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My Wonderful life. By Hannah Connolly. The first year . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • My Wonderful lifeBy Hannah Connolly

  • The first year I was born in Hemel Hempstead hospital on the 23rd of November 1998 at 4:35pm. My full name is Hannah Victoria Connolly and I was born to my mum, Terena Jane Connolly, and my dad , Owen William Connolly. I was their second child as Sam was born 2 years before I came . Sams full name is Samuel Joseph Connolly.

  • 2nd yearNot much happened then as I can see from videos and everything. All I know is my first words was daddy and how I took my first steps was getting up out of nowhere and chasing my bigger brother. Also my youngest brother ,Jack Owen Connolly, was born I did not take to this well and when I saw him I hit him on the head with my book. (I was 2 and a bit and it didnt hurt I think) Oh I also moved to Milton Keynes.

  • 2000 (Me 3 years old)When I was 3 I started nursery which was a bit annoying as all the teachers kept picking me up and putting me on there laps. Also I made my first friend called Courtney who will be my bfflaa for ever.

  • 4 Years old Not much different from nursery me and Courtney moved up a year to reception and will then things started to go a bit wrong. Courtney and I just started fighting about a boy and who was going to kiss him first. (We were only little) Of course Courtney got to go out with him but I went out with his best friend called Morgan. He was so cute!!

  • 5 and a cheeky monkey My 5th Birthday was the best ever because I had my first party. I also cheated on my boy friend with my best friend boyfriend, I know it was wrong but I really liked him and that was my first ever kiss. . I loved being 5 because I had loads of friends but it came crashing down when I moved to Ireland I only had 1 friend because we lived in the middle of know where and the school I went to was catholic and I didnt understand.

  • 5-6 That year I was still in Ireland but only for a little bit. When I went there, there was a horse in the back garden. I named her Belle but we found out her name was Maggie. That year my dog, Holly, had her first litter off puppies. They were crossed bread from a Labrador and smoyhead. Off course we moved back to our old house in Milton Keynes to have the puppies and the smoyhead was not our dog so we couldnt keep him.

  • 7 I was a madam When I was 7 I moved to Hemel Hempstead and I went to school at acliff drive. That school was the best. I then moved to falcon's hill school. I was in year 3 and I really like a boy called Anthony. He was in year 6 and my friend Sadie liked him to.

  • 8 years of age :/I then moved to Hemel again and went to Brockswood. I will tell you now that it was the worst years of my life. I was a 1 of a couple who wasnt in special needs. Everyone else was either a slow learner or never listened. I had no choice but to just get on with life. Everything went crashing down from then on, my learning was weaker than average and m y mum put me in booster classes to help me stay on top.

  • 9 Years Well I was still at Brockswood and I finally cached up to average. But I went through a lot because I was very smart and I know everything they was mostly teaching us. Our head teacher (miss Lewis) went a bit Looney. She gave me detention for colouring in my name and well I will just say she wasnt a nice teacher. She also made the deputy head Miss Sturtevant who was a brilliant teacher quit after Miss Lewis cheated on the year 6 S.A.T.S results and blamed it on Miss Sturtevant.

  • 10 yearsOk I will tell you now that I stayed at Brockswood for the rest of primary school. I had a teacher call Mrs McKenna who was the best ever. Also miss Lewis left and we had Ms. Clements who I thought was a great head. She was patient and didnt push us or shout at us for something so stupid. I know I making it sound like Im a drama queen but Im just speaking my mind.

  • YAY IM ALMOST OUTYAY IM 11 And Im almost out of Brockswood. That year was very weird because me and my friends Chloe, and Charlotte started fighting because me and Charlotte was going to the same secondary school and well we thought Chloe was jealous. It all worked out in the end because me and Charlotte aren't friends know more and Me and Chloe are.

  • Here I amI am here now and Im 12. Yes I have had some very bad years in primary but well Im in secondary and Im focusing on the future. I have great friends here at Longdean RebeccaKia Anna-mayMelanieAnd so much more.

  • Oh I forgot to mention my most best friend in the world Kia stone. I love her like she was my little sister and she will always have a special place in my heart.