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This is a ppt presentation for assignment one of Integrated Media 2 based on my online presence in both ABC POOL and Twitter.

Transcript of My Online Identity Final #IM212

  • 1. ID SlideShare Presentation Rebecca Selth
  • 2. MissionTo create an online page/networking profile which will help me in my career path as a TV Presenter/Media Personality.I wanted to connect and network with people online who are professionals in this field of work. By following these people, I would not only be given an insight into their work and ideas, but you never know, they may even take interest in some of the things I say!!!I am glad we have this subject to learn how to use other programs other than Facebook as for me, this is purely a social site.
  • 3. Character and PersonalityI consider myself to be a girl who over-analyses people and situations but who also loves humor.Here is a link to an autobiographical piece from my blog: was interesting to see how classmate, Victoria Tunbridge, mashed-up my earlier post: (or see next slide)
  • 4. The Reasoning Behind My IDTwitter
  • 5. Twitter I like how Twitter is concise and to the point There is a word limit to what you post, so make it count I only began using it at the beginning of this semester for this course, but I cant see myself using it beyond this course unless for career purposes. I prefer to use it to follow people as I feel my updates arent worthy for followers to follow In a lecture, we were told a good way to get into new spaces in the Twitter-sphere this is something which I needed to do, and so I did.Link to relevant blog post:
  • 6. Classic Status Updates By creating links from one networking site to the next, I am hoping to expand my personal identity I enjoy watching everyones feedback on the lectures on a Monday morning Then just some overall classic gags to show my true personality
  • 7. ABC POOL
  • 8. ABC POOL Through the small time I have got to know POOL, I cant help but gather the high level of professionalism it withholds With this in mind, I have uploaded amateur show reels of myself presenting. All of these are raw footage, as I have not got around to editing them properly just yet. This is what I want to mostly use my POOL profile for, showing my followers footage of myself. I have found it harder to follow people on this site than I do other sites, and I am ashamed to say, no one is currently following me, all in good time
  • 9. So far on my POOL page I only have three video, two lifestyle presenting pieces and my short film from last Semester in Film and TV. I had difficulty uploading the videos directly to my POOL page as the file sizes were too big, so instead, I have created links for my followers to Vimeo.
  • 10. Why Did I Choose Those Networks? Despite being introduced to most of them in this course i.e Twitter and ABC POOL, I have come to realise that they help me engage with not only my peers, but professionals in the industry too I love the nature of both sites, how you can receive feedback and respond with one another in regards to the materials uploaded
  • 11. Engagement with Twitter Link to other works Great way to ask live questions and get a quick response!Expanding, contemplatingon ideas discussed in classthat day Class # tag page Link to blog post which very useful!relates:
  • 12. Engagement with ABC POOL Profile picture List of friends Feedback for classmates