of online games, combined with the world's best bonus plan. Go to now to watch this informative 4 min video. If you need to know WHY you should join with me, go to and watch this short video to learn why our team is one of the most sort after teams to join. If you like what you see and want to know more please go to my personal website at Enter your email to view a comprehensive overview of Wenyard including video, FAQs and get access to the link to join Wenyard. BELOW are additional resources that can be accessed to help you make an informed decision about Wenyard. Review this BLOG at you are visiting right now for information on me, Wenyard, how to build a successful Wenyard business and FAQs. Next visit my Facebook Page at Please LIKE and add a comment if you find my Facebook page beneficial. You can also visit my YouTube Channel at Please LIKE my video, ADD a comment, and SUBSCRIBE to the channel if it also helps you get the right answers. Download a FREE copy of my ebook, "Create a life that's like one long vacation" at my blog There is a lot of training in the book and on my blog on how to create an effective online marketing strategy. You can email me with further questions or you can add me on Skype. My username is: mmfaust Regards Michael Faust Internet Entrepreneur | Author | Mentor Skype: mmfaust Email: [email protected]

Transcript of NASGO Presentation | Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The NASGO | Wenyard NASGO

  • Wenyard Terminology A We-coins in Wenyard is a game credit that can be used to play multiple skill games and applications that Wenyard from time to time offers the Members to play. If you e.g. chose to play the virtual skill game called NASGO you need to change your We-coins into so called Wenyard Future Options, hereinafter called (WFO) or into so called Wenyard shares, hereinafter called (We-Shares).
  • Wenyard launches NEW companies on the NASGO Members earn We-coins and those We-coins are converted to SHARES in these NEW companies automatically by WENYARD
  • New Company released on NASGO You buy Broker Pack and receive We-coins Shares are released from escrow You earn We-coins from BONUS plan We-coins >> SHARES >> EUROS 30 day Escrow period MAY 27APRIL 27???? We-coins accumulate until next NEW company is released on the NASGO We-coins are then converted to SHARES in the NEW company You can SELL or hold on to your shares
  • What activity drives the price of shares up? Members BUYING shares off other members!
  • What activity drives the price of shares down? Members SELLING shares!
  • What will create more regular rise and falls in the share prices ? Members trading more often more consistently!
  • 30 day escrow period The share price in this period was based on SMALL amount of shares being traded by people who purchased SHARES with their own money! Share price is dictated by what the market will pay for the shares
  • April 27 May 27
  • Can you make good profits when share prices are low? YES!
  • If you have 100 and you buy shares at 2 cents a share and sell those shares at 4 cents a share how much PROFIT do you make? 100 (100% profit)
  • You could now take that 100 profit and BUY more shares and trade to earn MORE profits!
  • Place a BUY order for 2 or 3 cents
  • Shares purchased with Mandatory Account sit in ESCROW for 30 days before you can SELL them
  • Shares purchased with NASGO Account have NO ESCROW period so you can sell them immediately!!!
  • How can existing members start trading daily now? FUND your NASGO Account WhyNO escrow period!
  • How do you fund your NASGO account? Transfer money from your WENYARD Account to your NASGO Account
  • How do you fund your NASGO account? Sell shares! The profits go into your NASGO account 4% Brokerage Fee when you sell shares
  • How do you know when your shares come out of escow? Click on Your escowed We-shares
  • Does Wenyard automatically convert funds in your MANDATORY ACCOUNT into shares at the end of each week? NO!
  • Do you have be QUALIFIED by paying the 10 a week to be able to trade on the NASGO? NO! But you will NOT earn We-coins or commissions if you are NOT qualified!
  • Do you have complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) in your Wenyard Back Office to be able to transfer to NASGO or transfer out your profits from the NASGO or convert it to Gift Codes? YESyou do!
  • What is the best strategy moving forward? Build your personal team!
  • Use OneLiner Bonus to build a large share portfolio! Become an Executive Broker and 9 personal sales
  • Earn 1,500 We-Coins a week!
  • How long does it take to get to a 15,000 OneLiner? 15 days x 1000 people/day Currently 2,000+ joining Wenyard each day!
  • What is 1,500 We-coins a week over 50 weeks? 50 weeks X 1,500 We-coins = 75,000 Currently 2,000+ joining Wenyard each day!
  • What if you sold 75,000 shares @ 20% of their value? Still earn 15,000 over next 12 months You personally set up 9 people as a Broker who can trade on the NASGO and earn daily profits! You didnt have to build a huge team!
  • What if you set up 18 personal Brokers? You receive 3,000 We-coins a week! Grow this to 36 personal Brokers and you can earn 6,000 We-coins a week!
  • How do you make money in Wenyard? Build a team of Brokers Trade on the NASGO