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Children Witnessing Domestic Violence

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  • 1.MYTHS & FACTS--- Children Witnessing Domestic Violence

2. Myth 1: Domestic violence only exists in lowersocioeconomic class.Fact: Domestic violence exists in all kinds of socioeconomic class.Domestic violence happens in any kinds of social class. The lowersocioeconomic seems to face more domestic violence is becausethey reported more to the police and there are many went to theemergencies. For those higher classes, it had been difficulty toidentify the problem because they often hide the incidence andbecause they live in higher standards neighborhood it seems to bea private situation. When it comes to medical treatment, the victimoften declaim to their family physician that it was an accident. 3. Myth 2: Domestic violence is not significant because it is just a small push or slap that does not require medicalassistance.Fact: Domestic violence leaves both physical and emotional impact.Domestic violence results in many ways, not just simply a push oranything less than that. It can range from black eye, bleeding nose,bleeding ears, sever back pain, broken arms, legs, burning, andkilling. Sometimes it takes a life time to heal the injuries. But notonly is the physical pain, what causes the most the inner pain.Women may feel panic, fear, isolated, helplessnessetc. 4. Myth 3: The police and communities view domestic violenceis a private problem.Fact: New policies and trainings are integrated to help preventdomestic violence.The improvements have been in progress to raise awareness of thedomestic violence. The policies had been upgraded. Back then thepolice showed no effect to arrest the abuser; they would just talkand ask questions. But now, the police is responsible for protectingthe victims. Also, many advocacies had put in place to help womenas well. 5. Myth 4: Temporary restraining orders and protective orders are often less effective to prevent domestic violence.Fact: The new technologies have been implemented toprotect the victims.Many women are protected by court orders, that includingmoving to a new place, change the phone number and it isnot listed for public. 6. Myth 5: The cause of domestic violence is due to the mental issue of the abuser. Their behaviors cant be changed.Fact: There are counseling program out there to help.The men can get helped by counseling, the abuse rate droppedfrom 83% to 53%. One example about Ralph is that he startedabusive action when he is 28. Then he was advised to gocounseling, after that his behavior changed. The thing isknowledge and awareness can help. Talk to somebody and gethelped. 7. Myth 6: Many victims of domestic violence are involved in serious beatings for years, but only few of them have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Fact: The rate of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) hasbeen raised from 45% to 84%.One example from Robert 1996 is that the victim had attemptto suicide. Live seems meaningless to them. The huge impacton their emotional status caused the victim to think in negativeway. 8. Myth 7: Women who stayed in the violence relationships because they are masochist.Fact: There are several reasons why women stayed in the violencerelationship: economic need, learned helplessness and fear.Women stayed in the relationship are not because they aremasochist. First of all the cause is the financial issues, they haveno money to support them. Secondly, they think there are no oneturns to for help. Lastly, for most women, the bond of theirchildren kept them stayed in. they could not leave their childrenbehind. 9. Myth 8: Children do not need to go to a specialized counseling program who witness their father abuse their mother.Fact: Children who have been exposure to domestic violence facinglong lasting harms that include emotionally and socially.Children who witness domestic violence leave a huge impact onlong lasting emotional struggles. They may face anxiety disorders,delay in cognitive, not doing well in school, lost trust in adult, doingpoor in social activity. There are lots impacts on them. They alsoneed support and counseling so they are able to relieve their painas well. 10. Myth 9: Men who abuse their partners because of the effect of alcohol use.Fact: The number of non-alcoholic abuser is higher thanalcoholic abuser.Alcohol is just an excuse for abusive actions, not thecause of it. There are higher numbers of men who dontdrink abuse their partners than those who do drink. 11. See more information at: 12. THANK YOU !