My father is my inspirer

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S Michail Shashkov My Father is my inspirer. Presentation made by Gleb Shashkov. Grade: 11 “B”. School: 1424. Teacher:

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Michail ShashkovMy Father is my inspirer.

Presentation made by Gleb Shashkov. Grade: 11 B. School: 1424.Teacher: Strokina Y.L.


My Father was born in Klin (Russian Federation) in 1962, April 20th.When he was growing up, he liked to play sports. Mostly he liked to play hockey. His famous hockey player was Valeri Kharlamov.

At age 15 he enrolled in Tver Suvorov Military School (TvSVU) (former Kalinin - KlSVU) - The federal state state educational institution "Tver Suvorov Military School of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" (Suvorov Military School), located in the city of Tver.Because at that time every boy wanted to be a soldier.

After graduating from the Suvorov Military School, he entered in Military Twice Red Banner University of Science Culture (VDKIFK).Then he played hockey for university. Team was called (VIFK). On Third season they won Armed Forces Championship. My father didnt play final game because he got injury on his right knee.

Michail and his friend Andrey.

Then he graduated from VDKIFK and got a good job and everything was fine.Then in 1994 he fathered a daughter, and in 1996 fathered me.

And you probably want to ask me why he is my inspirer? This is another story. I will tell you about that in next slide!

His friend and Michail

At 5 years old he asked me if i want to play hockey, i said: yes.Then he took me to the rink in Moscow and thats how i started to play hockey.He always helping me. He taught me how to skate, he was giving me a ride every single day, he was buying for me the best al the time, always trying to explain how should i play, where i suppose to be on the ice. And he never gave me tablets or protein shakes, because they are not harmful. He opened the doors in my life, I cant imagine life without him. My father is the best!