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N N Slide 2 N N C C Slide 3 N N C C O O Slide 4 N N C C O O T T Slide 5 N N C C O O T T C C Slide 6 Welcome to the North St. Louis County Dog Obedience Training Club Slide 7 CLUB ACTIVITIES Teaching Classes in our New Facility AKC Obedience Trial at Queeny Park Dog Bite Prevention Program Nursing Home Visitations Obedience Demonstrations Club Picnic Annual Awards Banquet Club Meetings and Show & Go Trials CLICK TO ADVANCE SLIDES Slide 8 The North St. Louis County Dog Obedience Training Club (NCOTC) has taught obedience classes for municipalities at various locations in the North county area since 1974. Currently the club has a new training facility in the Animal Center shopping area located at 4401 US 67 (N. Lindbergh) Call (314) 741-2445 Playing Pass the Puppy Starting Dog Come Slide 9 Practicing the long Down Learning the Figure Eight Learning the Sit-Stay Slide 10 The 2009 trial will be June 20 and 21. Plan to attend. The premium should be available on our website (ncotc.com) in April - May Every year in June NCOTC has one of the nations premier Obedience and Rally Trials in the beautiful Queeny Park Recreational Facility. The trial draws exhibitors from many states. Slide 11 In 2000 the coveted AKC Community Achievement Award was won by NCOTC. In one year our Dog Bite Prevention program was presented to over 3000 children in the North County area. Many club members are involved in this program plus nursing home visitations. NCOTC has had 14 TOUCH therapy dogs certified by the St. Louis based Support Dogs Inc. These dogs do pet assisted therapy in units of our local hospitals. AKC COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT Slide 12 NCOTC developed the Dog Bite Prevention Program as a spin-off from the AKC Canine Ambassadors program. The kids are the group with the highest number of dog bite insurance claims, kindergarten and first graders. Making like a tree. Learning to make a sniffing hand. Making like a rock. Slide 13 In-room visitations with a dog can be the monthly highlight for many nursing home residents. Hospital visitations by our TOUCH team members could end up with a dog in the patients bed or physical therapy using the dog as a furry inducement to do exercises which lead to a speedy recovery. Our Nursing Home Visitation Crew Therapy Walking the dog two days after a hip replacement PET ASSISTED THERAPY Slide 14 Obedience Demonstrations for extended care facilities, scout troops, churches and civic groups are a fun time for club members. These brief presentations contain a lot of information. OBEDIENCE DEMONSTRATION Slide 15 The 2008 picnic at WOOF was a blast! Lots of practice and socialization going on. Dress up Rally including socks Learning the see-saw. CLUB PICNIC Slide 16 ANNUAL 2008 AWARDS PARTY Held at the Banquet Center of the Little Hills in St. Charles Slide 17 Club meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday of the month except December. As well as being a forum for club business, they are educational, often with guest speakers, and you can bring your dog. Meetings are held at the Lutheran Church of the Living Christ on New Halls Ferry Road. The Address is 2725 Concord Drive, Florissant, MO. CLUB MEETINGS Slide 18 Pictures of our club members and their dogs having fun in many different sports. INDIVIDUALACTIVITIESINDIVIDUALACTIVITIES Slide 19 OBEDIENCE AND RALLY Utility Scent Discrimination exercise Navigating a Rally course Team Obedience ready to start Slide 20 Three minute long sit, handlers out of sight High in Trial Our ring stewards Slide 21 Set Up for the Novice Recall Brace teams ready for the long down Placements and Ribbons Slide 22 AGILITY Top of the A-Frame Through the tire jump Over the triple bar jump Slide 23 Broad jump Got to catch up OK - I am in the contact zone Slide 24 What happens at the other end? Master Agility Champion Hurry up - Over Slide 25 NCOTC is extremely proud of our junior members. They are the future of dog sports. Clean Run Last Jump Slide 26 MEMBERS DO MANY DOGGY ACTIVITIES Backpacking Carting Double the dog power Slide 27 Snow rig Sledding - Is it Gee or Haw Love a parade Slide 28 Conformation Field work Earth Dog Got to find that Rat Slide 29 Fly Ball Herding Lure Coursing - Going to catch it this time Slide 30 Water Rescue - Pull me in big guy Here, have a floatation device Tracking Slide 31 Weight pulling And finally - just hanging out TV stars Slide 32 THE BLUES BROTHERS HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE SHOW