My Summer Storybook

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I've been getting to know a lovely girl lately, and as she is currently in Alaska, and I live on the East Coast, we decided to trade autobiographies as a way of getting to know each other until we can meet for conversations in the fall. So, one afternoon I set out to photograph a few of my favorite things (mainly a camera and a doll from my childhood). The photographs morphed into the story of my recent months (not a very good autobiography...); I hope you enjoy!

Transcript of My Summer Storybook

  • Once upon a time, there was a girl.

  • She was a nice girlquiet but kind. She had an adventurous spirit, but an insecure hear t, and sometimes she felt rather lonely out there in the big world.

  • But she always kept smiling, hoping that one day she would find people who recognized all the dreams she kept inside. She waited, and waited, and waited, until one day...

  • ...a magical fairy appeared on her doorstep. She couldnt believe it, and she fell backward in surprise!

  • When she woke up, the fairy was leaning over her.

  • And she leaned closer.

  • And closer...

  • And closer! Until the magical fairy was staring through every tendril of the girls curly hair and into her hear t.

  • The magical fairy told the girl that the fall shed just taken had knocked all her insecurities right out of her. Soon shed fall into a deep sleep, and when she woke up, the girl would make many new friends!

  • The magical fairy left, and as promised, the girl became very tired and fell into a deep, deep sleep. She must have slept for two months at least!

  • When she woke up, the girl already had a friend! Her new friend was larger than life; she couldnt believe it.

  • Suddenly, everything seemed so much easier, and from that day on she approached everyone with a friendly smile, knowing that they could be her next new friend.

  • What a happy ending.

  • This story is about a lifelong issue that Ive been struggling with and tackling this summer.

    Ive always been a rather quiet personshy, insecure, nervous around new people. This made my years at boarding high school and my first year at college hard, because I had

    trouble finding a group of people I clicked with and then becoming close with them. By the end of my freshman year of college, I had sunk into a lingering depression. I accomplished a lot during my first year, but I finished exams and started summer in a state of distraction. I was

    unmotivated, often crying, and entirely confused as to why I was even upset.

    My depression lasted two months (just like the two months the girl slept in the story), and after a lot of support from my family and friends, I was able to pull myself out of it and regain my

    passions and motivations. As my depression ended, I began to realize that only I could change my life to make myself happy. I was upset that I didnt have friends, but I was too scared to

    approach people that interested me, because I always belittled myself. After I lost two months this realization meant everything, and I suddenly snapped out of my insecuritymuch like magic

    had cured me.

    It all seems a little silly when I present it in this manner. But this lesson has already been incredibly important in my life. I am finally making friends and pursuing people that interest me. In just a few weeks I have reached out to half a dozen people and begun forming friendships

    with all of them. I am finally taking charge, and its such an amazing feeling.