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  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    The 30's - 50's

    Breatless, Jerry Lee Lewis, 1958[9F14] episode title Duffless is a reference {rl

    !a"e # $old %ou Lately $&at # Lo"e %ou', (ic)y *elson, 195+

    [BF-8] ! sin/s t&is!i/& !opes, Fran) 0inatra, 1959

    [1F-1] a .o after 2r3 Burns ear sin/s t&is son/!i/& 0c&ool onfidential, Jerry Lee Lewis, 1958

    [4F-9] episode title 6rade 0c&ool onfidential is a reference {)!ound Do/, 7l"is resley, 195 :first sun/ y Bi/ 2a.a $&ornton in 195;a. session# ut a 0pell on %ou, Jay !aw)ins, 195

    [7BF-+] !eard at t&e, and o"er t&e closin/ credits#. a 2an, Bo Diddley, 1955

    [JBF=-] &eard as ! learns to e .ore confident#"e 6rown ccusto.ed to !er Face, (e? !arrison, 195

    [7BF-1] sun/ y Bo as @333 %our Face@ at episodes endJin/le Bell (oc), Boy !el.s, 195+

    [5F-+] (etire.ent astle seniors dance to t&is tune[DBF1+] t&e Dancin/ 0anta dances to it[!BF-1] *eds cell p&one plays t&is son/

    Jail&ouse (oc), 7l"is resley, 195+[BBF-5] @2ental&ouse (oc)@ tune

    La Ba.a, (itc&ie Aalens, 1959[BF-4] 0un/ y FF at t&e restaurant

    Lollipop, &ordettes, 1958[4F=-] perfor.ed on t&e 0i.psons Aariety !our2r3, &ordettes, 1955

    [BF=1] ! and &is pals sin/ t&is as preCteensn t&e $own, Leonard Bernstein

    [1F-] parody @0prin/field 0prin/field@ {rlatricia, ere rado, 1958

    [8F-8] played y t&e Larry Da"is Band {>/Eue 0era, 0era, Doris Day, 195

    [=F11] t&e citiens sin/ t&is as t&ey wait on Barts to arri"e(aw !ide, Lin) ray, 1959

    [5F1-] parody "ersion of t&is appeared as t&e anyonero t&e.e son/:ere 6onna< (oc) round t&e loc), Bill !aley G &is o.ets, 1955

    [8F1=] perfor.ed durin/ t&e footall /a.e &alfCti.e s&ow[1F1=] ! atte.pts to play it on t&e /iant )eyoard at t&e toy store[7BF1-] lays at start of #tc&y G 0cratc&y s&ort[7BF=1] lays at episodes end[JBF-4] lays as Bart pulls up to t&e ladies in *ort& !a"erroo)

    0antas n !is ay, Bo ills G !is $e?as layoys, 195'[5F-+] played durin/ t&e endin/ credits

    0&ort 0&orts, (oyal $eens, 1958[9F-1] ! dances in &is underwear to t&is son/

    [;F=4] played as people are lootin/ t&e crates of s&ort s&orts[DBF-=] Lyrics recited y Lenny and arl w&ile @enli/&tened@
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    0&out, #sley Brot&ers, 1959[JBF=1] sun/ y !, Bart, and Lisa at a fa.ily to/a party

    0in/ 0in/ 0in/, Benny, 19;'[1F=1] 2r3 Burns and 2s3 Bou"ier dance to t&is son/ {i.[BF1=] played as ! sleeps at t&e 0* control roo. {i.

    0i?teen $ons, $ennessee 7rnie Ford, 1955[1F15] on t&e radio w&ile Bart is cleanin/ t&e li"in/ roo.

    0out& of t&e Border, Fran) 0inatra, 195'[8F=4] played wit& t&e endin/ credits {cl

    $&e $welft& of *e"er, Jo&nny 2at&is, 195+[9F1-] ! sin/s &is "ersion as @# /a"e .y lo"e a c&ic)en, it &ad no ones333@

    &ite &, Bin/ rosy, 1955[BF15] 2r3 Burns owns t&e ri/&ts to t&is son/, it &as .ade &i. illions

    &ole lot of 0&a)in /oin/ on, Jerry Lee Lewis, 195+[9F1-] 2ar/e says t&eres a w&ole lot of frownin /oin/ on {rl

    &y do fools fall in lo"e, Fran)ie Ly.on G t&e $eena/ers, 195

    [4F1=] #G0 episode title @w&y do fools fall in la"a@ is a parody {)itc& Doctor, Da"id 0e"ille, 1958

    [BF1=] ! sin/s t&is w&ile lyin/ in t&e water tan) {caitc&craft, Fran) 0inatra, 1958

    [8F-;] Bart sin/s t&is in t&e )itc&en dressed in a suit%ou 2a)e 2e Feel 0o %oun/, Fran) 0inatra, 195'

    [BF11] pu plays t&is record [1 rp.]

    The 60's

    ll lon/ t&e atc&tower, Ji.i !endri?, 198[;F-] played as t&e 0prin/field + snea) into 2r3 Burns /er. warfare la[7BF18] !eard durin/ t&e 19-s .onta/e

    ll lon/, Beac& Boys, 194[;F==] played wit& t&e endin/ credits

    ll %ou *eed is Lo"e, Beatles, 19+[JBF-8] 0el.a says t&e title of t&is son/ .i/&t e wron/ after all

    HuariusCLet t&e suns&ine in, $&e 5t& Di.ension, 199[8F1] played as ac)/round .usic {rl

    t Last, 7tta, 191[7BF-4] !eard on 2oes >u)eo? as 2ar/e tras&es it[JBF-;] lays as ! clus yu.Cyu. fis&

    Bad 2oon (isin/, reedence learwater (e"i"al, 199[7BF-9] 0un/ y ! w&en 2ar/e as)s for @(@ $&e.e, *eal !efti, 19[;6-=] Bart sin/s as[5F=;] ! sin/s as @Fis&in/@[5F=;] ! sin/s as @Leader@[FBF15] Li)e .uc& of .usic, used durin/ @ie 2an@ scenes

    Beautiful 2ornin/, (ascals, 198[IBF-=] plays on t&e 0yner/y cell p&one

    Born free, (o/er illia.s, 19
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [9F18] played wit& t&e endin/ creditsBorn to e wild, 0teppenwolf, 198

    [+611] episode title is a parody {rl[DBF-9] plays as dri"es to Branson

    Blowin in t&e wind, Bo Dylan, 19;

    [;F-] sun/ y Lisa and !o.ers .ot&er[BF-=] 7pisode title parodied as @Do&Cin in t&e ind@[!BF-9] Lisa sin/s a .odified "ersion to protest ullfi/&tin/

    Brea) on t&rou/&, t&e Doors, 19+[9F1;] perfor.ed y Irusty on a classic episode of &is s&ow

    ant Buy 2e Lo"e, t&e Beatles, 194[BF1] played w&en and friends were playin/ {dc[BF1] acco.panied t&e closin/ credits[BF1+] title is a reference {dc

    lassical 6as, 2ason illia.s, 198[9F15] Lisa plays t&is on /uitar {rl

    olor !i. Fat&er, instons, 199[7BF-;] lays as we see Lisa, !, and Barts new $Cs&irts

    ray, atsy line, 191[+F=4] telep&one onC&old .usic for t&e .ental &ospital

    Dan/ 2e, (o/er 2iller, 194[BF==] plays on !o.ers radio at episodes end

    Day in t&e Life, t&e Beatles, 19+[9F15] a s.all c&ord of t&is is &eard w&en Lisa to after &a"in/ &er races

    put onDaed and onfused, Led eppelin, 199

    [9F1] #G0 episode title is a parody, Daed and ontused {rl[!BF-+] *ed uses t&e p&rases @t&read eppelin@ and @raised and contused@w&en 2ar/e lea"es a BandCid safety strip lyin/ in &is &ouse

    Do.iniHue, 0in/in/ *un, 19;[8F==] a nun at t&e sc&ool for ad /irls sin/s t&is son/

    Downtown, etula lar), 195[9F=1] 6rounds)eeper illie {rl

    Drea. Bay :!ow Lon/ 2ust # Drea.

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [9F-1] #G0 episode title @Flay .e to t&e .oon@ is a parody {rl6eor/y 6irl, 0ee)ers, 19+

    [9F-=] ! sin/s @!ey t&ere oy, flyin/ t&rou/& t&e s)y so fancyfree@ {dl[DBF-4] t&e @pleasant@ tune on rtie iffs .ode. de"ice

    6et $o/et&er, %oun/loods, 199[8F-=] sun/ y t&e people of 7art& {rl 0&elter, (ollin/ 0tones, 199[FBF-;] lays at t&e start of t&e (oofi concert

    6ood 2ornin/ 0tars&ine, li"er, 199[;6-1] sun/ y t&e lar/e /roup at t&e end of t&e episode {)[BF-=] ! says @6ood .ornin/ stars&ine@ to t&e &ippies3

    6ood Airations, Beac& Boys, 19[;F=1] (ecord store was )nown as 6ood Airations (ecords3[BF-=] & says @# can feel t&e /ood "irations@[7BF11] !eard fro. 0prin/field 0tadiu.

    6raduation 0on/, drian Ii.erly, 191[=F19] played y t&e 0prin/field 7le.entary 0c&ool Band {rl

    !air, t&e owsills, 199[;6-;] played as we see scenes of 2ar/es &air fallin/ out[BF-=] played durin/ !o.ers frea)Cout

    !appy $o/et&er, $urtles, 19+[BF14] lays w&ile Lisa is spinnin/[7BF-=] art of t&e @orld of t&e Future@ e?&iit, and played o"er t&e closin/credits[FBF1;] lays durin/ youn/ 2ar/es and !o.ers )issin/ fantasies

    !ard Days *i/&t, $&e Beatles, 194[BF1] parody of t&e ori/inal co"er s&own durin/ t&e end credits : BartDays *i/&t

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [;F-1] *ed and 2aude sin/ to 2a//ie {rl[7BF19] lays as ! and t&e ear ond

    # /ot you :# feel /ood

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [+F=-] played at a party at t&e 0i.psons &o.e {rlLouie Louie, t&e Iin/s.en, 19;

    [1F-=] played wit& t&e endin/ credits[BBF1] played durin/ !o.ers 7"er/lades oat ride

    Lo"e is Blue, aul .auriat, 198

    [+6-4] .ua) played at Dr3 2onroes office {rlLucy in t&e 0)y wit& Dia.onds, $&e Beatles, 19+

    [9F15] t&e Beatles c&aracters say @33Lisa in t&e s)y33@ @33ut no dia.onds33@2acrt&ur ar), (ic&ard !arris, 198

    [9F-=] perfor.ed y a&asatira *a&asapee.apetilon :wit& t&e tala< in t&eLittle 2iss 0prin/field a/eant {>t[FBF1-] ! sin/s it to /et Lisa off &is ac)

    2a/ic Bus, $&e &o, 198[BBF=-] (eHuested at t&e &o concert3

    2a/ic arpet (ide, 0teppenwolf, 198[FBF-4] !eard as Bart rides &is decaled i)e

    2a/ical 2ystery $our, Beatles, 198[FBF-] 7pisode title a spoof

    2as&ed otato $i.e, Dee Dee 0&arp, 19=[9F14] rin3 0)inner uncontrollaly dances t&e .as&ed potato

    2ellow %ellow, Dono"an, 19[DBF1;] ! sin/s it as &e /ets &o.e

    2iserlou, Dic) Dale, 19;[;6-;] played at t&e end of #tc&y G 0cratc&y @(eser"ior ats@

    2onster 2as&, Boy @oris@ ic)ett, 19= G 19+;[9F1;] .ista)enly played on "alentines day[9F1;] .ista)enly played on presidents day

    2oon (i"er, !enry 2ancini, 191[;F1+] perfor.ed y ndy illia.s in Branson 23 {cr

    2y 6eneration, $&e &o, 195[BBF=-] ! .entions t&is son/3[FBF-;] !eard durin/ t&e antiCc&ild crusade

    2y 6uy, 2ary ells, 194[5F-4] played as Barney is a ac&elor contestant

    *a *a !ey !ey Iiss &i. /oodye, 0tea., 199[8F-9] sun/ y t&e /an/ at 2oes to 2r3 Burns[7BF1-] Burns taunted wit& t&is y e?Ce.ployees as &e lea"es t&e plant

    *a.e 6a.e, t&e, 0&irley 7llis, 195[1F-8] t 2r3 Burns asino, Irusty sin/s @333&erpes, &erpes, oCerpes33333@[DBF-;] 2ar/e uses t&e p&rase @.eanie .eanie oCeanie@3 0uc& p&raseswere popularied y t&is son/3

    *atural, ret&a Fran)lin, 19+[9F11] 0el.a sin/s t&is son/ to Ju Ju[9F11] played wit& t&e endin/ credits

    *ort& to las)a, Jo&nny !orton, 19-[9F-+] one of aptain 2callisters c&anteys

    ctopus 6arden, $&e Beatles, 199[;F-;] a reference to pus /arden in t&e s&ade

    l 2acDonald, Fran) 0inatra, 19-[9F=1] 6randpa sin/s t&is as an audition for t&e B 0&arps
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    ne Fine Day, &iffons, 19;[8F-;] played in t&e Le/iti.ate Business.ens lu

    ut of Li.its, 2ar)etts, 194[BF-;] layed at t&e end and o"er t&e credits

    apas 6ot a Brand *ew Ba/, Brown, 195

    [BF-=] ! says @&ats in your rand new a/ .a.a'@[DBF1+] episode title

    eople, Barara 0treisand, 194[4F-;] played wit& t&e endin/ credits $wist, Joey Dee G t&e 0tarliters, 19=[4F=-] perfor.ed on t&e 0i.psons Aariety !our

    inall iard, $&e &o, 199[BBF=-] (eHuested at t&e &o concert

    in) ant&er $&e.e, !enry 2ancini, 194[DBF1] plays as Lisa re.o"es si/ns of &er a/e fro. i)e and ac)pac)

    lastic Fantastic Lo"er, Jefferson irplane, 199

    [;F-] 2ona 0i.pson tal)s aout lastic Fantasticipeline, &antays, 19=

    [7BF-;] !eard as ! eats free sa.plesuppy Lo"e, aul n)a, 19-

    [BF-+] layed durin/ o.ic Boo) 6uys lo"in/ ro.p wit& /nes 0)innerurple !ae, Ji.i !endri?, 198

    [+F-] tto &u.s it on t&e us :'ust as &e did in 1993

    0trawerry Fields Fore"er, $&e Beatles, 19+[BF-=] ! says @# uried Flanders@ as Jo&n says in t&e son/ @# uriedaul@3

    0u/ar 0u/ar, t&e rc&ies, 199

    [1F-] ! listens to it on &eadp&ones and sin/s[DBF-;] plays o"er t&e closin/ credits[DBF1+] plays as Ju/&ead @returns@ to 0prin/field 7le.entary in t&e ity, Lo"in 0poonful, 19[DBF1+] plays as downtown 0prin/field is looted lace, $&e.e fro., ercy Fait&, 19-[9F=1] Jasper sin/s t&is as an audition for t&e B 0&arps ind, Fran) 0inatra, 19[1F==] 2artin sin/s t&is at t&e end of t&e episode

    0uns&ine, Lollipops, and (ainows, Lesley 6ore, 195[1F-;] played in t&e car radio

    0uns&ine of your Lo"e, rea., 198[;F-] played as !o.ers .ot&er is affected y Joe * side urns

    0urfin 0afari, Beac& Boys, 19=[JBF1-] !eard as 2ar/e disco"ers t&e wonders of t&e #nternet

    0y.pat&y for t&e de"il, (ollin/ 0tones, 19'[+F1-] t&e de"il says @lease allow .e to introduce .yself@

    $al) to t&e ni.als, (e? !arrison, 19+[9F=1] &ief i//u. :in dis/uise< sin/s t&is for &is B 0&arps audition

    $al)in Baseall, $erry as&.an, 19''[8F1;] played wit& t&e closin/ credits as @ere $al)in 0oftall@ {p

    $&en !e Iissed 2e, rystals,19;[!BF1] &eard o"er t&e @Iiss a.@ at t&e allpar)$&eres a )ind of &us& :all o"er t&e worlduana $a?i, !er lpert, 19

    [+F1-] played durin/ 2r3 Burns testi.ony at t&e ci"il trial$i.e of t&e 0eason, o.ies, 199

    [BF-=] played as ! .a)es 6arden Blast Juice3$urn $urn $urn, Byrds, 195
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [+F=1] played as Bart re.inisces si.ilar to @t&e onder %ears@[5F15] played durin/ Ient ares news s&ow

    $wist and 0&out, $&e Beatles, 194[BBF19] played durin/ t&e $A test screenin/

    nder t&e Boardwal), Drifters, 194

    [JBF=1] sun/ y a /roup of aducted towoyspCp and way, t&e 5t& Di.ension, 19+

    [;F-8] played as 2artin and ot&ers fly o? )ites[5F-5] ! sin/s to t&e tune

    Ai"a Las Ae/as, 7l"is resley, 194[BF-] episode title @Ai"a *ed Flanders@ is a parody[BF-] played as ! and *ed run fro. t&eir second wi"es[BF-] played wit& t&e closin/ credits

    al) on y, Dionne arwic), 194[+F-5] played as ac)/round .usic {rl

    ear %our Lo"e Li)e !ea"en, Dono"an, 19+

    [DBF11] plays durin/ !o.ers dru//edCout fantasyeddin/ Bell Blues, 5t& Di.ension, 199

    [BF==] @eddin/s re *ice@ an o"ious :and si.ilarCsoundin/< parody&ats new pussycat, $o. Jones, 195

    [9F-5] piped in t&e *uclear lant sound syste. on Funny !at Day[JBF1+] a Iorean co"er plays at ools"ille

    &en a 2an Lo"es a, ercy 0led/e, 19[7BF-9] Irusty ca.pai/n ad plays @&en a 2an Lo"es &is ountry@

    &ere &a"e all t&e flowers /one, Iin/ston $rio, 19=[5F15] played durin/ Barts eople

    &ite (ait, Jefferson irplane, 19+[BF-=] played as t&e citiens of 0prin/field drin) 6arden Blast Juice[IBF1=] &eard as 2ar/e urns &er &e.p purse

    ic&ita, 6len a.pell, 199[+F=-] played at a party at t&e 0i.psons &o.e {rl[FBF1-] ! sin/s it w&ile on &old

    ipe ut, t&e 0urfaris, 19; G 19[9F==] 0ide 0&ow Bo dedicated it to Bart on t&e radio

    it& a little &elp fro. .y friends, Joe oc)er, 19+[1F18] acco.panied !o.ers &o.e .o"ies

    ooly Bully, 0a. t&e 0&a. G t&e &arao&s, 195

    [BF=-] ! pic)s t&is son/ at t&e >u)eo?[DBF-4] plays as Dr3 !iert and Dr3 *ic) @play /olf@[DBF1+] t&e ooly Bully &at store

    %ellow 0u.arine, $&e Beatles, 19[9F15] Fa four seen ridin/ in a su.arine

    %ou are .y 0uns&ine, (ay c&arles, 19=[4F=1] 2ar/e sin/s t&is on a tape s&e sent to Lisa at .ilitary sc&ool

    %ou ant lways 6et &at %ou ant, (ollin/ 0tones, 199[JBF15] 7pisode title a reference

    %ou really /ot .e, Iin)s, 194[4F1] played on t&e fryin/ pan radio

    %u..y %u..y %u..y, &io 7?press, 198[9F-;] ! listens to t&is durin/ t&e first .oon landin/
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    The 70's

    fternoon Deli/&t, 0tarland Aocal Band, 19+[=F;=] ! s&ows t&e fa.ily &is 0tarland Aocal Band $atoo3 $&is was 0AB3s

    only &it record3[7BF19] Lenny and arl sin/ alon/ to it

    lo&a e, Don !o, 19+'[4F-+] played in *ed Flanders car w&ile &e @dro"e &i.self insane@

    lone /ain :*aturally

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    at 0cratc& Fe"er, $ed *u/ent, 19++[8F11] #tc&y G 0cratc&y episode wit& parody title @at splat fe"er@

    ats in t&e radle, !arry &apin, 19+4[8F-+] telep&one &old .usic for t&e *ational Fat&er&ood #nstitute[=F-4] ! sin/s t&is son/

    lose 7ncounters of t&e $&ird Iind, Jo&n illia.s, 19+8[;6-1] listed on t&e .arHue at t&e concert {rl

    opacoana :t t&e opau)eo?[FBF11] lays at t&e >u"ie pro.

    on"oy, 33 2call, 19+

    [8F11] sun/ y a oy durin/ a celerity .icrop&one co..ercial[8F11] sun/ y ! wit& t&e celerity .icrop&one[FBF-=] @& on"oy@ a parody

    opacaana, Barry 2anilow, 19+8[=F1-] played on t&e car radio at a Irusty Bur/er dri"e t&ru

    Da ya t&in) #. se?y', (od 0tewart, 19+9[9F1;] *ed sin/s a cuddlely "ersion to 2aude

    Dar) 0ide of t&e 2oon :L

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [DBF=1] plays in se"eral scenes as FF are in t&e antiHue &ouse7scape :t&e ina olada 0on/

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [;F=1] played on t&e car radio durin/ !o.ers car pool2oc)in/ird, arly 0i.on G $aylor, 19+4

    [7BF1=] 2ar/e re.inds ! &ow &e lo"es t&is son/2ore 2ore 2ore :t3 1t

    Euadrop&enia, $&e &o :alu.

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [7BF19] !eard w&en ! dri"es &is candy all(eunited, eac&es G !er, 19+9

    [;6-4] si/n says @Berlin reunited, and it feels so /ood@ {)[!BF-+] plays at $ootC$oot and 2r3 $eeny /et ac) to/et&er

    (&iannon :will you e"er winorie@ a parody

    0ad 7yes, (oert Jo&n, 19+9[JBF1;] !eard as ! cant deal wit& &is )ids disillusioned faces

    0anford and 0on $&e.e, Euincy Jones, 19+=[5F-9] acco.panied (ay atterson :sanitation co..issioner< at a city &all.eetin/

    0aturday *i/&t, Bay ity (ollers, 19+[IBF-5] 2artin plays it on t&e >u)eo?

    0c&ools ut, lice ooper, 19+=[8F=4] played as students destroy t&e sc&ool[7BF-+] 0)inner sin/s @0c&ools Bac)@

    0corpio, Dennis offey, 19+=[;F=;] played wit& t&e endin/ credits

    $&e 0ee)er, $&e &o, 19+-[BBF=-] layed at t&e &o concert

    0end in t&e lowns, Judy ollins, 19+5 G 19++[+61=] &ief i//u. says @send in t&e clowns@ {rl[9F19] sun/ y Irusty on &is Io.eac) special[DBF19] @0end in t&e lones@ title

    0&a)e your ooty, I G t&e 0uns&ine Band, 19+[9F1=] ! says @to s&a)e your ooty .eans to wi//le ones utt@[;F;1] played durin/ t&e nudity se/.ent at t&e end of t&e s&ow

    0&aft $&e.e fro., #saac !ayes, 19+1[+F11] Bart sin/s t&is in t&e Japanese Iarao)e ar, wit& Lisa0&ine on you cray dia.ond, in) Floyd, 19+5

    [4F1+] refered to y 2r3 Burns0&inin n, 6rand Fun) (ailroad, 19+5

    [;F=1] on t&e car radio as ! e?plains +-s roc) .usic0i/ns, Fi"e 2an 7lectrical Band, 19+1

    [FBF-;] !eard as si/ns are c&an/ed at t&e a.use.ent par) and lirary0pea) 0oftly Lo"e, lo"e t&e.e fro. t&e 6odfat&er, ndy illia.s, 19+=

    [=F1=] !o.ers &ead &ears t&is {rl0Hueee Bo?, $&e &o, 19+

    [BBF=-] ! .entions t&is son/30tairway to !ea"en, Led eppelin, 19+1
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [FBF-=] ! tal)s aout t&e stairway to &ea"en Jesus san/ aout0tar ars :.ain title t&e.e

  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    se $a Be 2y 6irl, Jays, 19+8[DBF-4] plays w&ile Bart stal)s 2il&ouse and 6reta

    Aincent, Don 2cLean, 19+=[9F19] 6randpa says @t&is world was ne"er .eant for one as eautiful as you@{rl

    al) on t&e ild 0ide, Lou (eed, 19+;[9F11] sun/ y !ooray for 7"eryt&in/[BF1;] [2ar/e says] @2aye its ti.e we too) a wal) on t&e wild side@

    al) t&is ay,, 19+[8F-8] perfor.ed y and 2oe in 2oes Bar

    ar, 7dwin 0tarr, 19+-[5F-=] ! plays it on &is radio w&ile dancin/ na)ed in c&urc&

    atc&in/ 0cotty /row, Boy 6oldsoro, 19+1[8F-+] played w&ile ! and Bart wor)ed on t&e soapo? racer

    aterloo, a, 19+4[;F-] dued o"er y on Burns noise attac) cassette

    $&e ay e ere, Barra 0treisand, 19+4[+F1=] episode title is a reference {rl[7BF-1] plays as 2oe re.inisces aout t&e e// >ar

    e re Fa.ily, 0ister 0led/e, 19+9[DBF-1] FFs celeration son/ is ased on it

    ere an .erican Band, 6rand Fun), 19+;[!BF15] tto listens to t&is son/ w&ile @roc)in/ out@

    &at a Fool Belie"es, Dooie Brot&ers, 19+9[!BF14] plays at t&e .useu.s @2yt& of reation@ e?&iit

    &y cant we e friends, ar, 19+5[4F-;] .usic t&at acco.panied ! t&e o?er into t&e arena

    ildfire, 2ic&eal 2urp&y, 19+5[8F-] Lisa plays t&is on &er sa?op&one for &er pony

    Aincent, Don 2cLean, 19+=[7BF11] lays durin/ t&e .eteor s&ower

    is&in/ %ou ere !ere, &ica/o, 19+4[BF1;] postcard says @is&in/ you were &er@

    ont 6et Fooled /ain, $&e &o, 19+1[BBF=-] ! .entions t&is son/ and t&e and plays it later3

    %ou int 0een *ot&in %et, Bac&.anC$urner "erdri"e, 19+4

    [BBF-9] perfor.ed at t&e 0tate Fair%ou are so Beautiful, Joe oc)er, 19+5[+F-=] sun/ y a sin/in/ tele/ra. {rl[+F-=] sun/ y 2ar/e and ! {rl[BF-4] sun/ y Irusty to 6randpa in t&e &ospital

    %ou Li/&t p 2y Life, Deie Boone, 19+4[8F1-] played on t&e car radio w&ile 2ar/e and ! sin/ it

    %ou 2a)e 2e Feel Li)e Dancin, Leo 0ayer, 19++[;F=1] ! and Barney sin/ t&is as t&ey are @roc)in out@

    %ou 0e?y $&in/, !ot &ocolate, 19+[7BF-=] lays w&ile Bart i.a/ines t&e a"ailale .en of 0prin/field

    %oure 2y Best Friend, Eueen, 19+[7BF1+] plays as 2a//ie rides t&e u.per cars, and o"er t&e .onta/e of
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    p&otos:%oure< !a"in/ .y Bay, aul n)a, 19+4

    [+611] sun/ at t&e 0in/in/ 0irloin {rl%ou"e 6ot a Friend, $aylor, 19+1

    [1F1;] perfor.ed y for t&e space s&uttle crew

    The 80's

    .erica, *eil Dia.ond, 1981[FBF1+] !eard at episodes end

    Burnin/ down t&e &ouse, $al)in/ !eads, 198;[1F-=] #G0 episode title is a parody, Burnin down t&e 2ouse {rl

    ars, 6ary *, 198-[FBF-5] ! sin/s a parody w&ile cleanin/ &is a.ulance

    eleration, Iool G t&e 6an/, 198-[=F-+] record played y l 6ore w&en Lisa purc&ased &is oo)[FBF-4] Dr3 !ierts air fres&ener, and &is co..ent after &ittin/ 0nowall ##,refer to it[JBF15] sed y t&e ice crea. parlor as ! uys its .illiont& cone

    &ariots of Fire, Aan/elis, 198=[9F-8] played durin/ t&e #tc&y G 0cratc&y episode

    on/a, 2ia.i 0ound 2ac&ine, 198[FBF14] ! sin/s a parody >ust efore &e spots Bart and Lisa

    Dont ry for 2e r/entina, atti Luone, 198-[7BF=-] Lisas ca.pai/n son/ a parody

    Dont worry, e &appy, Boy 2cFerrin, 1988

    [1F14] parodied as @#. worried, need .oney@[;6-=] played durin/ t&e 199- flas&ac)7ony and #"ory, aul 2cartney G 0te"ie onder, 198=

    [6BF=-] 2ar/e considers sin/in/ it wit& Bart at )arao)e[6BF=-] 0)iner sin/s it at )arao)e wit& &is .ot&er

    7"eryody !a"e Fun $oni/&t, an/ &un/, 198[!BF1=] ! as)s 2ar/e if s&e wants to @an/ &un/ toni/&t@, a linefro. t&e c&orus

    Fa.e, #rene ara, 198-[BF11] 2s3 Iraappel sin/s @Fa.eO #. not /onna teac& fore"er, /onna /i"es&ow i a try, tryO@

    Frea)CaCoid, 2idni/&t 0tar, 1985[;F18] played at 0an>ays party, pu lo"es t&is son/

    FreeeCFra.e, J3 6eils Band, 198=[JBF-] lays as 2ar/e ta)es replace.ent p&otos for t&e new fa.ily p&otoalu.

    Fun)ytown, Lipps #nc3, 198-[8F19] ! refers to t&is son/

    6et ut of 2y Drea.s, 6et into 2y ar, Billy cean, 1988[BBF14] ! says t&is

    6&ostusters, (ay ar)er Jr3, 1984[DBF-8] lays at episodes end

    6irls >ust wanna &a"e fun, yndi Lauper, 1984[9F-8] played alon/ wit& ay Barts antics
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [BF-+] yndi Lauper sin/s t&e *ational nt&e. t&en rea)s into @!o.e oft&e Bra"e@ to t&is tune[!BF1=] episode title a parody

    !ill 0treet Blues, $&e.e fro., 2i)e ost, 1981[=F=1] played as 2ar/e is a cop

    !ip to e 0Huare, !uey Lewis G t&e *ews, 198[;F=1] ridin/ in t&e car, 2ar/e says its li)e t&at son/, its &ip to e sHuare

    !ot !ot !otO, Buster oinde?ter, 1988[DBF1-] plays as FF searc& t&e slu.s of (io de Janeiro

    # ant Dri"e 55, 0a..y !a/ar, 1984[7BF15] B6 tells ! &e cant dri"e 55

    # Feel For %ou, &a)a I&an, 1984[7BF15] ! i.itates t&e @&a)a I&an, &a)a I&an@ rap fro. t&is son/

    # Inow &at Boys Li)e, aitresses, 198=[!BF1=] plays as Lisa ta)es oys .at& in dis/uise

    # Lo"e L33, (andy *, 198;

    [!BF-9] plays on t&e Los n/eles pro.o tape# Lo"e (oc) n (oll, Joan Jett G t&e Blac)&earts, 198=

    [BF=-] !, Barney, Lenny, and arl sin/ @# ont Drin) at 2oes@#ts a wild wee)end, *(BE, 1989 {pn

    [BF-8] w&ile ! and t&e /an/ ride t&e party us to 0uper Bowl#ts rainin .en, t&e eat&er 6irls, 198;

    [=F-8] !o.ers fa"orite >u)eo? record, t&rown out y 2oe#ts t&e 2ost onderful $i.e of t&e %ear, Jo&nny 2at&is, 198

    [FBF-=] lays w&en FF /ets ready for t&e &oliday season:#"e !ad< $&e $i.e of 2y Life, Bill 2edley and Jennifer arnes, 198+

    [BBF-] arodied durin/ t&e &alfti.e s&ow3Jac) G Diane, Jo&n ou/ar 2ellenca.p, 198=

    [7BF1=] eird ls son/s aout !, and played durin/ t&e closin/ credits,parody t&is

    Just t&e $wo f s, 6ro"er as&in/ton Jr3 G Bill it&ers, 1981[FBF1=] erfor.ed at t&e afterCnonCweddin/ reception[6BF=-] 2ar/e considers sin/in/ it wit& Bart at )arao)e

    Io)o.o, Beac& Boys, 1988[FBF-1] arody sun/ at t&e Bar 2it"a&

    Le/s, $op, 1984[BF-8] plays at t&e /as station

    Lets !ear #t For t&e Boy, Deniece illia.s, 1984[7BF-4] Bo? of @Lets !ear #t For t&e 0oy@Li)e a (oc), Bo 0e/er G t&e 0il"er Bullet Band, 198

    [7BF-+] arody of t&is 62 truc) ad >in/le &eard in t&e (iwic& adLi"in/ fter 2idni/&t, Judas riest, 198-

    [BF1] layed on ttos &eadp&ones {ds=Li"in/ in .erica, Brown, 198

    [BBF-9] Lisas class plays t&is at t&e 0tate FairLo"e is a Battlefield, at Benatar, 1984

    [7BF-4] !eard on 2oes >u)eo? as 2ar/e tras&es itLo"e 0tin)s, J3 6eils Band, 198-

    [JBF11] Ji.o, Dolp&, and Iearny sin/ @Bart 0tin)s@Lu)a, 0uanne Ae/a, 198+
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [5F-] ! sin/s t&is son/ w&ile dri"in/ 0na)es car2aniac, 2ic&ael 0e.ello, 198;

    [;6-;] 6rounds)eeper illie sin/s t&is in t&e par)2ia.i Aice $&e.e, Jan !, 1985

    [DBF-;] plays durin/ t&e final c&ase scene

    [DBF1-] plays as ! floats down t&e .aon[FBF14] !eard durin/ a .onta/e of 2ia.i Beac&

    2ic)ey, $ony Basil, 198=[4F=;] Bart says @youre so fine, youre so fine, you low .y .ind@ {)

    2r3 (ooto, 0ty?, 198;[;F1-] ! sin/s @do.o ari/ato 2r3 (ooto@ {)[6BF1+] !o.ers Huip @$&an)s a lotto, 2r3 (ooto@ parodies t&e lyrics

    *ew ttitude, atti Laelle, 1985[4F-8] played as t&e in"estorettes are announced as new FleetCaCita franc&iseowners

    9 to 5, Dolly arton, 1981

    [8F1-] 2ar/e on t&e La.1999, rince, 198;

    [=F-9] ne of t&e foundin/ fat&ers said @333now let us party, li)e twas 1+99O@[;F18] pu said @#. /oin/ to party li)e its on sale for Q19399O@[;F=1] ttos s&oes say @dont worry, we wont &urt you3 we only want to &a"eso.e fun3@

    & %ea&, %ello, 198+[4F==] played in 2oes Bar durin/ t&e Duff party[5F=1] used y Bill G 2arty as sound effects on t&e radio[DBF-5] plays as enters 2oes

    n t&e Dar) 0ide, Jo&n afferty G t&e Bea"er Brown Band, 1984[JBF=1] &eard as ! pulls into 6uidopolis

    ne Bouron, ne 0cotc&, ne Beer, 6eor/e $&oro/ood and t&e Destroyers, 198[5F1=] played wit& t&e endin/ credits

    pportunities :Lets 2a)e Lots of 2oneyu)eo? as 2ar/e tras&es it

    (oc) .e .adeus, Falco, 198[;F15] @!elp .e Dr3 eaius@ parody in t&e $roy 2clure .usical

    (oc)it, !erie !ancoc), 198;

    [6BF1+] roots play and dance to it(onnies (ap, (on G t&e D33 rew, 198
  • 8/11/2019 Musicas Simpsons


    [1F14] ! played &is tape in t&e Flanders car0afety Dance, 2en it&out !ats, 198;

    [BF1=] played on !o.ers radio at wor)0ay %ou, 0ay 2e, Lionel (ic&ie :1985