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2. Nano materials can be defined as thosematerials which have structuredcomponents with size less than 100nm atleast in one dimension. Nanotechnology is an advancedtechnology, which deals with the synthesisof nano-particles, processing of the nanomaterials and their applications. 3. Begin with atoms andmolecules(bottom), which react underchemical and physical circumstances toform nanostructure. Eg. Chemical VaporDeposition(CVD), Atomic LayerDeposition(ALD), Crystal Growth ,etc 4. Begin with Bulk Materials(Top) that aresubsequently reduced intoNanostructures(Down) by the way ofphysical, chemical and mechanicalprocesses. Eg: Mechanical-ball milling, extrusion, grinding,etc 5. Ball milling is a method of production ofnano materials. This process is used in producing metallicand ceramic nano materials. These mills are equipped with grindingmedia composed of wolfram carbide orsteel. Ball mills rotate around a horizontal axis,partially filled with the material to beground plus the grinding medium. 6. The balls rotate with high energy inside a container and then fall on the solid with gravity force and kinetic and hence crush the solid into nano crystallites. 7. Generation of curved or closed-shell carbonnanostructures by ball-milling of graphite Carbon scrolls produced by high energy ballmilling of graphite Nanoporous carbon produced by ball milling The nucleation and growth of carbonnanotubes in a mechano-thermal process. Carbon nanotubes formed in graphite aftermechanical grinding and thermal annealing. 8. Carbon microspheres produced by highenergy ball milling of graphite powder Carbon tubes produced during high-energy ball milling process Highly curved carbon nanostructuresproduced by ball-milling Low energy pure shear milling: Amethod for the preparation of graphitenano-sheets 9. The significant advantage of this method isthat it can be readily implementedcommercially. Ball milling can be used to make carbonnanotubes and boron nitride nanotubes. It is a preferred method for preparing metaloxide nano crystals like Cerium(CeO2) andZinc Oxide (ZnO). 10. Ball milling of graphite under a hydrogenatmosphere is an effective method ofproducing nanostructured graphite which isable to store an appreciable amount ofhydrogen. Nanostructured graphite has potential foruse as a low-cost in energy store, for vehiclesand stationary hydrogen-energyapplications.