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Presentation by Dan & Vanessa Hayes of at NAPO 2014 on Podcasting to Boost Your Brand

Transcript of NAPO2014 Podcasting

  • 1.Boost Your Brand By Podcasting Vanessa Hayes, MHR, CPO! @GetSimplized! Dan Hayes, Podcast Producer! @DanielHayes

2. Overview Growing your brand; reaching a new audience! Marketing your podcast through directories ! Leveraging industry experts! Building and interacting with a community! How to get started! Resources! Questions and Answers 3. Why Podcast? Before We Start... When we offer people a chance to matter & to be seen, ! we have the chance to offer them something magical.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Seth Godin Podcasting on growth trajectory! - 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report! 4. About Podcasting What is a podcast?! OKarent podcasts just for tech geeks?! Why are podcasts getting so popular?! Apple celebrated going over 1 Billion podcast ! subscriptions in July of 2013! How do I listen to podcasts? 5. I already have a blog! Why Podcasting To ! Grow Your Brand? Big Fish, Little Pond Seen As an Industry Expert Community of Loyal Listeners Sales & Lead Potential Understand Your Audience Cutting Edge Better Search Rankings Increased Inuence in Your Field Connect/Interview Experts Thats great! SO do over 180+ million other people! 6. How Do I Make Money Podcasting??? I Get ItI Can Build ! My Brand, But How You Make Money Is Up To You! Coaching, Virtual Org, Digital Products, Books, etc! National, Global Platform vs Local! ! Connect with a whole new audience who prefer audio! Cross promotion! Afliate commissions (great benetbut icing, not cake) Mindset: Podcasting is Marketing, NOT a Product 7. Leveraging Experts Why have others on your show?! Expert advice! Free coaching! Tap into their audience! The ins and outs of podcast interviews! Before! During! After 8. Building Community Rounding up the usual suspects! - Social media tools! - There are so manywhich ones?! - Using social in creative ways 9. Building Community 10. Building Community The drive in.! by pinkbubbless66! ! I have downloaded several podcasts since I got the phone. I was listening to Healthy Married Lifes podcast and they mentioned checking you guys out so I did. I have a 40 minute drive and listen every morning on the way to work. You have been very informative and given me an aha moment every day. Thank you for everything you do! Power Of Smartphones And Networking 11. Building Community Practical, everyday tips for simple living.! by Alan in Korea! ! I stumbled across this podcast while searching for minimalist material. Im happy to have this new resource for nding simple and effective techniques to creating a minimal lifestyle. ! ! Tapping Into Keywords And SEO 12. Building Community Life changing! ! by ChelsLaw! ! I found Simple Life Together by randomly searching for my rst ever podcast and it has been so inspiring on realizing what life is truly about.Dan and Vanessa (along with their guests) have brought me back to reality and allowed me to rethink our life and future! First Ever Podcast 13. Building Community Substantial, Easy-Going and Life-Afrming! ! by NRamsland! ! Vanessa and Daniel Hayes consistently produce fresh and useful podcasts on topics of simplicity. I started listening for their subject matter but honestly, at this point I would keep listening to them if they started podcasting about the social lives of pugs in post- Industrial Pacic Northwestern cities. They are THAT good! Raving Fan 14. How Do I Get Started?! Overview! How the podcasting sausage is made! About podcast directories ! What equipment is right for me? ! The workow we use! Shaping your show! The launch...secrets for success! The long haul 15. How Podcasts Are Made Directories! Recording the audio le! Editing! Uploading and Hosting the le! Linking to the le on your website/blog! RSS feed! 16. About Podcast Directories So what are the major podcast directories?! How do I get my show into them?! What is an RSS feed?! Which are the best for maximum exposure?! Whats new on the horizon for directories? 17. The Basics Audio File Website PodcatcherFile Host RSS Directory 18. Our Workow in Video 19. Basic Editing Tips 20. Adding Sound Clips 21. Making Audio Files & Tags 22. Getting Ready to Go Live 23. How Do I Get Started? Starting your show off on the right foot Some training options! On resources page ! Great audio! Set up WordPress blog! Blubrry plugin Professional cover art! 1400 x 1400 px! 600 x 600 px! Fiverr, Elance, LogoFactory! ! ! We Have a Free Newbies Guide to Websites at 24. Podcasting Equipment ! The must haves! Website! Hosting! What equipment is right for me?! The low end! The high end Recommendations on ! our Resources Page 25. Shaping Your Show Some ways to make your show unique Intro/Outro music! MusicRadioCreative! Voiceovers! Bumpers, Zingers! Segments, Topics! Regular guests Encourage feedback! Read feedback! Listeners love to hear their name on the air! Teasers! Success stories... 26. 10...9...8...The Launch Our Best Tips for Your Launch...Secrets for Success Tips! New & Noteworthy! Whats Hot! Top Episodes! Top Podcasts 27. The Long Haul Be consistent! That said...dont be afraid to change ! things up a bit!! TRY not to worry about stats too much! Dont forget...your podcast is a marketing ! tool, not a product 28. Summary Growing your business; reaching a new audience! Marketing your podcast through directories ! Leveraging industry experts! Building and interacting with a community! How to get started 29. Resources Weve built a Resource Page just for you!! Find it at: Contact Us: ! 30. Q&A