My Online Poker Career

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My Full Tilt Career

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Transcript of My Online Poker Career

  • 1. My Full TiltCareer

2. Watching
my first STT
on FullTilt
3. WTF
4. Silly Little Noobies
I cant wait to love their chips...
5. 2 MTTs
Beaucoup of Cash Games
And a whole load of outdraws against my hands.
50 dollars down the shitter.
Time to hit back at FullTilt the only way Carlos knows how.
No-one Beats Carlos Smitalos ;-)
6. Awwww yeah.
7. Its ok, i won $5!!
8. Initial Day LOSS of $50.
Day 2
A career low of -$57.50
I can pull this back
9. This is what we call, the NUTS
10. Dealer: Carlos Smitalos has 15 seconds left to act

Dealer: Carlos Smitalos has requested TIME
Dealer: ozette shows two pair, Sixes and Threes
Dealer: Carlos Smitalos shows four of a kind, Threes.
11. Ive been priced in
13. 14. 15. 16. 17. BLOOF?
18. 19. 20. BLOOF?
21. 22. 23. 3 back to back hands
against the same guy
24. 3 back to back hands
against the same guy
25. 3 back to back hands
against the same guy
26. My First Final Table.
27. Laddered up to 7th after pushing with 4BB with QT and getting called pre-flop by KT, good tourney
28. 29. IT HOLDS?!!
30. My First Ever Royal Flush! 30/12/09 @ 00:32
31. Yes Gary!!
No Gary
32. 4 high??
33. 34. Robin
35. SlowRoll?
36. SlowRoll?
37. SlowRoll?
38. Win with 6 high!!
39. ScoopySCOOPY! :D
40. 41. A Robin Bleeder!
42. A Robin Bleeder!
43. A Robin Bleeder!
44. Ahdamn
I just took all
your chips
45. For you, Adam.
46. This is Shit.
This is also Shit.
47. Why do I love poker so much??
This is why.
48. Carlos FINALLY wins his 180man
1st MTT win! :D
49. My Winning Hand :)
50. SICK
51. And here comes the tilt.
52. Nom nomnom,
I love his chips!!
53. Case fucking 9??
54. On the flip side
No mohnies
55. Biggest Cash Pot!! :D
56. 2

Stud Tournaments
Final Tables
MTT Victory.
57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 2nd hand of the final table
Down to 5k at the start of the hand
(2.5 big bets)
65. That fucker
Just hit trips,
I know it
66. I have to call, he might have been drawing with that check on 5th street
67. We got lucky.
68. Those douches want to make a deal???
Not anymore,
69. Im on top of Kirsty Gazes ;)
70. 71. 72. The hand that
won me the
73. After weeks of running bad and getting unlucky,
And not having a hot streak or lucky day in months,
And the fact that it gets to me and stresses me out,
Combined with an awful days session on 19th April 2010,
I decide to close my account, and withdraw my winnings.
From December 8th, in a little over 4 months, i had made over $600 in profit, from just a $30 deposit.
And i leave with a profit on the day i quit of somewhere around $540.
That, was my FullTilt Career.