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  1. 1. I2; W W w,b u I I fu 5 in n ,c [1 WUXI SHENGDA PLASTIC PIPES WELDING MACHINE C0., LTD. Enterprise Introduction Wuxi Shengda Plastic Pipes Welding Machine Co. ,Ltd.reorganized from Wuxi Bada Plastic Pipes Welding Machine Factory,is the earliest enterprise in China specializing in research,development and production of thermoplastic pipe connection equipment, and also one of the drafters of national standards of butt fusion welding machines. After more than two decades of development,we have produced a complete range of butt fusion machines for pipes up to 2500mm.These equipment include field welding machines. workshop fitting machines,pipe saws,and special assistant tools for PE and PP pipe construction, etc. We also hold patent right of part of relevant techniques.Our products are widely used bydomesticand international pipe and fitting manufactories,gas and water distribution units,and so on.We have more experience in technical development,production, marketing and saIes.0ur quality machines exceed our client's high expectation. We have been exporting butt fusion welding machines to more than 40 countries worldwide. We succeeded in passing assessment of lSO9001:2001 in 2003 and CE attestation in 2006. These have powerfully guaranteed the high product quality and continuous improvement of products. Our everlasting pursuit is to produce excellent plastic pipe fusion equipment and build up the brand of .Domestic Sales;Int!Marketing;Phone:+B6510-65522321Phone;+86-510435516011 Fax:4-8651085505687Fax:+86-510-83217263E-mailrsalcs@buttfu5ion. cn E mal| :export3'buttfusinntcn
  2. 2. SG8 Reference No:EZI2007I10009,C-01Page I of IVERIFICATION OF COMPLIANCEVerication Report No.: EZI2007l10009C-O1 Representative Model :SHDseries Model(s) :SHG.SJCProduct Name :Welding machineApplicant :WUXI SHENGDA PLASTIC PIPES WELDING MACHINE CO. .LTD.Address of Applicant :No.88Z2. Qianyao Road.Wuxi city,214151. China. TCF Number :SD091220 Dateoflssue :Junel7. 2010Applicable Standards ' :EN 60204-122006mnsluzlem Based upon a review of the worksheet:and the Technical Construction File,the apparatus is deemed tomeet the requirements of the above ulandards and hence fulfill the requirements of:Low Voftogo Olrectlvn 2008165/ECNate - TM WI/ irwrirrn In!only mllrljbr lllc equipment and can/ izumllon dc-. verIbarl am!in L-an/ uncut:uvrli rim mhnlrul dam rlrrmilal above.The ( E marl:as sllmm b('lU| I!' can be used.under u msnrnisibtliry of the umnufru her rzoniplclirm an EC Lkvluralian oj('em/ ionniry um!wmpllaom-. a will!all rel: -mm EC lxrvclivar. Authorized Slgnamoryt368 TAIWAN LTD.Jason Lin Technlcafllanncerlrlt MNIM llultx 2 .. -.,-. por'I1uan.rm as-N-zuww g m_r_' I r. eA: yaw tlpoet cannot bu nmmimd,zurmi I ui.vrlom int man onlriuir>. 4iuu1arn. s-an Hm on Lariat: -asnnursuizoriditarza (sin . r-aim:M-niiliiuwstaeb nqucalnmnecrmbtaat . . ml ton.on :rwontzori n _ wan no mo III: l'tRi-iI'M mv.wul'imvh: .-. vIiuii um iuiurciminnmn Aw tuna?um feat Report is named t Egon rmw I. umiX5'i6 -ith-ates at the two of its vtliitwillion anti Ma worm we limit or t. ivmtsi mtru-mars;in my The t. 'umpu~yq mu woqnuxsluu is '. o :15 Pia-A mdvzi-e lK-1mtlI( can run imilieranlu pubojl 1: n rliraacltott Item mun. -u: .r vi bur aunts and obpofiom unti Ihl worm-as ooaavrn-oh Any ummttaurvzad ulot brvr;or laiul-coma M inn mnie or uppuiuv; -w ol it-ts dmnruiit at uiiluiawtiil and are an may be mwwlil It the tunes!Minot of the law. In -3.4 Wit Kw! -1 Ruit lr'-Au Indu-. ln. il iww.Luau - -in.I!van ,l I 5* 13. "-lit..'. - ml-eat:mi aw) Mt . . ~-il I mitt 2; )2:-st 531:3 I with 1!::v-1:w.. .Olewbu -I srsr.we
  3. 3. SGS Reference No:EZI2007l10009C-01Pig:1 of IVERIFICATION OF COMPLIANCEVerication Report No.: EZI2007/100090-01 Representative Model Series Mode| (s) Product Name ApplicantAddress oi Applicant TCF NumberDate of issueDate of Expiry Applicable Standards:SHDSHG,SJC :Welding machine :WUXI SHENGDA PLASTIC PIPES WELDING MACHINE CO. ,LTD.. No.88-Z2. Qianyao Road.Wuxi city.214151, China. :SD091220 ' June 17, 2010June 17, 2015EN ISO 12100-1:2003. EN iSO 12100-2:2003. EN ISO 14121-1: 2007. I80 I TR 14121-2: 2007Qeuahulau.Basted upon a review of the worksheets and the Technical Construction File,the apparaius is deemed to must the requiromunls of the above standards and hence luliiil tho requirumonts oi: Machinuy Dlmctlvn 2001!/42lEcNulv ' Tlaix ow-Imlron I-I wtlv W1-"fr" 15 t"i"P"'tW -"I4 mnxuruuun Am-rlbcul and in rramllncltuli with the mhmcul dua- dwmlcd about. The CE mark as shown below can be Meal.under the ru. .*ipunsI!1III(vub_/ '!In. - nmnufu-rum.aer mmplrlian an St Declaration o/ corgfonuiry and mmplmm. -at will!all rclnvm EC Dim: !hEVAuthorized signatory:(6588 TAIWAN LTD.Juan Lin Tachnicai Mungi. .umotw~. 'sJaApd:1 Ail how:my ' ha __ N | |:! llN. l: .h*'! iJ(: ;: .V. !"I'u1[fl fxhlt IIQM maul in ruvlcnsnrx ouund In . 'uI mm ,1-at wvtiho man u! Tmaiulkrxori man:that umanc vmltcmum olsuwapuudannna-' an-to up:man.. .lwm&m? nxmHEiuiN! aG3i'iIy. nn&unI: :wun; n1;wuiamzh&mmuw $2:. w&"Zm%$T. Lia$1k%? m%"i#3*. $w? umm*'J~T. ;? ... mm 2'. .". ... ... .."""'. .'. .'~'"'-"** uazouamncihsnkzannnlnm-uvm; wvinm: &|I: m~yl. epJn-cI. ndiiiI>alInIodnaauuol! vnuw '"""""""" """"" / $.': .#. LR T I 11.5. '. ?.i: .:Siruns-.9! ;- NebolifnuuV. |2l-I.WI:NIH;riuL. I_ Va-.7.-n imsuur-a-i 4.-ne 151-4: L: .n.1 7: cu-i. '.. a,r~zs2e! u,mr 5:1: : ~.. i mm;?i . :: V.;Jaw 1:m- / :1:w'zsz-1S
  4. 4. iiiiiiiilil ,,. . . _ . i #511-. Li iifiii 7 ~$). -'. i~a. i. '.-"3. : .3.1:. r_eri . .#? i '35 i: vE'r: oe' 2:. -x anti : em3ae~s vat:subgact i:sai: st.2~: mr_v 5.: -nvlamt aux:Re osrimzr-. :.n and-1 We came *5 Sunny 20': i; ~slAI. .lc4|1Vl| I -_ >. _ sr, ;..1n. -gg. u'. : . .ui--5 I . m~. ~u .alas;...---. .__. _.. l : .iu~/ -ru&-. vu: x4.~n x, Ivs'Uv! =I' I. -ntv one RN 5: -J65 t-H-.tJs, ~-all 1.44.,'2 mam Int-Jaw! _; ,_'. -n; t'-Lt)-__. .in . u' 'sad: ~w-v: =:maw. Nhr