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This is a Myrtle Beach, SC Communication Plan created for Creative Strategy II class in the Fall of 2011.

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  • 1. +PROBLEMFrom 2007 to 2009, Myrtle Beachhas seen a 9%in tourism overthe winter months.

2. +OBJECTIVEToincrease tourism in MyrtleBeach by 3% from October toMarch for the 2012-2013 season. 3. +MEASURINGSUCCESS Examine increased winter resident revenue:1. Lodging2. Transportation3. Shopping4. Food5. Entertainment 4. +WHO WERE TARGETINGSnowbirds: A personwho migrates from northern tosouthern states when the mercury in thethermometer drops. 5. +SNOWBIRDS Retired person Age 55+ Income of $60,000+ Relaxed and leisurely lifestyle 6. +WERE NOT TARGETING: 7. + WERE TARGETING: 8. + WERE TARGETING: 9. + WERE TARGETING: 10. + WERE TARGETING: 11. +WHY SNOWBIRDS? 18% of adults in the US are retired 30% of retired adults have cash, stocks and CDs valued at more than $100,000, the highest figure ever reported (MediaAudit) 12. +SNOWBIRD TOTALWINTER SPENDING Household spending is between $1,500 to $4,000 per month. ((Franklin & Raadschelders, 2007) Incompetitors markets, snowbirds have contributed: $1 billion dollars in Arizona $992 million in direct spending in Texas, (Texas department of Economic Development & Tourism) 13. +Snowbird Daily SpendingOtherEntertainment 5% 9%Lodging & Food Transportation 19%47% Shopping 20% 14. +COMPETITIORS: Florida Texas Arizona California 15. +WHAT SNOWBIRDS THINK 16. +WHAT WE WANTSNOWBIRDS TO THINK 17. +COMPELLING IDEASADVENTURECOMMUNITYLIFESTYLE 18. +TONEBe educational. Introduce and show them the lifestyle theyve always dreamed about. Provide them with the knowledge that their winters dont have to be spent snow-filled and indoorsBe genuine. Make it aware that we care about them. Show that we are honest and loyal.Be fun. Show them that we know their lifestyle and have what they need. 19. +UNIFYING IDEARather than being stuck inside during the winter, enjoy outdoor activities with people who youll stay close with once you leave. 20. +TAGLINEHow will you winter? 21. +WHERE & WHEN WILL ADVERTISINGOCCUR: Annual pulsing campaign: Stronger from August October and October March. We will advertise in the areas our Target Market is located:QuebecIowaOntario MichiganNew YorkPennsylvaniaMaine MarylandIllinoisDCOhioIndianaMinnesota New Jersey 22. +:30 TV Story Board 23. +:30 TV Story Board 24. +:30 TV Story Board 25. +:30 TV Story Board 26. +Winter Clothes for Golf Clubs RadioSpot 27. +Bragging Rights Radio Spot 28. + 29. + Sit b ack and relax. O r join the action.How will you winter?D iscover more ways to winter at www.visitmyr 30. + 31. +Guerilla Marketing Example 32. +Guerilla Marketing 33. +Guerilla Marketing 34. +Web PageWINTER MEETINGS, CONVENTIONS & SPORTS MEDIAABOUT USCONTACT USWINTER Rentals Beaches Golf Shopping Dining Attractions Historic Sites CommunityWINTER WITH OUR COMMUNITYWINTER WITH OUR ATTRACTIONSWINTER WITH OUR HISTORY 35. +The End..