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My Favourite Football Player Quick Facts. FULL Name : Mariel Margaret Hamm Garciaparra O ccupation : Soccer Player Birth date : March 17, 1972 Birth Place : Selma, Alabama - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Favourite Football Player

Quick Facts

FULL Name: Mariel Margaret Hamm Garciaparra

Occupation: Soccer Player

Birth date: March 17, 1972

Birth Place: Selma, Alabama

Education: Notre Dame Catholic High School, Lake Braddock Secondary School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


The Beginning

Youth Years

As a child Mia was a very athletic, active girl.

Previously, Mia had a problem with her legs and had a partial clubfoot. Because of this, she was required to wear casts on her feet.

Because Mias father was a pilot of the Air Force, Mia had to travel a lot. When she was in Italy, she was fascinated by the passion Italians had for soccer.


Early Career

The Start of her Soccer Awesomeness

Mia had an incredible leap at a very early age.

Because of Mia triumphing at all of the youth soccer competitions, she was sent to the staff of the USA National soccer team.

Mia Joins the Team of Her Dreams

A Shocking Phone Call

She joined the Lake Braddock Secondary and plays for the school team. She continues her passion for soccer.

One day receives a phone call from the USA team, and is asked to join it.

Luckily, she was able to withstand the force of professional level football, even though she was very young.

YearTeam Championship1989UNCNCAA National Champion1990UNCNCAA National Champion

1991USA National Womens Football TeamFIFA World Cup Champion1992UNCNCAA National Champion

1993UNCNCAA National Champion1995USA National Womens Football TeamFIFA World Cup Third Place1996USA National Womens Football TeamOlympic Gold1999USA National Womens Football TeamFIFA World Cup Champion

2000USA National Womens Football TeamOlympic Silver2003Washington FreedomWUSA Founder's Cup Champion 2003USA National Womens Team FIFA World Cup Bronze2004USA National Womens Football TeamOlympic Gold

Achievements and Accomplishes

She was in Pele's list of 125 Best Soccer Players

She won many championships, including 2 World Cups (1991, 1999), 2 World Cup Bronze Medals ( 1995, 2003), 2 Olympic Gold Medals (Atlanta 1996, Athens 2004), and a Silver Medal (Sydney 2000)

She holds the record of scoring the most international goals, male or female, with an outstanding amount of 158

Youngest player ever to make it on a national team.

Interview Questions

What would I ask her?

If I were able to interview her, these would be the questions I would ask: How did it feel when you were invited to the National USA Soccer team?

Did you have any other interests or talents other than athletics and sports?

What are some strategies that you use when you play? Any special skills or techniques?

Did you ever believe when you were a child that you would grow up to become famous?

How do you feel your contribution to the team is? - Mia Hamm - Mia Hamm Bibliography