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Formatted and laid out the mythic masters magazine from the files over on Mike's Mythus Page (at least that's where I think I got them...). Enjoy.

Transcript of Mythic Masters Magazine

MYTHIC MASTERS* MagazineFor JMs and players of the Mythus* Fantasy Roleplaying Game and the Dangerous Journeys* Multigenre Roleplaying Game System 01 02 03 Contents Editor's Pit Publisher's Statement text, absorbed some game details, and started to believe Gary's assertions -- that not only was the Mythus game catching on and spreading, but enough aficionados had appeared to warrant Gary's direct personal attention in the form of the vehicle you now hold. Despite its title this is NOT a magazine; it's a game supplement. If you have any concerns about "getting your money's worth," relax. Better yet, glance through the pages. But sit down first... like for a couple of days. There's more 'meat' here than you'll find in many more formal game accessories that sell for twenty bucks a pop. So why isn't this a formal game supplement? As I see it, Gary has too much to say and do to be hamstrung by the limits of formal publication. The game industry requires much fore planning, deluxe print jobs, major promotion... in other words, it's costly and timeconsuming. This entire product was knocked out on a mid-grade Macintosh computer system, and is deliberately being reproduced in straight black & white, all to eliminate the costs and delays. It leapfrogs the system and delivers the goods directly from Gary's doorstep to yours. Now, we hope and plan to do this on a monthly basis. As a professional skeptic, I'll just say "we'll see." But subscriptions are set up in a way that you get your paid issues regardless of possible intermittency, so fear not -- it'll get published and you'll get it, one way or another. But bear with us; we might miss one or two during the first year. Here's the most important point: talk to us. Some folks knocked the readability of the Mythus game book; is this better? And what do you want in this magazine, anyway? (See the feedback survey on page 52.) Want to talk about it? Catch me on the America Online computer network (see page 64). I hope you have Heroic Personas to send us, and adventure sketches, rule questions & changes (especially "home rules" you've already brewed), and new magical devices -- we'll publish any good stuff -- but one caution: don't send us castings, cantrips, or spells. You've read the Mythus Magick book, I trust...Hope to hear from you soon. -- Frank Mentzer PUBLISHER'S STATEMENT Entire contents (c) Copyright 1993 Trigee Enterprises Corporation, all rights reserved, unless otherwise stated and provided for in writing. Mythic Masters is a trade mark of Trigee Enterprises Corporation. Aerth, Changeling, City of Ascalon, Dangerous Journeys, Epic of Aerth, Journeys, Mythus, Mythus Magick, Necropolis, and Unhallowed are trademarks of Omega Helios Limited and used with permission. Subscription: Mythic Masters* Magazine is available in the U.S.A. by subscription at the rate of $50 per 12 issues (in Canada: $60 in U.S. funds). Subscriptions will begin with the earliest available back issue, up to a maximum of 3 such issues, and continue from that number onwards for 12 issues. Single copy: $5.00 (in Canada: $6 U.S.). This publication is mailed by United States Postal Service, Third Class Mail. Forwarding postage is not guaranteed. Publisher declines responsibility for issues lost in the mail. All subscriptions and single copy orders must include name, address, and check or money order for the appropriate amount. Send your order to: Trigee Enterprises Corporation, Dept. MMM Post Office Box 388

Game System News 04 Dimension Hopping Article 05 Morale 06 GameSpeak: The DJ Patois Support Your Chosen Game System

Feature: Knowledge/Skill Areas 07 08 09 10 Complete K/S Listing New K/S Areas (& Additions) Rudimentary Knowledge (*New Rule) K/S Cross-Feeding Update

Personas Plus: Character Notes & CHOPs 11 Steps in HP Creation 12 Creating a Great Heroic Persona 13 CHOPS: Complete Heroic/Other Personas This month: The Explorer Mystical Manifestations: Mythus* Game Rule Expansions 14 15 16 17 18 Vocational Change HP Age Table additions SEC, Birth Rank, and Inheritance SEC-Based Adjustments Special Quirks

Other Regular Columns 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 In Vocations This month: The Courtier Enchanted Equipment The Daily Deity: Greco-Roman Pantheon (Part 1) The Town Crier's Gone Mad! -- Commentary Product Ordering Information Audience Participation (Letters) Crossing the Line: Considerations for Cross-Genre gaming

Changeling* Weird Science-Fantasy Game (Part 1) 26 Introduction to the Genre 27 Precis of the Milieu 28 Mythic Masters* Magazine Submission Policy 29 Coming Next Month...

FROM THE EDITOR'S PIT Gary's gone mad. He dropped off a computer disk one day during a visit, and asked me to play with some articles. Having waded through epic Gygaxianisms for over a decade, I glared at it for a week or three before even opening the files. (Okay, I was busy with another project.) And then passed a month or two while I diddled the

Mythic Masters Magazine


Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Advertising: Advertising in this publication is by special arrangement only. Please contact the publisher.

DIMENSION HOPPINGGame System News from Gary Gygax There is a lot of talk lately about the Dangerous Journeys* Multigenre Roleplaying Game System in general, and the Mythus* Fantasy Roleplaying Game module for that system. It's been about a year now since the initial release, and I think that we have a solid foundation there for you. The central rules are there in the Mythus game, and there are sufficient products for that particular genre to run a great campaign. What do we lack there? More details of critters, deity information, and adventure scenarios. All of those will certainly be covered in due course. The release of the Aerth* Bestiary certainly goes a good way toward filling the gap for critters -- and so too the information on Phaeree you'll find in each issue of this magazine. Also, the great material in the City of Ascalon* playing aid will take care of a lot of adventuring needs. As to other genres, we have the Unhallowed* Supernatural Roleplaying Game ready this year, and the redoubtable Mike McCulley is crafting a full-length adventure scenario to provide campaign support. How about the animals and Nasty Evils needed to fill in the opposition? Well, the Aerth Bestiary book and that for the Phaeree sphere will provide much in that regard. Obviously we need a work dealing with undead, demons, and the rest of their ilk. It will come along in due course. Still on other genres, herein comes some introductory material I have put together for the third genre module in the Dangerous Journeys game system. I think it is the proverbial doozie, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I'll say nothing more; go find it in this issue and read it for yourself. Be gentle though, Kindly Reader. the material is in first draft only, so there will be some gaffes and glitches for sure. Together we'll make it right...In all, Game Designers Workshop has been great in getting material out for you. Sure, they've been a bit late now and then, but some of that can be blamed on the creative types for being late or sloppy or the like, and no little on mischance. Best of all, GDW will continue to publish more game modules and support material on a regular basis. Not satisfied with the rate we're supplying manuscripts, they have even had Loren Wiseman working on material -- and if you haven't picked up Ascalon yet, you're missing something! GDW has really gotten their Demo Teams out there to promote the game system. A true benison under the circumstances. "Aha!" you say. "I wondered if he was ever going to get around to that... matter." The word is surely out there, so let's just confirm that TSR has sued and continues to persist in its various claims. And yes, the original name for the system was to have been Dangerous Dimensions. After announcing at the G.A.M.A. show in Las Vegas in 1992, but before GDW released the first product, TSR had brought suit against various parties. They claimed, amongst other things, that the Dangerous Dimensions system name was an infringement on the "Dungeons & Dragons" mark. It appeared to us that TSR was attempting to prevent release, but the system name was changed, so that seemed to have pretty well put a stop to that. But the suit didn't go away. It is a shame. GDW couldn't place an advertisement in Dragon magazine for the Mythus game release, and there are still many gamers out there who haven't really heard about the system. As if to add insult to injury, the electronic/computer side of things was supposed to have been launched in the same relative time frame as the paper role playing game and novels. Needless to tell you, that just didn't eventuate. For whatever reasons, the electronic role

playing game side of this project was delayed, and thus the benefits of multiple launchings and promotions were lost. Without that, the arrangement for production of miniature figurines went by the board. The novels aren't blowing off the shelves either, but that's another story. Now the novels were supposed to have been released as fantasy mysteries. I suggested what I thought was appropriate for such works -- a logo stating that they were Magister Setne Inhetep Mysteries and a cover with a cartouche of his name in hieroglyphics. ROC did none of that, but went quite another thing -- sword & sorcery covers with the Dangerous Journeys logo, trading them as straight fantasy. (I didn't care much for their editing work either.) Anyway, now we'll never know if female readers would have liked the stories; they aren't written towards the typical fantasy adventure audience who expects lots of swashbuckling and all. It is unlikely ROC will be publishing the next set of three Setne books. What about the next yarns, you ask? Oddly enough, these are much more in the vein in which the initial three were touted. The new ad