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  • 1. MY LAST HOLIDAY On my last holiday I did many things.Ask me questions about the photos

2. Did you go camping?I went camping 3. Did you go for a walk?I went for a walk everyday 4. Did you go sightseeing?I went sightseeing by bus 5. Did you go sailing?I also went sailing 6. Did you go swimming?And I went swimming in the hotelsimmingpool 7. Did you go outat night?I went out atnight with myfriends 8. Did you sunbathe?I sunbathed on the beach 9. Did you take any photos?I took lots of photos 10. Did you hire a bike?I hired a bike to movearround the city 11. What was the food like?The foodwasdelicious 12. What were thestreets like?The streets werecrowded 13. What was the weather like?The weather was great.It waswarm and sunny almost every day 14. But on ourlast day theweatherwas awful.It wascold andfoggy