Myrtle Beach Communication Plan

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2. +PROBLEMnFrom2007 to 2009, Myrtle Beach has seen a 9% in tourism over the winter months. 3. +OBJECTIVEnTo increase tourism in Myrtle Beach by 3% from October to March for the 2012-2013 season. 4. +MEASURINGSUCCESSn Examine increased winter resident revenue:1. Lodging2. Transportation3. Shopping4. Food5. Entertainment 5. +WHO WERE TARGETINGnSnowbirds: nAperson who migrates from northernto southern states when the mercury inthe thermometer drops. 6. +SNOWBIRDSn Retired personn Age 55+n Income of $60,000+n Relaxed and leisurely lifestyle 7. +WERE NOT TARGETING: 8. + WERE TARGETING: 9. + WERE TARGETING: 10. + WERE TARGETING: 11. + WERE TARGETING: 12. +WHY SNOWBIRDS?n18% of adults in the US are retiredn30%of retired adults have cash, stocks and CDs valued at more than $100,000, the highest figure ever reported (MediaAudit) 13. +SNOWBIRD TOTALWINTER SPENDINGn Householdspending is between $1,500 to $4,000per month. ((Franklin & Raadschelders, 2007)n In competitors markets, snowbirds havecontributed:n $1 billion dollars in Arizonan $992 million in direct spending in Texas,n (Texas department of Economic Development & Tourism) 14. +Snowbird Daily Spending Other Entertainment 5%9% Lodging & FoodTransportation 19%47%Shopping20% 15. +COMPETITIORS:nFloridanTexasnArizonanCalifornia 16. +WHAT SNOWBIRDS THINK 17. +WHAT WE WANTSNOWBIRDS TO THINK 18. +COMPELLING IDEASADVENTURECOMMUNITYLIFESTYLE 19. + TONE BeBe Genuine. Be Fun. Educational. 20. +UNIFYING IDEARather than being stuck inside during the winter, enjoy outdoor activities with people who youll stay close with once you leave. 21. +TAGLINEHow will you winter? 22. +WHERE & WHEN WILL ADVERTISINGOCCUR:n Annual pulsing campaign:n Stronger from August October and October March. We will advertise in the areas our Target Market is located:Quebec IowaOntarioMichiganNew York PennsylvaniaMaineMarylandIllinois DCOhio IndianaMinnesotaNew Jersey 23. +:30 TV Story Board 24. +:30 TV Story Board 25. +:30 TV Story Board 26. +:30 TV Story Board 27. +Winter Clothes for Golf ClubsRadio Spot 28. +Bragging Rights Radio Spot 29. + 30. + Sit back and relax. Or join the action.How will you winter?Discover more ways to winter at 31. +The view is much better from up here.How will you winter?Discover more ways to winter at 32. +Guerilla Marketing Example 33. +Guerilla Marketing 34. +Guerilla Marketing 35. +Web PageWINTER MEETINGS, CONVENTIONS & SPORTS MEDIAABOUT USCONTACT USWINTER Rentals Beaches Golf Shopping Dining Attractions Historic Sites Community!WINTER WITH OUR COMMUNITYWINTER WITH OUR ATTRACTIONSWINTER WITH OUR HISTORY 36. +nHow Will You Winter?