My Behaviour Car

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My Behaviour Car. Did you know that going through life is like driving a car?. Sometimes in life, the road we are on is smooth, and everything is going great. At these times it’s easy to be happy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of My Behaviour Car

My Behaviour Car

My Behaviour Car

Did you know that goingthrough life is like driving a car?

Sometimes in life, the roadwe are on is smooth, andeverything is going great.At these times its easy tobe happy.

Sometimes, though, the roadis bumpy. There are potholes,or construction, and drivingis more difficult. Its easy toget frustrated and feel unhappy.

What things make the road inyour life bumpy?

Even when the road is bumpy,we can still drive well and keepour car on the road. Justbecause bad things happendoesnt mean we have to feel bad.

When we are driving down abumpy road, it doesnt help toget mad at the road. It does helpto put our energy into drivingour car well.

In order to be a good driver, youneed to keep all four tires of yourcar on the road. Just like there arefour tires on a car, there are fourthings that help us keep our life on track.

The first tire stands for our thoughts. Inevery situation we can choose to thinkabout helpful things, or harmful things.

The second tire stands for our actions.In every situation, we can choose to dohelpful things or harmful things.

The third tire stands for our body. Areyou going to let your body get tense, hot and feel sick to your stomach?Would it be better to stand up straight,breathe deeply and stay relaxed.

The last tire is your feelings. Do youwant to feel strong or weak? Do youwant to feel confident or helpless?

When you take control of your car, andmake good choices for all your tires, youcan be an expert driver, even on the toughest road!

What tires do you need to pay attentionto so that you can be a better driver?